How To Train your Dog NOT to PULL on the Leash! STOP CHASING or LUNGING at CARS on a Walk!

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42 Responses

  1. Pip Haines
    | Reply

    I’m not sure how successful this is.

  2. miguel diaz
    | Reply

    +Zak George thanks for the video, i was going to buy my dog a prong collar
    bust since my dog its 3 moths i decided not to buy it and go with the
    harness, but want i want to stop its when he gets exited or when i take him
    out on walks he likes to jump and bite… what can i do about that??

  3. Lupita Reyes
    | Reply

    +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution is it to late to potty train my white
    schnauzer? he’s my months :)

  4. Ramsi Kalia
    | Reply

    Looks like you did nothing. The dog just got too tired to lunge at cars.

    Why don’t you make some videos addressing aggression in dogs ? I mean, you
    do say your method is better than cesar milan’s then please show us how
    you’ll help an aggressive dog with your techniques.

  5. Rose Brown
    | Reply

    Zac, I’d love to see a video on phasing out the food reward for things you
    know that they know. You seem to be hinting at using food/reward for the
    “first training year”.

  6. Richard Longoria
    | Reply

    Zak can you do a video on how to train a Labrador retriever pup because I
    am gonna get him today so it could really help me and my family.

  7. Joy Victory
    | Reply

    Hi Zak. Brutus is giving you quite a workout! LOL! I don’t understand why
    some people are complaining. I would like to see any of them un-train bad
    habits in one session. I saw moments of brilliance in your training and in
    Brutus. If anyone can bring out fetch in a dog, it’s you. It just takes
    time. I look forward to the progress video. Until then thank you for this

  8. Peace River K9 Search & Rescue Association
    | Reply

    Great video but don’t you think harness’encourage dog pulling through
    opposition reflex?

  9. Yvette van Zyl
    | Reply

    Thanks so much for this video – I have been struggling with my Border
    Collie cross for 5 years. She does exactly this, and it resulted in me
    giving up on her. I discovered your videos by accident, and it has improved
    my relationship with her immensely. This method really works. After quite a
    few sessions we are still just walking up and down the street in front of
    my house, but at least there are moments where she focuses really well and
    she doesn’t lunge at every single car. I have watched every single one of
    your leash walking videos and each one gave me some new perspective on how
    best to handle her. It isn’t a quick fix, and it takes a lot of work and
    energy especially after a long day at the office. But it does work, where
    nothing I’ve tried over the years got through to her at all. So thank you
    for giving me the hope that one day we will be able to walk calmly down the

  10. Max Aethon
    | Reply

    Zak, your videos are great, but this is the fifth video you’ve posted on
    leash pulling, it would be nice to get videos on some new topics.

  11. I'm me
    | Reply

    How do you get your dog to be interested in toys

  12. Hoolli Cat
    | Reply

    Why don’t you use clicker training when teaching fetch and how to walk on a
    leash? Just curious. I don’t have dogs but I love dogs and love your
    videos!! Also, I think it would be great for you to re-visit Brutus in a
    few weeks and show some “before” and “after” video so we could see how he
    has progressed. Or maybe you could check in on the dog that was biting
    trees. I would love to see if he has improved! Thanks for the videos!
    Keep up the good work!!

  13. Sitong Chen
    | Reply

    How can you teach a small dog or any dog to be trained to walk without a
    leash or be in a open area without a leash?

  14. Asz Keczap
    | Reply

    When I go on a walk with my dog he is interested only in sniffing around.
    He don’t want to play with me no matter how interesting I am trying to be.
    It wouldn’t be a problem If he wasn’t pulling so hard :(. What should I do?

    He is high energy english cocker spaniel, but sadly he has heart condition.
    He gets tired very fast, but this does not stop him from pulling.

  15. dalis alvarez
    | Reply

    I have a husky, pulling is what they are made for!! So it’s been really
    hard to get him to not pull or jump on ppl. It’s a constant training. Would
    like to see u with Husky to see how u train them IN ANY way! 

  16. Rick Moranis
    | Reply

    Zak I’ve been watching your videos for a long while leading up to me
    getting a puppy last week. He’s very well behaved but when we walk, he
    sometimes just sits down and stops. He never pulls and when he does walk
    its perfect, right beside me with no tension. However, I can’t find any
    tips for the problem I’ve been having, any tips? The puppy is 11 months and
    is starting to respond to his name very well, thanks!!

