How to Train your Dog to Come When Called

How to train your dog to come when called!

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14 Responses

  1. Nathaneal Desir
    | Reply

    You promote humane and positive teaching with treats and physical touch. Is there any concern with digestion in giving the dogs too much treats or feeding them too much ? I'm a new dog owner and have a puppy want to make sure I'm doing it right

  2. Alix Rover
    | Reply

    I have a nice dog

  3. Meg Renner (megraeren)
    | Reply

    Luca is beautiful <3

  4. Sushmita Baruah
    | Reply

    Your training lesson's are really outstanding Zak.. Thanks and please keep marking more…

  5. sriniketh ranganathan
    | Reply

    i loved ur teaching methodss……….we cant get the book by downloading from internet????????????:)(

  6. Benson Sechaba
    | Reply

    good information

  7. Love Madrid
    | Reply

    Hard work really pays off, no easy task. Thanks

  8. Caroline Hendsch
    | Reply

    This was extremely helpful this is my go-to for training tips! Keep making videos!! :)

  9. איתן הינדי
    | Reply

    I think that was awesome! Wish you would teach that at koocam. I would definitely pay to learn that directly from for suitable tips

  10. Deljuan Jones
    | Reply

    I use the Bil-Jac Little Jac treats while attempting to train my puppy. How many treats is too many during a training session? I don't want to make her tummy sick. She is 7 weeks old.

  11. #Jasmin and Nenna BFF
    | Reply

    the website is super good my mom has been using this website like for literally 1 year and if you kepp on buying For like 11 months you get 60% off your next order

  12. Davison Carlos
    | Reply

    It's the best site on dog training is; "galid dog training" (Just search google) Because I personally tired it and it really works good.

  13. Yash Dahibhate
    | Reply

    Hey Zack I have 6 months old lab
    But when I call her , she won't comes back instead she runs away
    So plzz give me any solution
    By giving treats she is not learning still now
    She just runs away when called

  14. Georgia-Mae Fraser
    | Reply

    Hi, I have a question – I have a small mini dachshund puppy and she gets full quickly. She doesn't eat her food with any urgency either, though she does like real chicken. I find that she quickly becomes full and isn't food-motivated for long when training, but I know she can keep training and isn't tired. I have such a short window for training as she gets full so quickly, and she seems indifferent towards verbal/affectionate praise. What can I do?

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