How to train your dog – Aggression Towards People.avi – Dog puppy training ebooks and books.

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22 Responses

  1. maria Trip
    | Reply

    Thank you, I needed some help with my dog nipping.

  2. Sean Howell
    | Reply

    Sounds like you need some training.

  3. Sean Howell
    | Reply

    Go to any Petsmart, talk to the manager for permission to sit outside so
    customers can interact with your dog. The store is for animal owners and
    lovers. It’s perfect.

  4. xxkillin3mxx
    | Reply

    i got a german shepherd breed dog, hes a pussy and he doesnt bark or bite
    people he only fights when theirs food but he surrenders to dogs smaller
    than him and i live in a ghetto black neighborhood and i get some black
    kids picking on him and he gets scared he really needs to toughen up.

  5. Pia Offord
    | Reply

    wow – whats the prong collar for then? Do you really want to trust a
    “trainer” that makes use of prong collars?

  6. Kaylamoon17
    | Reply

    this was helpful, but My dog barks and growls if people are within 8 feet
    of him. How do I get people to be around him if he does that? Where should
    I start?

  7. Jeffcontonio
    | Reply

    I have recently rescued a Shelter dog That has been showing a significant
    amount of fear-based aggression. I think this may just be what helps him
    overcome this. I love my dog, And want it to have a full happy life Without

  8. BeyondAlpha
    | Reply

    Agreed. The muzzle physically prevents bites, but does nothing to help
    change the dogs state of mind. If you had an issue with people touching you
    in public, do you think handcuffs and a ball gag would make you MORE likely
    to enjoy it? If that doesn’t work lets have someone stand dominantly over
    you and slap you every time you try express how you feel. As mentioned in
    an earlier post, if your dog has aggression issues, SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP!
    Thats what they are there for.

  9. BeyondAlpha
    | Reply

    Great maybe you can make a video and post it. share it with the whole
    world. Let everyone know that you can take your dog anywhere, and people
    can just come up pet her with zero reaction.

  10. keithnkitty
    | Reply

    Would you please help me, my retriever/lab is a wonderful dog until you
    feed him.. Then he looks like a wild dog.. how do i train him.

  11. tyler lowrey
    | Reply

    I appreciated your advice but my mini Australian Shepard is not or has not
    been aggressive away for our home/yard! My problem is when people come into
    my home or yard! He bark and has bit several people! I am to the point I am
    going to have a big decision regarding his feature! He is 3 years ole,
    neutered and we have always had him. I have two yorkies in the house with
    him and two labs outside. He is not aggressive towards any of these dogs!
    He is not aggressive with me unless I crate him

  12. Gracie Craig
    | Reply

    I have a full grown German shepherd , He is 2 years old on June 4th , And
    his breeder had sold him to someone who had claimed to be training to do
    police work , and he onl taught him to bit and not the rest , So for a year
    , I have been stuck with a dog who wants to bite every person who he sees ,
    And im afraid some day when he bites someone good enough I will have to put
    him down , And for me myself he loves me and I can do anything with him .
    any videos that might help with my needs, ?? Help

  13. Gracie Craig
    | Reply

    Actually a little dog can do quite a bit of damage , And yes I have to
    agree with a lot of the other comments , Because when your introducing your
    dog he should be able to have a free sent of the person , and having a
    muzzle only alowws him to that someones touching him ,

  14. athousanddiamonds
    | Reply

    Thank you so so so so much for this valuable information. I realize now
    that I am doing many things wrong when dealing with my dog who is very
    aggressive. I am so inspired to get him and I proper help now. Thanks! I
    really hope you make more vids! What state are you in?

  15. Emily Ramsay
    | Reply

    While I agree that a muzzle will keep people safe it can be counter
    productive because a muzzle can cause their fears to become more intense.
    Every dog learns differently, if you have a very severe case please have
    your dog evaluated by a professional and don’t just use these videos.

  16. nAughtAyStripp3r
    | Reply

    wow everything you said makes total sense! thank you! i will implement
    these methods assp

  17. Lenore Marie
    | Reply

    I have a poodle with aggression towards people. I have watched your video
    and tried your method several times but even with the muzzle our dog is
    still aggressive and people are still afraid to touch her. I purchased a
    welding glove but people are still afraid because she won’t stop growling
    and people are uncomfortable about touching a growling dog. The muzzle
    doesn’t humble her in the least. She sounds so scary and no one wants to
    touch her. Now what do I do?

  18. carriebrk
    | Reply

    You are really wrong. I had a dog that even with a muzzle on lunged at
    people. With the help of some neighbors to start she’s a different dog
    using this method. In a short period of time she has had months of relaxed
    and happiness, and I’m looking foreward to years of the same. Totally
    changes the dogs state of mind. They are not people and the great part is
    there is no yelling, slapping etc. She’s proud of herself (my dog), She
    really is 🙂

  19. wisearts1
    | Reply

    Finally! Some info that is practical and useful. I’ve watched like 10
    videos today. This is awesome. I have a small service dog and it is vital
    that it acclimates to strangers… esp. children. THANK YOU!

  20. Kyle williams
    | Reply

    Wow, this video helped ALOT. Thanks. Will be following everything I heard

  21. Lisa Mallory
    | Reply

    Yes, I love strangers scratching me on top of my head. Maybe we should
    muzzle me and choke me when I protest

  22. Nicola Sparks
    | Reply

    You gotta check this out, Let me tell you about a site i used top help
    train minnie, step by step videos which are very easy to follow. Site is Made my life so much easier

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