How To Train Your Dog To Leave EVERYTHING Alone — EVERYWHERE!

How to train your dog to stop picking things up! This video is sponsored by BarkBox! Get a free BarkBox when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription at

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21 Responses

  1. Liljana Wood
    | Reply

    SOS I鈥檝e been watching a lot of your videos to train my 11 week old pit bull puppy, but some of the techniques aren鈥檛 working as well with him. Could you please show more videos working with his breed type and how to address typical behaviors that they do. He is starting to play bite harder, I think because his teeth are really hurting. Sometimes it鈥檚 hard to communicate to him that what he is doing hurts. When I fake yelp he doesn鈥檛 care & when I walk away from playing he will follow me and chase me still playing. I am going to introduce him to some adult dogs so he can hopefully learn from them.

  2. Furious AK
    | Reply

    If i tell my 5 months German Shepherd to wait to eat the treat he starts crying and rolling over the whole place

  3. markyes
    | Reply

    My six month old puppy will listen to "leave it" for most things but not always when off the leash, especially other dogs faeces! Please can you do a video for step between leaving it on a leash and leaving things off a leash.

  4. Lindsay Schultz
    | Reply

    Yay for westies!

  5. Clan Mac Mahon
    | Reply

    This YouTuber – millionaire is a huge fraud …. Food rewards fxxk up your dog!! … And his infomercial for Bark Box no doubt brings in the $$$, but is dangerous for your dogs.

  6. Peyton The dog Trainer!
    | Reply

    I鈥檓 the_puplover from instagram live!!!!!!

  7. Elin Fondelius
    | Reply

    Hey Zac!
    I was wondering if you could make a video on how to teach a pup to do like a "panic stop". I case they get loose close to a road, and it would be too dangerous to call them back. Thanks!

  8. Jacqueline Villarreal
    | Reply

    What a beautiful dog馃槏鉂わ笍馃惗

  9. Kelly Beth Mcgrath
    | Reply

    Hi zak! I know this video is not sponsored by pet flow but we just brought home the newest addition to our family and getting our two dogs food sent to our door would be much easier but they do not have that one 馃檨 It鈥檚 Victor puppy food. What other dog food do you recommend?!

  10. bayleejoful
    | Reply

    I'm here for the Westie.

  11. iCyberDev
    | Reply

    Hey @Zac, I just learned about Littermates syndrome when denied attempting to adopt 2 siblings from the shelter… I thought I was doing right by the dogs but apparently it's not recommended!

    Can you make a video about Littermate Syndrome and how to prevent it? Thanks!

  12. John Carlo Pojas
    | Reply

    Is it good to neuter a pitbull sir?

  13. Jeanie Moir
    | Reply

    Cooked bone? Noooooo!

  14. S贸ley Alexandra Valbergsd贸ttir
    | Reply

    I got a puppy like 7 months ago!!

  15. yeA and I
    | Reply

    Here's my question…my dog hates down position….how can I make him stay and down? Sit and stay…good. Is down and stay important to his safety? If not I don't care.

  16. OoKillem
    | Reply

    breed of the dog??

  17. A. Randall
    | Reply

    What if u run out of treats LOL

  18. Go Groomer
    | Reply

    Big 馃憤馃徎 for Argile! Impressive!

  19. KephalosXD
    | Reply

    Hey Zak, I have a question, My puppy cocker spaniel is 5 months old and I buy him many chewing toys but he seems to only chew walls for some reason. I tell him to 鈥渟top鈥 and 鈥渘o鈥 and he does but he still continues to do it no matter what.

  20. Athenas Nova
    | Reply

    Wow my Westie doesn鈥檛 listen like this she鈥檚 10 months 馃槴

  21. Ayushi Lenka
    | Reply

    Plzzzz give the best link to things one should have before bringing a new puppy home
    (Please include everything including best puppy food, best toys everything u think one should have who is getting a puppy)

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