How to Train your Dog Not to be Scared

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44 Responses

  1. Stew Pedaso
    | Reply

    This is mostly for you +Katia Kotula especially while you are in Austin,
    I’m gonna try some of this on Stark. We will be having some male friends
    over for the 4th so I wanted to see how it goes a little at a time.

  2. Sam Nguyen
    | Reply

    Isn’t every new stranger going to have to go through the same things you
    just did again and again???

  3. Eva Rohnstrom
    | Reply

    My dog is really really bad with men. He was abused in the past and it is
    almost as if he is tricking them because he will let them pet him and do
    all that then when they get up and come towards me or my family it’s like
    BOOM then he goes in and bites them. He is also really really big which
    makes people “scared” to come near. (Greyhound shepherd Great Dane) he
    never barks or anything like that. He growls. He was also like this with my
    two year old niece, and is very food aggressive with everyone but me. WHAT
    SHOULD I DO?!?!

  4. AllodsJinjer
    | Reply

    Thumbnail: how to stop barking at people. XD

  5. Ender knight
    | Reply

    I had a dog named Millie that was killed over 1 year ago last summer in
    June :(

  6. AprilBey
    | Reply

    This was an exceptional video! Thank you! 

  7. Aeryun Stöcklein
    | Reply

    Loved it! 

  8. dvhjnngfrvv
    | Reply

    We just recently got a pit bull puppy but the thig is, when we put a leash
    on him he just sits down and will start to do flips if we pull on the
    leash. We have been carrying him all day except for when he doesn’t have
    the leash on but he will wander around when the leash is off, what should I
    do. ( also is it too early to start puppy training anyways, he is 8 weeks

  9. Vernon McGuffee
    | Reply

    This is a great video with a lot of information packed in it. I think it’s
    one of your better ones. 

  10. bonusbarclay
    | Reply

    Zachariah has been watching the dog whisperer.

  11. Kevin Duggan, CPDT-KA
    | Reply

    Great job. I liked how she warmed up to you at the end. 

  12. Bridget Rodriguez
    | Reply

    I have just come across your videos and I find them very helpful concerning
    my new puppy. What type of things can be done when he barks at people,
    including my boyfriend and myself, for attention? Even if he’s exercised,
    how can I teach him to be calm and quiet when we have guests over? Hes in
    the process of being crate triained, so I understand that is part of it,
    but he is ver persistant with the barking and its not out of fear or
    anxiety. Thanks again.

  13. jeez3k
    | Reply

    arent u reinforcing the barking when u give her turkey, while she is

  14. Anton Messarra
    | Reply

    nice !!! it was an anatolian shepherd ??? 

  15. Sarah E
    | Reply

    So, my little poodle has a similar issue that when we rescued her, she was
    terrified of men… She would react in much the same way that Milli did and
    we worked really hard for the last 2 years to make her comfortable around
    strangers and she has gotten so much better over time… Oddly though, she
    has managed to eventually warm up to every person we have introduced her to
    except for my cousin (a fairly tall, and strong man)… She will not even
    go into the same room as him and there does not seem to be any way of
    convincing her to even be within eyeshot… We have used the same
    techniques with my cousin that worked on every single other person but she
    just will not go anywhere near him… Is this normal for a dog to
    generalize a social calm behavior with everyone except one particular
    person or is there something else we should try with my cousin… Just
    wondering if anyone had any advice for variations to try on this topic… 

  16. Madison Foster
    | Reply

    I have a puppy that is 6 months old and I have done a great job with
    socializing with people. He loves people almost too much so if someone
    walks by him, he wags his tail and begs for attention, if he is ignored, he
    barks at the person until they acknowledge him. Are there any tips for this

  17. Nick Fegan
    | Reply

    if someone can recomend advice to get my 4 month old puppy to stop jumping
    at cars

  18. alenaxx
    | Reply

    Hi i have a german shepherd and hes very smart he challenges me and he
    tries to go around training and be obedient and he just wants the treat and
    he doesn’t clue into commands and i feel discouraged about his actions 

  19. Ruth Shortwood
    | Reply

    Can you make a video on how to teach your family to cooperate?

  20. saurabh upadhyay
    | Reply

    this guys jus a wanbee ceasar milan he suggests tricks dat any normal human
    with common sense wold do him self jus making money bagging sponsors and
    making dumb videos

  21. Alejandra Ferretiz
    | Reply

    My 7 months old puppy does not know how to react with other people or dogs

  22. melshane23
    | Reply

    This was a good video, My dog will do almost the same thing that this dog
    does when she is around people she doesn’t know & my dog will bark at men
    as well. I learned to good tips from this video to teach my dog. :)

  23. João Lopes
    | Reply

    how do i train my dog not to pee inside the house?

  24. luiza177music
    | Reply

    My chihuahua is just like her. He’s so bribeable by food though.

