How To Train Your Dog to STAY- Even When They Don’t Want To! *NEW*

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Teaching your dog to “Stay” is a vital skill. It could potentially save their life. In this episode, I’ll show you how to teach a “real world stay” with Graci the Portuguese Water Dog.

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Playlist: How to teach your puppy or dog the basics in order:

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25 Responses

  1. J Woolf
    | Reply

    cancer adverts

  2. Daniel Riemer
    | Reply

    Please help me

  3. Pikachu Boy
    | Reply

    wow nice I wish my dog can do that

  4. WhiteLeef
    | Reply

    This was my 1000th liked video

  5. Wild Tribe
    | Reply

    Great job Gracie! Excellent video!

  6. Chany Thurman
    | Reply

    I taught my Maltese puppy to howl when he was a baby (huge mistake now) so he barks so much now when I leave him just to go to another room or someone enters the room etc. how can I fix this??

  7. Leonor Távora
    | Reply

    Portuguese animals and people are the best 😏

  8. Audra Braun
    | Reply

    A new sponsor woo! So over that pet flow.

  9. Vichu Vishnu
    | Reply

    subscribe me guys

  10. Gamer BøÝ
    | Reply

    When I put Body Belt to my dog, it becomes Depressed!… 🙁
    Why is it so?? It is 3 month old….

  11. Anuraj Gr
    | Reply my new Rottweiler

  12. People Are Awesome
    | Reply

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    Proper training is essential for a long, happy and safe relationship with your dog, setting the foundation to ensure your dog stays physically fit, mentally alert, socially engaged and emotionally happy. To make dog training an enjoyable and fulfilling activity, our approach is positive, rewards-based, fun and effective.

  13. Della Chvarak
    | Reply

    I'm 11 and trying to train my pug

  14. Fábio Gaspar
    | Reply

    I've got a new puppy but I've got a doubt about the snacks to use as a reward in training…
    Most of the ones i see in the pet shops say to only give x per day (most times 10 per day) so even if I break them in half it wouldn't be enough for more than one training session…
    Is there any sort of snack that we can give in more quantity?

  15. Abby Mihelic
    | Reply

    I wish my GSD pup could stay in general 😂

  16. Maya Chavez
    | Reply

    Oh thanks Kevin I need some help

  17. Douglas Preston
    | Reply

    I would like to see a video on how to introduce a dog (rescue) who has an aversion to crates, to a crate in a manner that makes him like the crate

  18. Catherine Moreno
    | Reply

    Mr. Zak George please answer

  19. Jocelyn Cripps
    | Reply

    why am I seeing a chicken dish?? really crass to put an ad in that's not even relevant to dogs. Unless he was given his dog a portion.

  20. Mariana Pereira
    | Reply


  21. cornelia montemayor
    | Reply

    I cook like this for my dog just without the onion

  22. The istorm
    | Reply

    I have a portuguese water dog too! They are the best!

  23. ASY1UM
    | Reply

    Plz make a video on how to make parents buy you a dog

  24. FurFinsandScales
    | Reply

    I have a very dog aggressive dog. He recently attacked a dog who wandered into our yard and I'm just wondering how I can prevent this from happening again? Is there anything I can teach him that would help stop him if another situation like this arises? (And it's likely to because my dogs don't have a fence and the dogs in the neighborhood wander around a bunch) I have two dogs so he's capable of liking other dogs I'm just super stumped on how to help get him over his agression or at least get it under control a

  25. Maya Chavez
    | Reply

    Are family got a dog yesterday he's a lad mixed with a grey hound his name is Buddy

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