How To Train Your Dog To Listen No Matter What!

I’ll show you how to train your dog to listen to you in real world situations like staying at an open door, and to leave things alone on the ground! This video is sponsored by Petflow! Check out Halo’s Garden of Vegan food and treats!

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22 Responses

  1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution
    | Reply

    I’ve noticed that many of you are commenting on the fact the fact that we are promoting Halo’s vegan line of food and treats in this video. I want you to know that I hear you and understand your points. I thought I was clear in the video that this food is great for dogs with allergic reactions to meat based food and a way to offer your dog a little variety. I am not saying that this food is for all dogs, but I just want you to be aware of your options out there. As with any diet, do your independent research and discuss your dog’s nutrition plan with experts you trust. Great feedback as always guys! Thanks for being a part of the Dog Training Revolution!


  2. daxta23
    | Reply

    what a pathetic excuse for a trainer.

  3. Christian Colletti
    | Reply

    Zak your videos have helped so much with me training my first dog, my dog makes it very easy being extremely smart but I wish i could show you how well your videos have helped. If your every in SC and looking for a dog for videos let me know my dog moose would love to help. and my parents dog could really use some help walking on a leash, he is so strong he can easily pull us. Any advice?

  4. leslie labrecque
    | Reply

    My sister has a French bulldog who just turned 2. He knows how to sit and is post trained but he is very stubborn. He often whines right after having gone to the bathroom and after playtime, he can get into mischief around the house, and he will only respond to the “come” command when he feels like it. Do you have any tips for ultra stubborn dogs? Thanks so much!

  5. Rosey Rose Love
    | Reply

    I have a question and seriously can’t get any vet to tell me but I am pretty young and I won’t train my dogs from me because idk how to they need help at least I think so can you tell me any ways to contact you I need answers please!

  6. S po
    | Reply

    People, Zac is right, I have Three dogs and ONE has a problem with meat , when given the choice he goes for the veggies . also he just loves broccoli and carrots . he is a very weird dog , and it is a very real problem , his hair falls out , scratches like crazy .
    he is also allergic to peanut butter and bees. Thank You for telling us about that product Zac
    also good video.

  7. Chii Chii
    | Reply

    The chicken could kill her 🙁 the bones are to spikey for her stomach …

  8. Super Nova
    | Reply

    I am getting a service puppy and im training it soon but we travel alot can you teach a puppy Up like into the van

  9. Brielle and Brownie!
    | Reply

    Zak, I NEED your help! My name is Brielle and I am 12 years old. I was wondering if I can talk to you on the phone or email you about my 13 week old leonberger puppy. I have only trusted you when it comes to training and dog treat/food brands. Please help!
    Thank you!!!!

    I don't know if he will see this or how to make it so he will be able too see it, so if anybody knows how to get this to him PLEASE help me.

  10. Alessandra Williams
    | Reply

    I'm getting a dog this October. Any name suggestions?🐶🐶

  11. SummitAquatics
    | Reply

    The same joke applies #vegancat
    Vegan diets for cats and dogs are bullshit advertising. What percent of dogs do you think require a vegan diet?

  12. Gabriella Dorsey
    | Reply

    I’ve been training my dog to stay in a room despite me walking away or leaving the room until I call him

  13. Voison
    | Reply

    Wich is the maximum age for an dog to be trained ? Pls answer …

  14. YT1344
    | Reply

    1:55 lmao

  15. Eli De Angeli Awesome
    | Reply

    “Those times when you’re forced to go into trai-are you humping me?” Great video, cute dog as always

  16. Lynette Wright
    | Reply

    Any tips on how to train a dog who doesn't have any interest in treats, even when iv used bits of meat he's not fussed

  17. apard7
    | Reply

    Next video, How to stop your dog from humping things 😂

  18. Father Dog
    | Reply

    People, you need to understand that he doesn't care about anything else then making money$$$

  19. Rabbit
    | Reply

    I feel like, by watching these training videos, you have to constantly train your dog at all hours of the day if you want them to behave and listen in various scenarios. I understand that having a dog is almost (but not exactly, obviously) like having a child and training/teaching is never actually "done" but how do you know when it's OK to trust them to do what you've trained them to do instead of regressing? This is something I've never seen any trainer talk about so it all just seems very overwhelming to the point to where I don't know if I even want to get a dog anymore.

  20. Kierra Kallunki
    | Reply

    Best one in awhile

  21. randy gonzalez
    | Reply

    i wish zak could come and help me train him because he wont listen to me and i ve seen zak and do what he tells me but it wont works

  22. Elena S
    | Reply

    Hi so i got a dog not too long ago, and she used to be fine when i left her alone on front of the store, but now she barks a lot. Not non stop but a bit. Do i nist take her too a store veryday until she gets used to it or what? Its not that big of a deal in a store but if i want to eat in a restaurant and she barks, people may get annoyed. Any help or advice? Oh and she is fine with being home alone. Thanks xx

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