How to Train your Dog to BE GOOD in the HOUSE!

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26 Responses

  1. Ashlie Torrescano
    | Reply

    My dog Nala is a 9 week old German Shepherd. I take her outside as much as possible (especially after she drinks or eats.) She will walk outside and pee then walk in the house and poop. Sometimes she will walk outside and not go at all and then go inside then potty in the house. What can I do to better help her?

  2. Michelin Meitania
    | Reply

    thank you so much, you really help me about puppy training. but may i suggest not too often to put advertisment in your video.

  3. Amelia Davis
    | Reply

    I just have a dog I didn't just get her and her name is lolli but she is under five months

  4. RiptideV10
    | Reply

    Storm, cant give her a more fitting name.

  5. sarah plunkett
    | Reply

    baby gates work?

  6. Maria Osorio
    | Reply

    This guy looks like a husky!😄

  7. AntDogg Skywalkin
    | Reply

    You're working wonders in my life!

  8. Just A Magic !
    | Reply

    storm is bigger version of my puppy its exactly the same everything from face and everything 😀

  9. Grace Moreland
    | Reply

    Thanks so much for your videos.  I have according to Vet. a German Shepherd/Lab mix that was evidently just put out (along with her 2 sisters) at my house.  My children grew up with pet Dachshunds and now we have a 15 yo. mix – looks sort of like a border collie that also was a stray.  But none of these have been as energetic as this lab.  She wants to play all the time – but not by herself. I am 65 years old and she has way more energy than I do. I really thought I bit off more than I could chew and was worried I would have to give her up;  Until I found your videos.  I love them – and have ordered your book, because your training works.  I have a long way to go, I know, but she has made a LOT of progress and we are more in tune everyday.  THANKS, GM

  10. DPR27
    | Reply

    There’s a little bit of video in your ad

  11. T R A S H
    | Reply

    Could an exercise pen work too? I can't attach the puppy gates in the room I want my pup. Because there is no real doors. And will a grass patch box work in the crate once they know that they need to go in the grass and not the floor?

  12. T R A S H
    | Reply

    Storm looks like Joey Graceffas dog Storm..

  13. Evelyn Petersen
    | Reply

    Videos are so great and helpful. I knew nothing about training a dog and these videos have showed me how to successfully train my new puppy. Thank you!

  14. Greg Dixon
    | Reply

    Ty for the vid, I live right by the Mississippi in IL

  15. ExtremeXGamer
    | Reply

    Zak Please Help me
    My uncle touched my Pomeranian on the neck and my pom started misbehaving and it won't stop barking if he meets any new people. He is 6 months old

  16. Aftab A. khan
    | Reply

    That dog looks like him.

    | Reply

    Dude ssstttoooppp yyyaaa aaadddsss

    | Reply

    Iiiii love Siebarian Huskey

  19. Curtis Phillips
    | Reply

    When can u give a puppy rawhides

  20. Emil Kongensholm Ruby
    | Reply

    Why not just close the Door instead of buying a gate

  21. Abhishek Joshi
    | Reply

    This video looked like an ad than a training vid

  22. Chloe and Caroline Vlogs
    | Reply

    I wonder if storm made a YouTube video would he be like “give a thumbs up for Zak the human”

  23. Suson M
    | Reply

    What a nice ad

  24. infires man
    | Reply

    My dogs an Aussie and calmer than this husky pup rip

    | Reply

    I've watched Zak dog training videos for over a year n half know as someone who didn't currently own a dog, and now in about two weeks I'll be watching as a dog owner and I've never been so happy to have for some reason stay subscribed over that past year n a half.

  26. Jade
    | Reply

    Urg all the promotions and ads are very distracting from the content.

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