How to Train Your Dog : Prevent Your Dog from Barking at the Front Door: Part 1

Information, tips and techniques on how to stop your dog from barking at the front door or people on the street are discussed in this free video. Expert: Melanie McLeroy Contact: www.taurusdogtrai…

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  1. delta1inc says:

    I like when my dogs bark at the door because she is smart she barks once or
    twice no more than three and then she sniffs under the door to see if
    stranger or foe. If its someone like the UPS guy she continues to bark but
    if it’s my mom or sis then her tail begins to do a 180 spin lol

  2. Gregory Schwarz says:

    I wish I could find the opposite video, I’d like my dog to bark when there
    is someone at the door.

  3. yeah and when your not @ home and some one knocks he will go crazy cause
    your not there 2 give him a treat…

  4. Stephen King says:

    A bettter solution is just to have everyone who comes to your door bring
    beef jerky with them. lolololol!!! HA HA HAH AHA HAH AHAHA HAA!!!!

  5. Captsundin says:

    ROLLover is an awesome dog treat…

  6. saxumbonum says:

    Okay…. I want to see her do this with a dog who HASN’T already been
    trained not to bark at the door (i.e. mine). Besides, training with treats
    ruins dogs. They only behave well in anticipation of the reward, and not
    because they respect you and see you as the leader of the pack.

  7. mydogkanskidrums says:

    @peacelovekatie428 Not if they are small and use them sensibly. I never
    like feeding dogs from food bowls as I would rather use the kibble during
    training, so the dogs learn to enjoy training and are motivated by it. Of
    course, if you are using lots of treats but keep meals the same size, it’s
    not the best. Using food in training is the most effective and efficient
    way to teach new behaviours as well as solve common behaviour ‘problems’.
    Unfortunately, many people are too macho to use food.

  8. peacelovekatie428 says:

    isn’t it bad to feed your dogs that many treats?

  9. saxumbonum says:

    Oh, okay, I see what your saying about treats being a part of positive
    reinforcement, which I do think is a great idea. If it’s a method that
    works, then that’s great. I’m a new dog owner, so regarding treats, all I
    see is my mother giving our dog liver treats every time she does something
    cute, which is such a bad habit, and probably not very good for her health.
    I think sometimes we can reward her with a good chest massage or something

  10. jvmarryann says:

    heres the problem my dog barks like crazy when someone comes in the house
    and she starts barking and biting their ankles what do i do about that?

  11. acampbe3 says:

    if someone was using your method to train, how long should you spend on
    each step??

  12. trickcstudios says:

    hii… dog was also like that he would never play with toys or eat
    treats… What I then began doing was just rewarding them with a good pat
    on the back or a tummy rub. I slowly began trying the treats again and
    guess what he began likinh the treats… The tummy rub might work out
    well….it did for me …..hope it workss…..

  13. 69salford69 says:

    expert village are just expert fucking idiots

  14. farrah vi says:


  15. Mildred Morales says:

    This will not work with my dogs. They hear someone coming way before a
    knock or door bell. And with the treats…if they hear the knock they will
    be barking as I give them treats..they will not stop. I believe thats only
    encouraging the behavoir.

  16. MuttVids says:

    Yeah, it can be a great method to work with. Actually the reward when using
    positive reinforcement doesn’t even have to be a food reward. Though most
    dogs respond the best to food rewards. Your mom is essentially training her
    dog to ‘do something cute’ because she’s rewarding the behavoir. Though if
    she never fazes out the reward (be it food or toy) the dog will only
    respond when a reward is present.

  17. Trini Guy says:

    @peacelovekatie428 use very small treats, so you don’t overfeed them. Or
    feed them their regular meals as treats

  18. 1992GamerGirl says:

    How about when training this to a puppy?? I’m getting my very first pup
    next year. When should I start? And what if he/she starts barking exactly
    at the same time the doorbell rings? I’ve got no time to reward quiet

  19. luvdrwrk247 says:

    thank you so much , I had just moved in with my aunt and my dog is a
    boxer(alot of energy). The door thing is an issue but we are starting to
    use this method

  20. but im not exactly going to stand by my door with some treats on the off
    chance of a visitor… :/

  21. MichaelJvideos237 says:

    god u guys suck

  22. Electroposit says:

    What if the dog is just naturally stupid??! Throw him off the balcony?

