How to Train Your Budgie/Parakeet to Speak!

It takes time! Be patient!

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30 Responses

  1. kin fail
    | Reply

    liar you can do it with two so shut up and get proof before you speak

  2. sarah elbjeirami
    | Reply

    well your budgie cant live without another budgie

  3. Night Shadow
    | Reply

    i think she likes mlp because she named her budgie soarin

  4. Aidan Daniel
    | Reply

    my bugie tweets but that’s it

  5. Jack The Parrot Trainer
    | Reply

    umm sorry but i have 11 budgies and 9 of them talk. you can have more than
    five and they will still talk lol

  6. Dalton Bradshaw
    | Reply

    +Geena Shenault You have to tame it first I would recommend watching this
    guy …
    +Parrot Whisperer his video on how to train a untamed biting bird day 1

  7. Tia Dunn
    | Reply

    You can have two or more birds for them to start talking bitch by the way
    your a retarded little asshole

  8. Xochitl Cuellar
    | Reply

    If I have a 2 parakeets, can I separate them to train to speak or may be is
    too cruel put it away from its girlfriend?

  9. Jahon Gir
    | Reply

    First, we need to teach human being how to speak , then birds or animal

  10. Baovi Martin
    | Reply

    I think that was great and that video was great now my parrakeets knows how
    to talk

  11. Coolshows101
    | Reply

    There is a mix of information in the comments. If you have more than one
    bird it will be harder to do any training or bonding. That means more time
    spent training.

    Also, you won’t be able to train girl budgies to speak, they can however
    become great whistlers.

    If you have gotten your girl budgie to speak, than you are REALLY cool. Let
    me know if you have.

  12. P.E.T.S Rock
    | Reply


  13. Megan Smith
    | Reply

    No where near helpful just stupid

  14. Jacksie9098
    | Reply

    First of all to the people on here that say you shouldn’t clip your birds
    wings sometimes when you get a new budgie or any bird of that matter you
    might have to clip their wings in order to get them tame with two of my
    budgies i had to do it otherwise they would just fly off and they do great
    with getting their wings clipped anyways because they are still in training
    but it just depends on the bird.

  15. Alicia Costa-barnett
    | Reply

    I have 2 budgies and my male budgie talks all the time, he talks to his
    girlfriend like “I love you bitch” loll XD

  16. Vinay S
    | Reply

    You shouldn’t clip its wings. Flying is a very important aspect of a bird’s
    life (unless it’s a bird that can’t fly). Flying benefits the bird’s
    blood-circulation. Interacting and communicating with at least another
    budgie is also an important aspect of a budgie’s life. Perhabs you can get
    into a relationship with a budgie that just came out of its egg and from
    there teach how to talk.

  17. Sierra Barber
    | Reply

    When you just got your bird when will it may speak

  18. Grace Zhu
    | Reply

    this is a good video

  19. Ginger Staley
    | Reply

    Your A Great Bird Owner.

  20. ZARG0D
    | Reply

    Great video and good advice!
    I would ignore some of the comments below, they’re just people who think
    they can be rude whilst hiding behind their computer screens…just delete

  21. John Don
    | Reply

    R u really in the bathroom thats just sad

  22. Mega Brony Army
    | Reply

    Did you say his name is…Soarin? o.o

  23. M.A. Moreland
    | Reply

    omg, soooo many people making statements on this page that are inaccurate.
    I see a lot of ignorant self-righteousness and opinions. I wonder how many
    of you actually even have parrots, or if so if they’re actually hand
    trained or can talk at all.

  24. Gotte Grisen
    | Reply

    Budgies can still talk even though they are two

  25. WilsonTheParakeet
    | Reply


  26. liz
    | Reply

    Thank you for your video. Very helpful. Keep up the great work.

  27. Simplestuff222
    | Reply

    Great I have a budgie to and he can speak and sometimes fly to me when I
    call iif your budgie flies to u when u call could you please do a video on
    it that would be great your video was very helpful thx

  28. DaeDae Moore
    | Reply


  29. Melana Tautkus
    | Reply


  30. tiger .stripes
    | Reply

    don’t be afraid and don’t pull away your finger that is what they want show
    your budgie who’s boss

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