How to train your budgie (4 simple steps)

This video contains 4 simple steps to train your budgie

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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15 Responses

  1. Wiktoria
    | Reply

    They can’t even sprit there wings😦 poor birds🙏

  2. Rizz Star
    | Reply

    Budgies will never come to our hands for food unless they are very desperate or starving.
    And get a bigger cage

  3. Glen Andrei Rivera
    | Reply

    We have the same cage but mine is yellow

  4. Bethany Mclardie
    | Reply

    Its a girl and boy so keep an eye out and the cage is way to small I have a boy blue budgie named doughnut and his cage is really big it has to be big enough so the can spread the wing and have enough toys to play with also having to budgies in a small cage like that is animal crulity

  5. Golden wolfie
    | Reply

    My bird wont even eat though… 🙁

  6. luciana J
    | Reply

    That cage was annoying me the whole video. The cage was way to small!

  7. Raven Moon
    | Reply

    Let me recommend something to you:
    Only feed them a quarter of the food bowl size
    Get a bigger size cage or give a bird away

  8. Ari Animations
    | Reply

    Wait a minute my birds are trained then? Cause I can easily do that on my hand my shoulder but yea

  9. Ari Animations
    | Reply

    70% of comments are cage is small 29% saying they were starved and forced basically and 1% are others

  10. saiyyed zeenat
    | Reply

    My birds not bite my hands

  11. Fahad Rana
    | Reply

    Pagal na banaya karo logo ko

  12. Bosanska tradicija
    | Reply

    Wash your cage!

  13. Myah the unicorn
    | Reply

    You don't give them enough space its cruel there is 2 aswell

  14. Malathi bhat
    | Reply

    I have 2 budgies and they love to eat sprouts. How much I can feed ?

  15. Drpinal Naghera
    | Reply

    Mere budgies vegetables ya koy fruits nahi khate…plz give me suggestion

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