How to Train Your Dog to Shake Hands For Dummies

Training your dog to shake hands on command requires repetition and reward. This video takes you through the steps to get your pet to respond to the “Shake” command by placing his paw in your palm.

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28 Responses

  1. ava
    | Reply

    omg thank you for this! my 12 week goldendoodle learned this in 3 minutes!

  2. XLord Slayer
    | Reply

    You only said him throughout the video but my dogs a girl… smh

  3. All Gamer kid plays!
    | Reply


  4. GamingLlama101
    | Reply

    Ummm…. yeah my dog just bites me….. yeah it doesn’t work for me

  5. Keith Stewart
    | Reply

    My dog did really good I reached him in about ten minutes thank you!

  6. Dog lover Larson
    | Reply

    That dosent work

  7. Callmehjohnny !
    | Reply

    When i tell my dog to sit he lays down if i tell my dog to shake he lays down so lazy

    | Reply

    Ok so i tried this and my dog keeps growling at me when i lift his paw up and i get scared and i let ho of the treat and then he eats it

  9. Linda Espinoza
    | Reply

    Ffffffffffffffffffff Fac yu

  10. alivia isextremelybored
    | Reply

    So I tried this with my dog Andy Pants and he just laid down when I said shake

  11. Narwhal Draws
    | Reply

    Since my dog already knows lay down whenever I put my hand out he just lays down 😂 😂

  12. Akif Pamir
    | Reply

    It doesn't work for me,when I'm trying to take my dogs paw but he starts moving toward the treats I have in my other hand.

  13. Liway Dava
    | Reply

    I don't have treats

  14. Via Nova Sernande
    | Reply

    What breed is this dog? Thanks in advance

  15. Kovu Evans
    | Reply

    Is my dog the only one that can do it? because just looking at the comments and seems no ones dog can

  16. Desi’s World
    | Reply

    Thanks this helped a lot

  17. Taylor Morris
    | Reply

    I have a yorkipoo and he is so smart idk how😂 I taught him how to roll over in 2 minutes and now he’s a pro at it. I just taught him the play dead in 20 minutes and now that’s all he does. I did not know he was that smart😂😂 I wish I could be that smart.

  18. Harley Peters
    | Reply

    How many times do you do each session and how many sessions a day?

  19. Master of eating Noodles
    | Reply

    Wow 😮 this did work on my dog I thought her how to sit just a few more moves then she is fully trained 🐶 I’m liking my own btw no one ever likes my comments

  20. Melppy
    | Reply

    My dog just likes my hand. When he realizes he can't get the treat, he just walks away

  21. Dogo Doodoo
    | Reply

    this is for the DUMMIES you here that

  22. Thunder Tube
    | Reply

    What kind of dog is that from the video guys any questions

  23. Mirage Uchiha
    | Reply

    Wow, really worked. Thanks!
    Albeit, I did have to do it nearly 80-90 times literally… (I lost track around 80+ lol.)

    …but when I put my hand out, for the umpteenth time, and my dog FINALLY lifted his paw ON HIS OWN and put it on my hand as I said "Shake", I almost did a backflip, I was so happy! xD

    And to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did it like 25-30 ADDITIONAL times to be sure and be did them all too!

    Now he knows 3 commands! 😀

    #REPETITION #NeverGiveUp

  24. Shabnam Shahzad
    | Reply

    This dog was cute breed?

  25. Crafty Ukulele
    | Reply

    When i say shake my dog just looks at me blankly and lick my hand

  26. Hannah Ashley141
    | Reply

    My Dog 🐶 Just Wants The Treats LolXD

  27. Opie 123
    | Reply

    when i offer my hand………………. OWCH!

  28. Boo
    | Reply

    Ye! finally did it! took about 2 hours to make her understand. ..tq!

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