This is how I trained my dog to move and jump like a horse! She’s my Dorse!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

10 Responses

  1. Carolina Wolfwatcher
    | Reply

    Awww, Poor pup. This is so cute though !

  2. Wolfy Blitz
    | Reply

    This is to funny XD

  3. Sarah Kim
    | Reply

    I do that every day to my horse

  4. SaVVy Horse
    | Reply

    My dog id small and he jumps really high, he's a chorkie.

  5. SaVVy Horse
    | Reply

    I call my dog a dorse too

  6. fun 11
    | Reply

    Can u teach ruby how to free jump

  7. OpalFox_Equestrian
    | Reply

    I want to train my dog, but I can't get any further than basic riding because she has sensory issues. It sucks :( I still love her though!

  8. k e r o
    | Reply

    Um my dog is taller than me, he is nearly the size of a horse so I can’t control him as my feet can’t touch the ground when I sit on him, lol I’m no young I’m actually 19 so he’s really tall XD

  9. Horse Lover
    | Reply

    My dog can jump a big horse jump

  10. Abigail Oakwill
    | Reply

    Did you get this idea from Justine Palmer?

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