How to train your cat

Think you can’t teach your cat some tricks? Learn the secrets to training your feline from AHS Trainer Kate Varns.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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17 Responses

  1. MrPoga5
    | Reply

    Great video. I use the click treat method to show you how to train a cat to go potty and flush

  2. Shiina Aslett
    | Reply

    We recently got a 4 month old kitten from a foster home and the only time she meawed was on the way home. She hasn't meawed since. We looked it up on the internet and it said that some cats just don't meaw. How can we get our kitten to meaw? We want her to communicate with us, even if it is just cause she wants dinner.

  3. Siri Bright
    | Reply

    My cat is getting on the counter, in the trash & even attempts to eat off our plate. He's getting very bold! I recently found out that he gets in and eats out of the dumpster from the school across the street. How do I get him to stop? Please let there be a way other than not letting him out!

  4. bobmarianna
    | Reply

    Please tone down on the volume of the music on your other videos as it is very distracting – you shouldn't be competing with the music.  Thanks

  5. Abi Mason
    | Reply

    Watch my vid

  6. Abi Mason
    | Reply

    I've trained my cat some tricks!

  7. siva kumar
    | Reply


  8. ra2yuri4
    | Reply

    my cat trains me… how to be a good master -_-.

  9. John B
    | Reply

    My cat Herbie half Russian Blue used to use the toilet give you High fives and sit on your shoulder like Streetcat Bob unfortunately some cunt ran him over but I will find the bastard and mutilate the shit.

  10. Caro Vargas
    | Reply

    fuera genial que pusieran subtitulos en espanol, pues existimos amantes de los animales en america latina!!!!

  11. Nicole Pickard
    | Reply

    If only i could get mine to stop yowling…… Buddy is not acting like my buddy at the moment…..

  12. Madison Shaw
    | Reply

    will your cat get fat from all the treats?

  13. prootas
    | Reply

    how long will it take for the cat to follow everytime you do the thing you wanted it to do? like you wanted it to pray before eating. is it hard? thanks

  14. mishaINtechnicolor
    | Reply

    I need to try this!

  15. Waggle TV
    | Reply

    Great video, Kate. Keep up the great work!

  16. Tsuyoshi Koike
    | Reply

    Training cats???
    What kind of sorcery is this? xD

  17. Alexs Lifestyle
    | Reply

    I Trained my kitty 🙂 his name is charlie

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