How to train your dog to leave your cat alone

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29 Responses

  1. Lindsey Partridge
    | Reply

    If someone was teaching you without being able to “talk”´╗┐ to explain, would you rather learn with rewards or not knowing when you’d be punished? ­čÖé

  2. lizelle nel
    | Reply

    I have a 6 month old Australian Shepherd and she does NOT leave my 2 old adult cats alone, the thing is she ONLY wants to play (herd) and sniff them but they are not interested in her. They usually´╗┐ warn her before they strike but it doesn’t seem to register with her!!

  3. polly618648
    | Reply

    Our 7lb chihuahua´╗┐ dachshund Marley is best friends with our 20lb maincoon cat, Killer. They cuddle and play great, but this means Marley thinks every cat wants to be his bff haha

  4. jasmiebcb
    | Reply

    Zak how can I get my yorkie to play with toys she does not´╗┐ even look t the toy?

  5. jasmiebcb
    | Reply

    Sadie is so cute but my´╗┐ yorkie hates cats

  6. Alexisicedreamer
    | Reply

    all my dogs´╗┐ behave well with my cats!!! yay

  7. DolphinnTale28
    | Reply

    My dog has never encounterd a cat wat should I do if I bring my dog around cats´╗┐ and wat should I expect

  8. Emi Mald
    | Reply

    My puppy is scared of kittens( one hissed and pawed´╗┐ at her at petco so now she does not even want to get close)

  9. Stine Andersen
    | Reply

    My digitale´╗┐ Them and eat Them….

  10. janeselby100
    | Reply

    NO…my dog(s) kill´╗┐ cats.

  11. damienkurast
    | Reply

    My Dog is very good with cats, in fact she is very good with just about anyone or any activity. I know its partly my wish to give her a good life and getting the tips and tools to learn how to give her a good life. That i got from Zak. so im just so´╗┐ grateful i discovered him, when my dog was a little puppy. So thank you so much Zak.

  12. arabookworm
    | Reply

    My´╗┐ dog, Alaska, is surprisingly well behaved with the cat. She’ll sniff at her and is interested, but generally doesn’t try to chase her or anything. Isis, the cat, on the other hand, is convinced that I brought home satan.

  13. halakahiki82
    | Reply

    we’re training´╗┐ our puppy to behave around the cats (we have 2), thank you so much for this video! he’s well-behaved, but as he hits the 9 month mark and hormones are kicking in, he’s forgetting that the cats don’t want to play with him. thank you!

  14. wolfpups17
    | Reply

    My pup honestly just wants´╗┐ to play with the cat, but the cat HATES the dogs. Haha Loves from Oregon

  15. roos jongstra
    | Reply

    i have 2 cats´╗┐ and a dog,
    my dog (luna a beagle) is doing great when the cats are around

  16. Courtney Johnson
    | Reply

    My puppy goes after my´╗┐ cat every day

  17. Can Bayar
    | Reply

    to some extend ‘soft’ domination on your pup might seem to work but after trying different methods i have come to understand when you handle your dog in a´╗┐ more gentle and humane way they tend to listen and work with you the you way want them to , i tell people to just watch your videos and Zak thank you very much showing that there is another way. Your videos are clearly indicating how it’s done and you are not holding back any information that is very generous of you. Greetings From Turkey

  18. Vienna Keeney
    | Reply

    Um…I have a chihuahua that does not chase cats but gets to them on a physiological level. The cat literally goes insane. Do you have´╗┐ a suggestion for that. My other dog wants to kill cats.

  19. OurPetsAreFamily
    | Reply

    My´╗┐ dog loves cats ­čÖé

  20. BlackShepherdAzzy
    | Reply

    My boy tries so hard to be gentle with my cat. He knows now´╗┐ that he will get rewarded if he is kind to him. But sometimes he likes to play, and he signals his play by sort of “punching” things with his paws. Sometimes he tries to play with the cat like that even though he’s so big but I’m happy they love each other

  21. gracieledbetter
    | Reply

    My mom has a outside cat. When I bring my 3 dogs over to her house they chase the cat into a tree. How do I get my dogs to´╗┐ stop this behavior?

  22. bigboy59992
    | Reply

    my dog chases my cat but when my dog was a pup the cat would also claw at him and now they get into mild scruffs will this prevent them from going into all out war and my cat is not a home cat´╗┐ so yeah

  23. mealynwenyas
    | Reply

    As for my dog around cats; she gets very excited and wants to play and/or chase. I usually have treats with me and the first thing I do is to anticipate and activate her nose and focus on me. If I am´╗┐ unsuccessful in passing a cat out on a walk, I do it again and offer the treat when she’s curiously looking and not pulling for the cat.

  24. RoZes4Pinkie
    | Reply

    My puppy (5months) wants to play with cats!! And when he’s around one of them he’s nice. Some days ago, he was on the table when I was brushing him and a cat (not mine, it was the first time the´╗┐ saw each other) jumped on the table. He sniffs him and let him lie down. I’m impressed ^^

  25. FloosieGus
    | Reply

    No my do makes some of us stay´╗┐ up all night

  26. mealynwenyas
    | Reply

    I like Cesar a lot and I do believe´╗┐ that he as a lot of valid points but I also do believe in positive reinforcement. This case was relatively easy and with a in the bottom good natured dog like Sadie here, it’s just a matter of patience and creativity. I do believe we have to lead our dogs and show them the way but it’s also about trust and respect.

  27. robert gahn
    | Reply

    My dog´╗┐ killed my cat

  28. DutchDogMom86
    | Reply

    it’s outdated because it is based on the behaviour of a group of non-related wolves in a zoo like 50 or so years ago. A wolfpack excists of a parentpair (what you would probably call alpha’s) and their offspring. These studied wolves were fighting for ‘rank’ because the natural hirarchy was missing, and just like dogs, they need a parent making decisions for them. Give a child no boundaries, it will make it’s own rules, same with dogs. Counter-question; why resort´╗┐ to physical when not needed?

  29. Martina Str├Âm
    | Reply

    Hi Zak! Thanks for a few great yt channels! I just wondered if you maybe could make a video where you talk about what you think of training with punishment. I know you are insanely (in a great way) kind with dogs and´╗┐ I wondered if you ever tell them that they’re bad in an angry voice? I don’t have a dog of my own yet but as soon as the time is right I will get one… But the thing is that I’ve seen many people who growl at the dog if it does something wrong, even pinches the dog.

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