  23. ILuvUuGuys says:

    I Wuld Just Like To Say This Vedoe Was A Gr8 Help!! Thank You So Much IT
    Realy Work. It Means A Lot. Thank You.x

  24. Adrenaline Productionz says:

    this looks like it would totally work. my brittany spaniel is very smart
    and obedient but knocking at the door makes her bark like crazy and when i
    command her to be quiet she knows what i want her to do but wont stop
    barking until she smells the person.

  25. ifire back says:

    i like that my dogs bark at the door it tells me some1 is coming

  26. daysofinspiration222 says:

    Dogs don’t need treats that often. I have a pom and all I did was start by
    doing the same thing (have someone at the door and they knock) and it
    happened, I got him to sit and wait. He got the treat if the person was
    able to come inside and walk to him. If he barked, we started over again.
    Eventually, he learned that when someone came to the door, he was supposed
    to sit and wait for them to come to him. As well, treats were removed once
    he got the idea and were traded with attention ;)

  27. Gilson Dee says:

    sound is very bad! please fix it!

  28. TALIS4ANGELS says:

    Great info. I wish your video was a little better quality so I could hear
    what you were saying a little more, but you do have great info. :)

  29. MuttVids says:

    I agree with your first sentence. She should do this vid with a untrained
    dogI completely disagree with the rest of your comment though. Treat
    training can work miracles! Notice how her dogs don’t go’s
    because they’ve already been trained using positive
    reinforcement..obviously it works. The whole ‘pack leader’ thing is a very
    outdated concept that’s been proven less effective than Positive training.
    My dogs are 100% positive training and they DO respect me and see me as a

  30. Andrea Williams says:

    Thanks, we will try this.

  31. MuttVids says:

    I’d say the main difference is that someone using positive reinforcement is
    training there dog and someone spoiling their dog is just over-indulging
    the dog. There seems to be this misconception that Pos. training is nothing
    more than giving the dog’s not. Pos. training is about timing,
    correction (withholding reward) and eventually fazing out the food reward.
    It’s a very complex and through way to train a dog.

  32. just1769126 says:

    what do you do if your dog doesn’t like treats.. or any food for that
    matter.. or toys.. or praise.. how do you reward them??

  33. princess13able says:

    i love it when my dogs bark at some one outside at the door its them saying
    come hear come hear where not sure whos at the door

  34. skaterg1001 says:

    lol man she is just giveing them treats lol they wont fucking learn at all

  35. Schpankme Verimuch says:

    This method utilizes the dogs training the human.

  36. maximus3333 says:

    This is SOOOO WRONG. Tell the Dog no…. using body posture and “hearding”,
    make your dog back up to an area of your choosing and wait till the dog
    calms down. The door area is yours, take it back . Your reward is pure
    praise after. Then you can introduce the person to the house. The Door area
    is yours not the dogs. Using a dominant tone and posture….TAKE YOUR DOOR
    WAY BACK. What happens one day lady when you don’t have treats handy, or
    you are not home. You must be the dominant pack leader!.

  37. trickcstudios says:

    thnxx alot….this video has really helped me!!!!!! My dog used to always
    go crazy when anyone came over and now he had improved thnxxx alot…..

  38. smokahontas23 says:

    this video was good at the end, but she pretty much confused me with the
    way she said everything.

  39. chiggenwang says:

    no dumbass you only need the treats when you’re training them. Once they’re
    trained to not bark at the door then you dont have to treat them everytime.
    Just pet them or something

  40. tatthi666 says:

    she has a robot voice

  41. I still don’t understand the idea of giving your dog a treat when they hear
    either someone knock at the door or the doorbell ringing. I think it would
    make more sense if you just have your dog go wait in a particular spot, go
    open the door for whoever is there, and then verbally released them and let
    them know that it’s okay to go greet your guest. I saw that in another dog
    training video, and that’s what the trainer suggested doing.

  42. Electroposit says:

    @lolgirl9513 idk

  43. ChinnuWoW says:

    I use a paper that I fold once and then I fold it almost all the way and
    then I push the thing down then I hit it and it makes noise my dog hates

  44. 23excitement says:

    yeah pretty hard to hear

  45. PackLeader1990 says:

    north korea should be liberated

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