How to train your dog to crawl!

How to train your dog to crawl! This is the best video on teaching your dog to learn to crawl on command! Dog training can be fun! If you have questions leav…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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25 Responses

  1. NoudjeNoud
    | Reply

    Jesus what a fatty dog

  2. Elena Sophia Sanders
    | Reply

    But my dog doesn’t crawl…

  3. each3owns
    | Reply

    this is a terrible. “be prepared to give them to him, as you train them”
    yea no fucking shit were not just going to eat the treats ourselves dumb

  4. Armin SPOILER Arlert
    | Reply

    It’s so fluffy I’m gonna DIE! >u<

  5. mackicoA090211
    | Reply

    Fat dog is fat. Is it possible to teach this trick to a dog with arthritis
    in his elbows, or not go there?

  6. wwerdnaa
    | Reply

    @shengtan7 sounds like she is eager to learn new tricks too! good luck! 🙂

  7. 1dumbhumor
    | Reply

    Good tutorial but I can’t get my dog to stay down. Can you make a part 2 to
    help me out

  8. wwerdnaa
    | Reply

    @TheLilja21 did it help? patience! 🙂

  9. wwerdnaa
    | Reply

    Check out at 1:20 when our dog will go down and back up, he knows exactly
    what I want him to do, he knows the difference between the sitting and
    crawling position. If you have to “freeze” him in that “down” crawling
    position so that he learns the proper position, then slowly move the treat
    forward a little bit at a time. patience! 🙂 hope this heps

  10. eliswiat
    | Reply

    this is bad tutorial, should be titled how to give your fat dog treats.

  11. kempez713
    | Reply

    Watching your dog is the funniest and cutest thing ever!

  12. howrse1216
    | Reply

    Ok for all those dim witted people calling this dog fat you are just stupid
    and do not know dogs very well, therefore have no right telling people they
    should wat h their dog`s intake. And FYI for all the people out there who
    think they know what they are talking about this dog is a border collie and
    great pyrenees mix and both are very furry dogs on their own and the border
    collie ranges from a medium to lare dog and the great pyrenees is huge so
    do the math on your own.

  13. Llama Sims
    | Reply

    Before i wathed this video, i tryed this on my dog… i did’nt know how to
    teach him:(

  14. mel01777
    | Reply

    This dog already knows how to crawl.

  15. Telaya White
    | Reply

    very pretty dog and i love the way his fur looks. nice vid thumbs up

  16. Meow Laksap
    | Reply

    He’s just flurry

  17. brianna rodriguez
    | Reply

    What type of breed is this dog

  18. wwerdnaa
    | Reply

    @wickedmonicker possibly because his legs are so short? Try getting the
    treat a low as possible… sounds like a smart dogs, I am sure he can get

  19. Telaya White
    | Reply

    what do i do when my dog gives up?

  20. Feelmeharold
    | Reply

    Maybe It’s his fur;)

  21. carter quinn
    | Reply

    to fat thats the only way it can get around. lol jk

  22. ~ I c e C o l d T i g e r ~
    | Reply

    Too many treats XD

  23. Connie Fink
    | Reply

    I love teaching my Jack Russell Terrier new tricks but the problem is…
    She always wants to do the new trick instead of the older ones… LOL! The
    last one I taught her was roll over… 🙂 I’ll have to try this one.

  24. wwerdnaa
    | Reply

    don’t forget the camera adds 10lbs!

  25. Lovisa Lindqvist
    | Reply

    My dog ​​tried to walk instead of crawling in the beginning, even though he
    can the “lie down-trick” but eventually it worked! You just have to be
    patient and help your dog to understand. Give him a lot of treats whenever
    he’s doing the right move, then you can cut down on the treats and add
    voice command or something. 🙂

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