How to Train your DOG NOT to JUMP How to teach Sit and more: How to teach Stay:…

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36 Responses

  1. donkrx
    | Reply

    He’s done multiple videos on this. In fact, I see 2 of them in my recommended video sidebar.

  2. Bree Kiech
    | Reply

    Not at all if you’re patient, consistent and very clear with your communication.

  3. Marta Peterson Womack
    | Reply

    I love what you said about respecting your dog’s intellect! Very nice.

  4. roro jouni
    | Reply

    you should do commercials.. lol

  5. robotpanda77
    | Reply

    I like that he didn’t suggest the knee response which always annoyed me.

  6. Jessica Feldman
    | Reply

    This was so helpful!

  7. Kevin Cheng
    | Reply

    More Lexi videos

  8. Kevin Cheng
    | Reply

    Were did you get those dogs

  9. Kevin Cheng
    | Reply

    I love Alpha

  10. Kevin Cheng
    | Reply

    Get more dogs

  11. Claire Barzan
    | Reply

    A and b. is that an option? :)

  12. aghh2003
    | Reply

    What do I do

  13. aghh2003
    | Reply

    My dog tries to bite at our feet when we jump on the trampoline

  14. Lateef Reed
    | Reply

    Zak, I have a 5 month old Vizsla. A family member picks up my child from school and lets my dog out and takes him for a walk. If they are not backing up what I am training, should I be concerned that may be reinforcing the bad habits?

  15. Dylan Fawcett
    | Reply

    Hi Zak, Just started checking out vids, and came across some of yours very informative, thanks for the info. My girlfriend and myself will be getting a Dogo here in a few months. My girlfriend is fluent in Spanish and myself is English. When training a dog with commands will it confuse them with 2 different languages. Thanks

  16. premiumchunkchicken
    | Reply

    can you show us how to make our dog to write a full sentence?

  17. ccrider0217
    | Reply

    Zak, I have 2 6 month-old Collie/German Shepherd mixes (brother and sister) and when I pick them up from doggy daycare they are so excited (even though they’ve had lots of exercise) that they jump on me and then on the staff. If I can distract them for a moment and then touch their backs and get them to sit I can pet them and calm them down, but going down to touch their backs in the first pace can be dangerous because they like to jump and play bite all at the same time. Could you help me??

  18. sinkryap
    | Reply

    I just kick my dog when she jumps

  19. janetquint
    | Reply

    I would love 2 videos. 1. How to teach your dog to stop barking at the door when the bell rings (I don’t mind the alarm but then it needs to stop). 2. My dog is eating wet grass and drinking from a mud puddle at our dog park. She comes when called but NOT when she is doing THIS. How do I get control over this? It is as though it was a steak dinner! Thanks.

  20. FreidasGarden
    | Reply

    Just the info I was looking for! Great! Thanks so much Zak! Walk on a leash with out pulling would be great to learn next!

  21. Jason Aaron
    | Reply

    Great advise! I’d like to see the stay at the door! My dog needs work on that, thanks!

  22. Richard Kristiansson
    | Reply

    I told my dog to jump when i asking him, so i do not need to show him not to jump.

  23. The Riposte
    | Reply

    This seemed like the response to my question of what you teach your bordercollies in order. I want a roadmap from the less complex to the more complex. I know tricks that CAN be done.. I just don’t know how to teach them. (beyond sit,stay,fetch, down,right,left,heel,release etc.) 

  24. ireneyzz
    | Reply


  25. Copper Bobby
    | Reply

    Awesome, plz check out my channel

  26. marie-sophie bourguignon
    | Reply

    i looove your videos!! so good to see a very positive training, plus it’s really clear. it helps a lot with my four months old puppy!

  27. DogsCircle
    | Reply

    great tips!

  28. Fallen19Angel75
    | Reply

    I need help with my Aussie pup can’t walk with out pulling

  29. Dianne Traphagen
    | Reply

    Walking on a loose leash.

  30. Rick Robert
    | Reply

    Nina walking on loose leash

  31. danielle rideout
    | Reply

    Like to see how to walk on leach without pulling

  32. cotrina preston
    | Reply

    A for me please cos I like the gsd

  33. Gissel Juarez
    | Reply

    Please B!!!

  34. b3289
    | Reply


  35. Karl Reinert Rasmussen
    | Reply

    My jack will need both me thinks…

  36. FreshVloggers
    | Reply

    Hey Zak, arent you from Dogs 101

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