How to Train Your Dog – Setting Your Dog Up To Succeed

Find Free Categorized Video’s HERE Part 1 to How to Train Your Dog This video wi…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

9 Responses

  1. Glenn Gambitier
    | Reply

    Automatic thumb up! :D

  2. BlackShepherdAzzy
    | Reply

    Great! Your videos are giving me a lot of knowledge that I will need for
    when I become a dog trainer. Keep em coming!

  3. Te Whakahawea Whangapirita-Apanui
    | Reply

    Awesome vids. This stuff is gold.

  4. Sérgio Malecka
    | Reply

    Ok, but do you train just one trick until the dog gets perfectly or you
    train another tricks in parallel? For example, I’m teaching my dog to sit
    in today’s section. He doesn’t gets perfectly yet, but tomorrow I’ll start
    to train “touch” also. 

  5. ceasarmike1
    | Reply

    She cute

  6. Alvaro Lombana
    | Reply

    Someone could to traslate the videos language to spanish of trainer the
    dogs, thanks

  7. Sérgio Malecka
    | Reply

    And what about the tricks? Do you train one trick, following the four steps
    on the three kinds of environment, before going to the next? Or do you
    train them simultaneously?
    Love your videos!

  8. Tomáš Martinove
    | Reply
  9. Kristin Crestejo
    | Reply

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