  17. addictedtolabs
    | Reply

    Not one of your best, unless you are demonstrating how not to do it.
    ….the average pet owner would not realize you are asking much too much
    from this dog. Like sending your kid to college before he has finished
    kindergarten. You do point out the mistakes you are making,however the
    session goes on far too long.

  18. Trevor Jones
    | Reply

    Nice quad copter open!
    I’ve been working with my Border Collie Saphira (age 2) for about her
    entire life on loose leash walking! We frisbee twice a day (she’s great at
    it). She learns tricks quickly. But she can’t seem to get that loose
    leash walking down! I’ve tried all the methods for months on end:
    click/treat, not walking if she’s pulling, turning around when she pulls,
    putting a treat on the ground where I want her to be, backing up, zig
    zagging, calling her back to me. She knows to turn around when I turn
    around, and will come back to me when I back up or call her back. She’s on
    the brink, but can’t quite make the leap to consistent loose leash. She
    can only go a step or three before getting all excited and pulling ahead.
    If I’m doing the treat thing, she’ll be good till the treat, then
    immediately check out. I try to preempt it by turning or something, but
    nothing works. Help! She’s a genius Border, so I’m pretty sure its the
    stupid human! Thanks!

  19. Jeff Dentler
    | Reply

    I think the most important thing you said, and what gets lost on a lot of
    people, was that a walk, and training a dog to walk, are two different
    things. Too many people get discouraged because they go out for a 30 minute
    walk and all they do is struggle with the dog. They have to go into a walk
    with the mindset to tolerate, as you very well put it, the bad behavior
    until the proper walk can be taught. It takes a lot of time and patience,
    especially with a dog like Brutus, but it definitely works.

  20. JenMarie Bulkley
    | Reply

    As always, I am so grateful for you videos. By following your suggestions,
    I am now able to walk Ollie without a gentle leader. The gentle leader
    didn’t give him a choice to learn, it just made him walk nice. I can now
    walk him with just a leash and a regular collar AND I can get him to walk
    right next to me now without a leash (for hiking trails) as well as get him
    to come when I call him. The key thing: I HAVE TO BE MORE INTERESTING THAN
    WHAT HAS HIS ATTENTION (coyote poo or dead mouse)!! I would have never
    thought of that. 

  21. Courtney Rowe
    | Reply

    This video is great, but I feel that Brutus is still too distracted. What
    you need to do is to get his attention before you even walk out the door.
    Keep his attention for a bit, and then let him “break” or “go sniff”,
    meaning that he is allowed to look around and sniff the grass. You can also
    teach him the “Look at that!” command. This is a command that teaches the
    dog to look at a stimulus and then look back at you for a reward. Although
    it sounds like you are rewarding your dog for focusing on the stimulus, but
    it actually teaches them to break their stare on the object/dog/person and
    turn back to you. Start off by bringing a toy out from behind you back and
    saying “Look at that!”. When the dog looks at the toy, *click* and give a
    treat. Gradually increase the cue so that the dog “looks” at a person
    moving around, then several people, then a dog or two, etc. 

  22. OneCrankyFemale
    | Reply

    I have a very high energy JRT, Lucy. She does well with obedience at home &
    learns tricks very quickly. Can do them on verbal command and/or on
    signals. But walking her has always been difficult. She gets overly
    excited. My little Chihuahua is active, but walks better & my bigger mix
    breed walks ok. They would do much better if Lucy would calm down. I admit
    to taking long breaks from walking because I get frustrated. I have to work
    on my own patience with this. On the comment about you doing multiple
    videos on the same subjects; That’s a good thing. Showing the work with
    different dogs & the different complications.

  23. marcela feltham
    | Reply

    Same dog, same circumstances, except she’s just 9 months old. She is
    strong! But I know that eventually we will be able to communicate our
    needs…… HELP!!

  24. Hector Rositas
    | Reply

    my dog is very energetic bouvier and id love for you to come help me train
    her but i dont think you would like to come to mexico just for that :(

  25. tabithafields
    | Reply

    Can you do follow up videos? I would like to see the progress in a month or
    so of training!
    I have used your videos to help train my dog. However, my dog has a strange
    problem… licking people. My dog obsessively licks anyone who visits our
    house! Do you have any videos to help with this problem?

