How to Train your Dog to Listen to You From Far Away

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35 Responses

  1. Rony Sheer
    | Reply

    Starting with the basics would be great… beginner’s class.
    Also could you please address the issue of house breaking. There are so many myths about it that are punishment based. There has got to be a positive way to do it

  2. jnrredman
    | Reply

    Advanced class please

  3. Bree Kiech
    | Reply

    lol @ “Z.A.K.” – you’re so right, gotta spell it every time 😉

  4. Nigel Mrweirdo
    | Reply

    Advance class

  5. Sheilagh McKenna
    | Reply

    Your work is so reassuring for everyone in our family! I would like to see your advanced class please.

  6. Nick Nack
    | Reply

    Not necessarily, that’s just distracting them with something else. It’s more about you cant have that right now, or until I say. With my dog, leave it was the first thing I taught him with his food bowl. That way I can add some bits of meat, or an egg and he knows that he cant get it till I say. Not only that, the longer he waits the better his food gets 😉

  7. Nick Nack
    | Reply

    Ah nice, thanks too NebulaeCat for bringing that up. I was actually considering teaching some commands in another language so he couldn’t respond except to body language. I scrapped that idea cuz it might make a bit of a barrier later on when he does understand what I’m saying.

  8. Gay Wildes
    | Reply

    I would like to see the advanced class, please! Thank you for all you do for dogs and their owners.

  9. Hilary Barnes
    | Reply

    Videos from the advanced class!

  10. BeyondAlpha
    | Reply

    I somewhat agree with @NebulaeCat, except backwards. When you start out, the people who are helping need to be very low distraction, like not even moving or making noise. Gradually increase the distraction so someone makes kissy sounds every now and then, and keep upping the ante as your dog gets better. Michael Ellis has some great videos on doing this with sport dogs you might put his name in the search bar.

  11. PawsitivePooches
    | Reply

    I love watching your videos! The only question/concern I have is with leave-it. Now this is advanced (so maybe this isn’t how you teach basic leave-it?) but I think that allowing the dog to have the item they have been asked to leave alone is counter productive. In real world settings you very rarely would be okay with allowing her to have the item. I always reward leave-it with a different, higher value item.

  12. Ray LePine
    | Reply

    Thank you Zak, your videos are awesome!!

  13. Sarah Anderson
    | Reply


  14. Jessica Feldman
    | Reply

    As always this video is so helpful! I travel with berlin and take her around with me. Everyone asks me if I trained her and how she is so well behaved.. I say Z.A.K zak george on youtube its free and he is awesome! lol! I owe all these compliments to you!

  15. Sarah van der Spek
    | Reply

    Nina is so cute and bright!! I really love to watch ‘her’ videos! <3

  16. Amyy Lynn
    | Reply

    Advanced Class! 🙂

  17. cosmin vasile
    | Reply

    which between rottweiler, pit bull, staffordshire bull terrier, dogo, dogue de bordeaux, american bulldog are more fit for living in a apartment ?

  18. Christina-Maria Dykstra
    | Reply

    advanced class

  19. TheSungecko420
    | Reply

    nina is adorable

  20. NebulaeCat
    | Reply

    A very interesting concept to teach a dog. Got me thinking for a while and though I’m sure you wanted Zack to answer, here is my idea. First teach your dog to focus strongly on you. It will help him/her understand the concept that you are the only person she should respond to. Then have another person distract your dog with a tons of words that can also be commands like “sitsitsitstaydownsit” then “sit sit sit down stay” and eventualy “sit – pause – stay”etc.Keep rewarding your dog for ignoring.

  21. Kite KatNine
    | Reply

    Zac … It’s great that you are getting sponsors BUT I’m not in your country and therefore your sponsors don’t apply to me.

  22. E LoIch
    | Reply


  23. Nick Nack
    | Reply

    Since you mentioned everyone you want the dog to listen must work with them, I have a question heading in the opposite direction. I don’t want my dog to listen to any1 else – maybe unless I give permission, but I donno how feasible that is – I don’t want my dog to come when called by random people in the park or sit and stay just because they have a treat. Any suggestions?

  24. Melissa Soligo
    | Reply

    i am still on basic, do you have another one to stop dog from barking at doorbells. thanks, your videos are awesome!!!

  25. 06LeslieM
    | Reply

    Footage from the advanced class, please 🙂

  26. GoldenWolf248
    | Reply

    Everyone who owns a dog should be subscribed to you! 🙂

  27. Alex King
    | Reply

    Beginner class

  28. Jude LeMoine
    | Reply

    Advanced please. Another clear training video. Anyone wanting to to train their dog to do this could watch the video 2 or 3 times then start and pause the video as they work with their dog. I LOVE Zak George! Changing the face of dog training one video at at time!

  29. jessica nguyen
    | Reply

    My dog only listens to me when I have food and I try to ask 2 to 3 things like sit and lay before giving my dog a treat but I don’t think it’s working so if u can please response back to me

  30. Diana LeBlanc
    | Reply

    Advanced please!

  31. Jenna Lee
    | Reply


  32. mckennamiller2
    | Reply


  33. Oscar Bent
    | Reply

    Thank You!

  34. CrypticPanda101
    | Reply

    I would like to see your advanced class please Zak.

  35. Cissy Brazil
    | Reply

    Zak, awesome teaching as usual! Thanks for all you do!

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