  25. Mercedes mcavoy
    | Reply

    this helped me so so so much thanks

  26. Jazmine Burnam
    | Reply

    hi zak i know you have videos on teaching dogs fetch but i have a question.
    I have been trying to teach my dog marmaduke a miniature schnauzer how to
    fetch and am having a hard time. My dog chases after it fine its just the
    bring back part that he doesn’t understand. He’ll bring it about half way
    and when i bend down to get the toy he’ll run away from me and continues
    playing with his toy. Even when i start of close when i reach to get the
    toy or he sees me hell run and play with the toy. I know he loves me
    throwing it because he’ll offer a default sit right away. He is both toy
    and food motivated. I tried the chasing method but as soon as i turn
    around or bend down to get the toy he’ll run away. I also tried the treat
    in the ball method which did not work for me either. Any tips or could you
    have a video on this?

  27. Mo Cohen
    | Reply

    Its a really nice and easy way to train your dog not to be afraid of

  28. Stephanie Hoffman
    | Reply

    Great video!!
    Zak, do you have a video that addresses training your dog to be tolerant of
    brushing their teeth? I’ve been searching for a good video on this and have
    yet to find one. Thanks!

  29. Mimijona
    | Reply

    Milli did so well with you, that’s amazing!

  30. RyuukiCho
    | Reply

    SO CUTE~!

  31. Emma MissL
    | Reply

    I’ve just shared this with a group of my refuge-assisting volunteer friends
    in France. We have a lot of hunt dogs and badly-socialised dogs who are
    nervous around people. The body language stuff in this should be compulsory
    for anyone around a nervous dog. Thanks so much for all this great advice
    in one short video (I wish all my guests were as sensible – oh well!)

  32. Jennifer Pennington
    | Reply

    Fantastic! I will be sharing this with my clients. What a great example on
    how effective reward based training works. Kudos!

  33. EmeraldHeart TheGirlGamer
    | Reply

    Your awesome it really helped me and I think the dog wanted more food when
    she was licking your hand

  34. BarknoorZ
    | Reply

    I really needed this!!! But problem is that my dog barks at big scary men
    on the street, and they just keep staring straight at him, I’m not sure how
    to tell them not to make eye contact with my dog :P

  35. Kiley BP
    | Reply

    I have problems with my two year old adopted shepherd mix. He is a very
    well trained dog and gets lots of exercise, but his problem is that he
    barks and charges our fence when people walk by. He sounds vicious and
    scares people. I have a difficult time getting his attention. Please help! 

  36. Brandon Kinsella
    | Reply

    My 3 year old dog won’t sit while I am taking him on a walk. Please help

  37. D'Anne DuBois
    | Reply

    Any advice on how to stop my dog from barking at any and every person we
    pass when we are driving in the car; people walking down the street, riding
    a bicycle, in the parking lot, etc? She barks at everyone whether they are
    close to or far away from the car.

  38. Daniel Vaughan
    | Reply

    My dog is tentatively skiddish of men, but he generally loves them if they
    play with him. My problem is dealing with strangers or people (other than
    me and my wife) that come into the house (actually just moved into a new
    apartment). He is aggressive to anyone who comes on our lawn, and
    extremely aggressive to people who walk into our house (without his
    approval first). He will nip them if they are pretty rigid, or he doesn’t
    know them that well. But we normally introduce people to him outside where
    he can bark and eventually smell and warm up to them. Now living in an
    apartment, he is a little better since new smells, people, and dogs are all
    around, but he will bark at any noise from outside. Do you have a video
    that addresses any or all of these issues?

  39. Christina Lee
    | Reply

    Hey zak, I have a problem and I was wondering if you could help me out. I
    have a 4.5 mo old great dane and I have been told that he is very well
    behaved throughout the day by his babysitter, but when I pick him up
    everyday and take him home.. He gets very hyper and starts barking whenever
    I don’t play with him or gets what he wants. I think he is taking advantage
    of me and acting out only to me.. what can I do? 

  40. Kathleen Tinkham
    | Reply

    How about the dog with fear aggression. Not biting but violent barking
    with all dogs and people outside of their family. 

  41. KaptainRogers
    | Reply

    I dont like my dog charging at the fence. He scares everyone. Makes some of
    the smaller ones cry.
    Barks all crazy at people walking by. 

  42. XtremeDBVideos
    | Reply

    +Zak George Thank you im 10 yrs and i have got a german shephered and all
    your videos helped me soo much i apriciate it!

  43. tonyjs70
    | Reply

    I like watching zak Georges you tube videos im always open to new idea’s
    and reinstall older ways in a different way. Thanks zak for your tips and
    tricks its been a blast my puppy sam and I are
    Having a great time training using some of your training advice. Tony

  44. Roanneflame
    | Reply

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