How to train your dog to skateboard PART 1

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. KillerPikeFTW says:

    Hello, I need some help, my dog will get on the board with 2 front legs at
    will but he will get all all four or even 3 legs on the board at all. Do
    you know the reason for this.

  2. Kuba Nowakowski says:

    My dog isn’t afraid of the skateboard but i think he doesn’t like it.Is it
    worth to teach him skateboarding?In my opinion he doesnt get fun of it

  3. Riley Bickford says:

    i taught my great dane how to drive a jet ski

  4. chihuahua bulldog says:

    I always enjoy re-watching these two videos. You love and care of your
    dogs is so very comforting. Thank you so much for sharing and all the
    safety tips!

  5. Ryan Fargeot says:

    Cool dude ! I will start doing that

  6. Robert Hodson says:

    My 5 year old little bro can skate board even I can’t and I’m 11

  7. SS Productions says:

    Sounds Persian the narrator…

  8. EstrusWanton says:

    I’m going to be getting a husky in a year, should I use a long board when
    he gets bigger? But trim it of course xD I’m good with big animals and

  9. Keverley Charles says:

    I’m using your videos to teach my Kooikerhondje and so far so good! We’re
    going to work at it everyday! 

  10. Common Sense says:

    Muy interesante 

  11. razastrakhan says:

    Would it be a good idea to use a flat skateboard, rather than the standard
    kind that curves up at the ends? I’m starting to train my dog and she
    sometimes puts her weight near the end and tips the board. Also, is there
    any reason not to have the wheels closer to the ends for more stability?
    Love your videos! If you can train a Bulldog, surely I can train a Border
    Collie ;-)

  12. Tessa Tennant says:

    My dog was really good at getting on the skateboard before and i would push
    it for him. I tried to teach him to push himself and he understands the
    push part,l and he knows how but now the problem is, i cant get him to get
    on the skateboard anymore. He can push it with him front paws but he just
    pushes a bit and gets off and no longer knows how to just get on. Any

  13. Lovely Diego says:

    Brilliant! My dog is so large he won’t fit in a skate board but it has
    given me the idea to use this to teach him how to snowboard :). The season
    is fast approaching, so it’s a good time to get him used to the board
    first. Thanks for sharing. 

  14. loveink25 says:

    Hey, Max has a dogtown bigfoot deck. He is 55lbs. You can find on

  15. Watch-my-magic says:

    can i have a skatebord?

  16. I skateboard, and I’m going to be getting a dog soon, so I really want to
    train my dog to skate, so thanks a lot for the video. One thing I’d
    reccomend is not locking the wheels, just put it in the grass, locking the
    wheels can damage the bearings

  17. umm what if it skateboards away?

  18. ilovecanines says:

    Where can I get a large, wide skateboard?

  19. loveink25 says:

    There are 5 videos posted already

  20. Did it work?

  21. DogtorCaesar says:

    nice training video!

  22. Blackpuffle92 says:

    1:03 tillman

  23. Pete Millis says:

    you sound like cesar milan! great vid, thanks! :)

  24. Steven Dvorsetz says:

    That’s called an eyehook. an O-Ring is a rubber seal.

  25. corbinator01 says:

    My dog won’t even get on the board he would just look at my hand with the
    treats in it!

  26. Swagmoney Yolo says:

    duh all you do is sit the cat dwon.. i just put my kitty on my board and he
    jsut stayed on

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