HOW TO TRAIN YOUR CAT – Minecraft – The 102 (Part 3) | Let's Play

It’s Minecraft #368! In this gameplay, we leave the house and look for villages to try and get every achievement.

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A revolving cast of Rooster Teeth employees play video games extremely poorly.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

23 Responses

  1. DarkChicken
    | Reply

    15:58 the french starts to take over them english people. 1939: the line will hold we have the river on are side. May 10 1940 we surrender. 2019 if were going to win the next big war we need to get more french people

  2. Daniel Miller
    | Reply

    That village was a place of tragedy

  3. Ky-Long Nguyen
    | Reply

    28:31 J U S T B L A Z E

  4. Das Flippity Flop
    | Reply

    Fiona is actually mad entertaining

  5. Gavin _197
    | Reply

    Jack mixed up the phantom with banshee lol, reminds of whenever they would mix up the names of vehicles in Halo.

  6. Tara
    | Reply

    Wait how is this part 3? Part 1 was last episode

  7. Snake Eyed Ghoul
    | Reply

    Ok, I've been reserving this opinion for this series because I didn't really see any reason to say it. But this video broke the camel's back…
    What the fuck is the point of having Fiona in this series?

  8. jared roche
    | Reply

    Kind of sad they forgot about bon Scott

  9. Buttersnow
    | Reply

    I'm getting kind of claustrophobic watching Geoff and Jack's tunnels

  10. Shouting Alice
    | Reply

    Matt's love of cats brings me joy

  11. Hank Anderson
    | Reply

    Dude this is insane. I named my cat in Stardew valley Meowsers!!!! This was before I watched this video.

  12. Leo Duck
    | Reply

    I feel bad for the Fiona

  13. DatIronPanda
    | Reply

    31:41 R.i.p father amd son

  14. eternallyIrregular
    | Reply

    I'm loving Geoff's energy in this one 🙂

  15. AquaDragonDavanin
    | Reply


  16. Sly Gaming
    | Reply

    Fiona's 102 minecraft lessons part 3

  17. pwnorbepwned
    | Reply

    Trevor: “*Gasp* A golem!”
    Fredo: “Kill it. Cook its meat.”

  18. L3murL0rd
    | Reply

    Free Edgar 2019

  19. Sapphirelia
    | Reply

    If Jeremy enchants his Trident with Channeling… If only he knew he had the power to "end" Minecraft.

    Edit: If they weren't so invested into actually getting all 102, it'd be a cool way to "win" this series and segway them into the Sky Factory 4 series.

  20. Minecraft Master
    | Reply

    U can use the turtle shells for water breathing

    Baby turtles drop scutes when they grow into adult turtles

    U can use them to build a helmet that gives u water breathing

  21. Eric C
    | Reply

    11:30 spider be smart

  22. dlska Vlmkads
    | Reply

    4:17 Why does it sound like Jeremy is making the LEGO Yoda death sound

  23. dlska Vlmkads
    | Reply


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