How To Train Your Dog Not To Pull – Loose Lead Walking Video

In this video we go over one of the easiest ways to teach your dog to walk on a lead properly. This is just one way not the only way, the most important point is too not correct or be harsh when the dog makes a mistake. Just teach them to follow you and they will start to understand what we are asking of them through clear communication.

Check out the link below for our full blog post with this video:

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19 Responses

  1. Christopher Heid
    | Reply

    Lame. He has No education ob prong collars… Idiot.

  2. Vatthana Chanthavong
    | Reply

    is that a already trained dog? lets get a newbie in there please

  3. German Paws at Your Service
    | Reply

    I’ve properly fit a prong collar yo myself to show to clients that they do NOT hurt. Maybe try fitting it properly? Or you know- don’t be so dramatic?. Purely positive and force free training DOES NOT work on all dogs, or most dogs. Trust me. I’ve tried it just to be open minded- doesn’t work on a lot of dogs. And you should not be letting a dog pull on a flat collar, they’re extremely unsafe- unlike a prong collar or harness. Not everyone has time to dedicate multiple years to teaching their dog to not pull on a leash, it’s also not efficient. You used an already trained dog in this video, so you aren’t demonstrating anything 💀.

  4. Dr_Rock (Pete)
    | Reply

    Disagree about not using a harness. We've trained all our dogs with a harness that has a chest ring as well as the back ring, and a double-ended lead attached to both. The effect is that when the dog tries to pull, the chest ring/lead pulls sideways so it can't go in the direction it is trying to go. The stop/start and change of walking angles works too. Combined, I got all our dogs walking on loose lead or no lead, to heel, within 10-15 minutes. Repeated a few times, and it becomes learned behaviour. Oh yes – forgot to mention: I trained all our dogs with my father in law, a police sergeant in charge of the police dog unit and training school…! Most of the training is of the handler, and involves the Golden Rule: consistency. Same command, same tone of voice, always start walking off the same foot if you want the dog to heel with you, or the opposite foot if you want the dog to stay, etc etc. But those harnesses with the back AND chest rings are terrific.

  5. John Feickert
    | Reply

    Wow what a city slicker pussy

  6. Kamari Rowl
    | Reply

    Hey guys! Here's an article that helped me with walking my 94lb stubborn American Akita! @t Takes a lot of patience, but very helpful!

  7. Bronx
    | Reply

    I think it would work for a average calm dog…. however I’d like to see a dog with very bad habits of pulling or a leash reactive dog….might want to save the chain

  8. Doug H. in VA
    | Reply

    mister know-it-all acts like he is an expert and neglects to explain why prong collars and e-collars used correctly have been in use since their inception decades ago. YOU are not the expert everyone else follows. You are just a guy with an opinion

  9. Yamakise Modesto
    | Reply

    Friends I found the best website that will help you to train your dog professionally. Here is the website ==DogTraining.4YourHelp.Com== Hope this will help…

  10. Travis
    | Reply

    This guy is ignorant. Nothing wring with a pinch collar. He's a joker.

  11. Donavan Caton
    | Reply


  12. dan brauner
    | Reply

    Prong collars are the same thing as a mother puppy nipping at them. You have a dog that pulls hard a regular collar can hurt their neck

  13. Stan Rawlinson
    | Reply

    I always show and work with dog pullers these people get a trained dog but never show the serious puller see this video.

  14. Doug H. in VA
    | Reply

    this is childish and misleading… this guy is not a dog handler. people are not dogs and prong collars are not to hurt dogs or serve as an argument tool for weekend comedians

  15. Luv4Dmusic
    | Reply

    This guy is an idiot. I have a huge GS and he uses the first collar he shows in this video. It not about showing your dog who is the boss. Is about respect and boundaries. My dog is very happy to use that and he knows that is just to go out. He doesn't not wear it at home.

  16. Pamela Belgarde
    | Reply

    My dog refuses to walk. I have to pick her up and carry her about 2 blocks, put her down. She goes about 10 ft. Stops and i have to go through it again. Whats strange is she runs all the way home.

  17. kumate45
    | Reply

    You sir are a imbecile. Fumbling with a pinch collar as if you have no idea what it is. Your training is on the elementary level

    | Reply

    For very misbehaved dogs maybe one of the correction leashes might save them from being euthanized

  19. Rhodesian Ridgeback
    | Reply

    Try to walk this dog, and think he won't pull?

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