How to Train Your Cat to Walk on a Leash! Leash Training for Your Cat! Teach an Old Cat New Tricks!

How to Train Your Cat to Walk on a Leash! Leash Training for Your Cat! Teach an Old Cat New Tricks! – Most cat owners know the feeling of wanting an indoor cat for safety reasons, but wanting so badly to show them the great outdoors, especially when they do those little kitten eyes at the door, making them irresistible! That’s why Leah and Rio are here to show you exactly how to your can train your cat on a leash! This even works on older cats, so no worries there! You’ll be out experiencing nature at its finest with your furry feline companion in no time!

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10 Responses

  1. Diamond
    | Reply

    At first my cat was not amused. He learned walking on the leash at the age of one year. I first showed him the harness an gave him treats then I started putting it on him while giving treats, so he would get used to it. He wasn't very happy about it until I started going outside with him. He at first was very shy and had great fear of strangers but now he is very confident even in situation with kids, dogs or strange things for him such as hoverboards. He only fears busses. Today he gets very grumpy if I can't go out with him because it's raining. He just loves to go for a walk. But you have to say that walking with a cat can take much longer than with a dog. It takes me usually up to 2 hours to walk a 15 min distance because he gets distracted easily.

  2. Traveler's Garden
    | Reply

    This is really NOT how you should train a cat to walk on leash. In the video the woman is constantly pulling on the leash, that is force and the cat is clearly unhappy about that. Get your cat to follow you on its own free will, never by force. F.e. with food & calling it. Also this leash is WAY too short, cats need freedom on a leash…at least 4-6m length. (f.e. a flexible leash)
    The woman means well I guess, but I really don't recommend on doing what she is doing here. Kinda sad to see, that she is not realizing what damage she is doing.

  3. Rose Night
    | Reply

    Thanks for the tips and especially for the music! My cat is pretty much never stressed anymore since we play your music often. God bless!

  4. Matt Ronsky
    | Reply

    Thank you! Just starting

  5. Seline Km
    | Reply

    Thank you ❤️❤️ very helpful video, you and Leo are so cute! xx

  6. Slime Gamer
    | Reply

    Omh yesssh! I need to teach my baby Luna this! In the future tho.

  7. Rev. Maillet-Crutcher
    | Reply

    Being consistent and have set times for walks also helps. I usually start training my cats to the leash as a kitten. The younger the better.

  8. Sherri Robinson
    | Reply

    Thank you. I wanted to know how to do this with my cat. She is an older cat rescue and used to live outside so I am not sure how she will take to it but I will try. I hope she will eventually like it.

  9. Pogo TheKitty
    | Reply

    I've always wanted to bring my cats on walks. And I definitely can't get a dog where I live, plus I have 4 babies (3 are furry, one came out of me 💕) so I've got my hands full!!

  10. pro gamer
    | Reply

    Thank you 4 this information maybe it will help me in the future..😀 bye

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