How to Train Your Cat to Play Fetch

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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48 Responses

  1. FunCat9000
    | Reply

    Didn’t see the cat fetch not even once..

  2. awesomegirl363
    | Reply

    What cat just catch it and walk away and throw it somewhere I could never find.

  3. jay733
    | Reply

    WTF? I thought, never once did the catch fetch……

  4. Doryna2100
    | Reply

    Sometimes when I throw something and my cat goes back near me I take the thing I throwed and I throw it again and I say fetch only for fun but my cat gives the toy to my dad instead

  5. James Plate
    | Reply

    Our cat does it without any training 🙂

  6. Scott Jenner
    | Reply

    cat teaches human how to fetch 😛

  7. PepsiMan491
    | Reply

    Oh dear…

  8. samenamedame
    | Reply

    The cat didn’t even fetch once!!xD

  9. Aozolai
    | Reply

    Actually, cats can run at speeds up to 100 mph…. cheetah (short burst).

  10. I say
    | Reply

    She fetches what she likes. No pressure. 🙂

  11. smoke10108
    | Reply

    my cat already knows how to fetch without me doing a single thing. So go shove it

  12. ChappyBT
    | Reply

    Kitty-Howcast – How to make your owner’s daughter throw things for you to not bring back to her.

  13. savanna simon
    | Reply

    YA HX

  14. TheAplauron
    | Reply

    I always wanted a cat!I hope I can get one when I’m in collage or something…

  15. Heebum Haebi
    | Reply

    my cat too can fetch.. check him out at my channel :)

  16. liam catlan
    | Reply

    I am both cat and dog lover and I thought my cat to fetch and my dog come and spoon my cat when it is fetching so my cat dose a mike Tyson and kills my dog it’s funny

  17. AtaleoftwoKitties
    | Reply

    our cat plays fetch. check out our channel.

  18. OBusch1
    | Reply

    I taught my cat to sit and jump.

  19. Solja2010
    | Reply

    0:14 that’s not thinking like a cat. she looks like she’s having a blonde moment.

  20. manny9800
    | Reply


  21. Koops2245
    | Reply


  22. somecupcakekiller
    | Reply

    Stop comparing cats to dogs, probably someone would want a cat to play fetch just to have fun, not because they want their cats to be like dogs.

  23. wilagirl101
    | Reply


  24. becca ward
    | Reply

    fuckin dogs fetch not cats domass

  25. Yoshina297
    | Reply

    haha my cat does this and i did not even have to teach her i am a proud owner

  26. kimmie18021
    | Reply

    dogs: come when you call them
    cats: take a message and get back to you later

  27. TheDaisyBubbles
    | Reply

    LOL my first cat wouldn’t even play! I tried and tried and tried and tried and the vet would tell me I probably wasn’t trying hard enough but he just did not care. All he cared about was sleeps, cuddles, food and more comfy sleeps. I could work my ass off throwing toys around or dangling them around him, even laserlights, he’d just look at me like; “YOU go fetch. I might follow by example. Maybe. If you feed me.” He was healthy and not overweight by the way. No idea why he didn’t like playing.

    | Reply

    why do people want cats to do things like dogs?

  29. Spinfister01
    | Reply

    Verner hahahhahahahahahahhahahahahaha

  30. Verner Piir
    | Reply

    Me cat taked a gun and told me get the fuck off im the boss and i dont like ur fucking toy

  31. Rosalina Starship
    | Reply

    i’m so sorry for you 🙁

  32. MrTrollingFORdays
    | Reply

    :[ i was looking at this vid when my cat was missing, the next day we found him dead. RIP Fluffy! <3

  33. Rosalina Starship
    | Reply

    Mines Too And So Is My Friends Cat 🙂 😀

  34. the4realeddie
    | Reply

    My cat knows how to play fetch without me teaching it, she also knows how to roll, I don’t understand how because I’ve had her since she was a kitten…she also jumps with the help o fthe walls to avoid obstacles in the way, she’s really odd I’m telling you :))

  35. Nakedpops
    | Reply

    My cats eats gay ppl like u every morning


  36. zebrakackefreak
    | Reply

    My cat fetches me rabbits every now and then 😉

  37. snowball443
    | Reply

    My cat comes back from outside any brings a dead mice home. -_-

  38. MrTrollingFORdays
    | Reply

    my cat is called fluffy :D

  39. chas leblanc
    | Reply

    i didnt have to train my cat.. it just happened by accident… now she brings shiny silver chains if she wants to play fetch :3

  40. earbudiphone
    | Reply

    I play fetch with my neighbors baby

  41. chrisspartan19
    | Reply

    you forgot to teach your cat how to fly

  42. tony3611liao
    | Reply

    step 1- get a cat
    step 2- throw yarn

  43. wetdogpenis
    | Reply

    “Imagine if people were like that lol.” The US would not be the place it is today, because the slaves wouldn’t have worked without good payment 🙂

  44. wetdogpenis
    | Reply

    Step three- clean up the abominable mess.

    Step four- fill all the holes.

    Step five- wait, why am I doing this? I have a cat, not a dog!

  45. Bozebo
    | Reply

    “cats don’t get punishment”
    So true, they just ignore you and look away like “wut?”.

    Imagine if people were like that lol.

  46. Tito Nogueira
    | Reply

    how did you get over the fetch bring back item part? I wish I could teach him how to stay, go, and fetch

  47. Tito Nogueira
    | Reply

    I think there should be a way, but it gives off too many rewards. Imagine this:
    You throw and throw, when he bites it you give. You throw and throw, when he bites it you show him the food but hold it away hoping he brings. When he does you give him. repeat repeat repeat…

  48. peanutbudderbud
    | Reply

    exactly the same with me.

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