How to train your cokatiel to kiss

This is the first video i recorded with skipper, my very first bird,had him for 4 days. ^^ This video just teaches people how to get the bird to kiss you eth…

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8 Responses

  1. A Dino Goes Rawr
    | Reply

    I never used the proper way to teach my bird how to kiss.. I would just
    make a pucker face and he would kiss me 😛

  2. datcrazykiid
    | Reply

    Best quality ever

  3. Victoria Rainbowbunny
    | Reply

    beep oh thanks but my bird is now trying to eat my lips well i q guss baby

  4. sadd909
    | Reply

    ihave coockateil but it dont come to my hand? how to train him i bought it
    about 1month

  5. SashaEldredge
    | Reply

    lol sorry havint been on for awaile.. so you got a flyer hehe will when i
    got my bird it flew to the wings worent cliped and this was my first bird
    lol just be very persestent i do recamend you clip the wings just intil the
    bird trust ya.. birds will nip if they dont feel confertbul so i just will
    say talk to the bird and if its new then prob get a glove so it doisnt
    hurt, mine was afrade of the glove so i got bit haha just be brave hehe ^^
    you can do it ^_^

  6. goingplaces11
    | Reply

    Mine kisses and tries to groom me when I dont want him too.

  7. jigsawx325
    | Reply

    omg why does my dumb bird alwys bit eme super hard then? and how do i get
    him to let me pick him up with my hands. everytime i do he gets scared n

  8. Luis Martinez
    | Reply

    I have a question.I have a Cockatiel,and i really want him to get in my
    hand without showing him a treat.How did u do it? THANK YOU

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