  26. Jean Brewer
    | Reply

    I love the video and was so glad to find someone with a similar aged dog to
    our labrador. I too have problems with the lead pulling but unfortunately
    I am not as agile as you. Can you direct me to a video that will help with
    that side of things. If I carry treats my dog will keep an eye on me but I
    am not sure at what point to give the reward. I really don’t want him to
    get too heavy.

  27. Amy Brunton
    | Reply

    Amazing job as always! How about how to stop howling when you leave the

  28. ashleigh rose
    | Reply

    Medium energy, love your videos, I have a very well behaved dog thanks to
    your videos. 

  29. Betsy Lanz
    | Reply

    +Zak George Fantastic! SO awesome to have the reassurance that PATIENCE,
    trial & error, noticing & celebrating the tiniest victory in a timely way,
    and sometimes a lot of energy are the requirements for proper dog
    training. It’s ultra frustrating to only see success videos with tricks
    farted out perfectly. THIS video is encouraging because it allows anyone
    truly working with their dog to say “Ok, it is NOT a failure when I have a
    tough session with my dog,” and it shows the true amount of dedication
    which may be required if you must manage bad habits with a dog. Your
    humble truth of the world of training opens a door to a form of “Dogma” for
    the rest of us to follow! ;-P

  30. ernest gunasekera
    | Reply

    Zak is the code Zak , Zak george , Zak15 or Zak20?

  31. Georgette Burritt
    | Reply

    thanks for this video. I found it very helpful. I have a very high energy
    sheltie puppy that pulls and lunges at cars. What I found most helpful is
    you show how much work it is to get the dog to be interested to play with
    you. that is what my puppy is like, and it helps me to know to perservere

  32. Harriet Atkinson
    | Reply

    Hi energy!!! My dog is a very very bouncy springer spaniel!!! X

  33. Petra Schönack
    | Reply

    Brutus showed me my dog is really calm type, even pulling hard. She’s a
    rescue dog, 4 years old bull type, we adopted her 3 weeks ago. I felt
    hopeless recently, I tried to apply your training tips but I saw no
    results. For few days we worked just at home and in the garden with minimum
    distractions, improved the basics, built communication. Today we had to go
    to the “outside world”. First she was pulling, but then it was better and
    better. She even sat still while other dogs were going near! I was so
    I hope this training style will work with kids in my class, next week I’m
    teaching for the first time and I got not-easy-to-teach group :-D

  34. KL Productions
    | Reply


  35. Kathy MacLellan
    | Reply

    I have two year and half old dogs and I haven’t trained them to fetch
    because I get so annoyed at dogs that just won’t let the game end. How do
    you handle that?

  36. kaylablack&gold
    | Reply

    I have a 5 month border collie who pulls on the leash when she sees other
    people. She gets super excited and wets her self. I am definitely going to
    try this method:) Thank you Zak! 

  37. Canis familiaris
    | Reply

    my dog is always very relaxed, but he is also always up for some exercise.
    he is also a golden retriever like brutus. 

  38. Joe
    | Reply

    I watch every video and would very much like to see brutus again with an
    improved fetch game. My dog will follow me with the frisbee in his mouth,
    but fails to bring it back all the way. He will drop it and keep chasing me
    or he will bring it back then play keep away.

    I will be using my 30 foot lead from now on and just try and keep the game

  39. Tamati Taylor
    | Reply

    bro your work is awesome. any chance on a vid making a dog good in the bush
    hunting pig etc. Learning instructions such as bailing, location to hold
    pigs, find better and back track etc pleeeease

  40. Daniel Beltran
    | Reply

    Our Lola is not bad, unless she sees another dog; then, she is out of

  41. Braulio Acevedo
    | Reply

    I ran out of fingers counting how many mistakes were made in this video :-/
    what a disservice to those people and their dog. 

  42. Lucy Navy
    | Reply

    Just come across these videos, even though you have to listen to plug for a
    company, the training videos are excellent and free or low cost. Will be
    trying out these methods on a leash pulling terrier and a rescue dog with

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