How to Train Your Cat to Behave

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29 Responses

  1. TheGenuineGymnast
    | Reply

    My kitten is 2 months old and sleeps on my darn head everyday!!!!!!!! But I like it

  2. itsCrazyJannah
    | Reply

    When I sleep with my cat, I sometimes find him on my face already which is okay because its cute!

  3. Jane Lawrence
    | Reply

    Maybe bribe him with cat treats. Give him some then pet him and each time you do it maybe he will warm up to you again. Or something has changed in your household that he doesn’t like. Like someone new moved in like a guy or someone abused him? I don’t know all you can do is try different stuff. I’ve had my stray kitty for a while know and would never come near me for awhile but I tried the treat thing and she’s been improving. Hope this helps a little.

  4. Rikki Sabanal
    | Reply

    you bet! sometimes it can be cute, but when ur trying to get some sleep, uggghhh! LOL

  5. Katelyn P
    | Reply

    My cat if funny. Yesterday, she pounced a mouse but kept it alive. She played with it on the floor, also my dog, both without harming it.

  6. Snow Blanchard
    | Reply

    You’d take that back if it started waking you up at 3am like my cat does =__=

  7. lyccz101
    | Reply

    my cat sleeps with me and when I sit she always sits on my lap and sleep there. There are also times that when i’m crying she’s there for me. She’s almost like my sister because she’s always there for me but when we’re playing, she bites me -_-
    I wish this would help me.

  8. WhattaUniqueUsername
    | Reply

    A friend of mine had his cat sleep with him. He would often wake up to find the cat trying to sleep on his head and face. Lol.

  9. Florida Rex
    | Reply

    lol! cute! might be getting a new cat soon!

  10. Erica Grindle
    | Reply

    Why wouldn’t you want that fluffy cutie to sleep with you? D:

  11. Toni Foard
    | Reply

    I recently adopted a former stray kitten (we got him from someone who got him off the street) and at first he was lovable and loved to cuddle, but he’s developed this tendancy to bite, growl, hiss, pull out his claws, and scratch when ever we or someone picks him up, or even tries to pet him. It started out just teething but then he eventually got angry and now just won’t stop biting. He plays, he just doesn’t like human contact. Does anyone have any tips?

  12. RiddleBat
    | Reply

    Spray bottles only teach your cat not to do something when YOU’RE around. Try filling up a soda can with beans or something that will make a loud noise and shaking it when your cat does something. This will train your cat into thinking a loud noise will come when he/she does something bad.

  13. smoke10108
    | Reply

    Noting wrong with your cat sleeping with you. I enjoy that with my cats.

  14. AzizSpider
    | Reply

    0:58 Cat of Duty

  15. Andrea Patane
    | Reply

    Cats need a lot of training differently than dogs.

  16. kedalin
    | Reply

    Otherwise, she’ll think you’re sadistic. Hehe, I loled. (I do agree though, of course)

  17. FinalFantasy10RO
    | Reply

    Best moment ever when your cat sleeps with you… Its just so innocent

  18. Ly Moe
    | Reply

    my cat just moved around so much! everytime I move her from those funiture to the her scratching place I just feel afraid that she might doesn’t even understand what I’m tryin to do ;___;

  19. Joe Awad
    | Reply

    actually my cat sleeps on me everyday i have no problem with it at all, i like it.

  20. FearGamerX2
    | Reply

    umm that cat look like good food

  21. sgt. rootbeer
    | Reply

    simple, you buy it by waiting in a huge line at walmart or ikea, or any store.

  22. wilagirl101
    | Reply


  23. LightLovesHope
    | Reply


  24. Daniel King
    | Reply

    why is my cat there

  25. bassmaster4110
    | Reply

    im lucky if my cat wants 2

  26. gamer00341
    | Reply

    where can I get consistancy?

  27. Nicholas Webb
    | Reply


  28. Cowey Cooper
    | Reply

    ON HIM!!!

  29. PriscillaMaroon5
    | Reply

    I wish my cat slept with me :'(

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