How to Train Your Dog to Sit – Dog Training

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. GoldbossGaming says:

    Can you do more of these? It seems to be pretty good.

  2. Superflyguy7678 says:

    God he Grew Alot

  3. kosmosyche says:

    Never forget about #1 priority, comrade Taras. Motherland believes in you.

  4. Flame - Agario (Vaperr Agario) says:

    "goo boey"

  5. Polo Vo Reviews says:

    He keeps saying "ok one more time"

  6. MrGhettoFranz says:

    why do i watch this i dont even have a dog

  7. My autism has a dog

  8. DeathBlade 543 says:

    Will this work on my pet rock?

  9. Eung Thearith says:

    who watch this video today?

  10. Lance Raneses says:

    a cute little husky

  11. when you see the title u will think there is many things to teach ur dog and he spent all the video saying goo boey damit dude

  12. Nourine Rasmy says:

    Thank you so much now my dog can sit alone

  13. Kaaη DUMAN says:

    OMG It actually works

  14. Karolina Olszewska says:

    I love Hugo ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  15. Grandbrother The 3rd says:

    whos else is watching in 2017

  16. Ek gaming Lamba says:

    You are a good traner

  17. BuilderBoy2701 says:

    Oh my god he is so cute

  18. Ash Greninja says:

    my puppy is always sleeping so I just give up soon this

  19. When my dog was young, i did almost like you, but when i need to gave candy to dog, i drop it in air so he has to jump, It trains Reaction, and also its fun to watch.

  20. ιƑєxєяя says:

    So good thx

  21. Hasan Boyraz says:

    (Luke VS Hugo)

  22. hafiz The rurouni says:

    4.37 give me a like if you watch at taras shadow on the left side.

  23. Fly Two Pilots says:

    My dog watched this video and he learned fast and he teach his father to drive a car wow! thanks taras kul

  24. This is not so good because unless you have a treat, he wont sit

  25. Thabang Buso says:

    woow tht was amazing

  26. Sandra Castanon says:

    did he just assume my dog's gender

  27. AlWaYs BaNnEd says:

    I taught my dog to sit in 3 days

  28. ιƑєxєяя says:

    Problem my dog jumps when I do it

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