How To Train Your Bird To Talk

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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45 Responses

  1. IsmailAli123
    | Reply

    I have a Amazon Parrot named BaBa, my family has had it for about 15-16 years before i was born and raised it since it was a baby. It picked up words like “Hello”, yells “Mom” when it thinks we’re not home, or just makes random noises when it sees us. I’m trying to teach it to talk and hopefully this will work…

  2. David Camilleri
    | Reply

    Only female Cockatiels don’t talk because my is a male does that mean that i can teach him?

  3. isabelcamachodiaz
    | Reply


  4. Tom Dockery
    | Reply


  5. Starkinton
    | Reply

    My bird imitates a phone ringing if she needs something. She gets me every time…

  6. shaliqua williams
    | Reply

    LMBO 2:14-:23 hahhaahhaahahhahahahahahahahahahaahahaahhahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha. LOL Don’t wash the birds mouth with soap and water. Lol granny look pissed. lol I know mines would too. She would probably throw it outside. LOL that’s too funny.

  7. Kazumi Murasaki
    | Reply

    Sighh,,, I taught my bird how to whistle before watching this .. no wonder i was having trouble teaching him

  8. Dickus4eva
    | Reply

    Jonio donde estas

  9. merkenbeck
    | Reply

    I have a Yellow Nape Amazon. If you like peace and quiet think again. I love my girl. She sings Opera and does some crazy whistles.

  10. TheRebecka1999
    | Reply

    I want a parrot so badly D:

  11. sisimma
    | Reply

    It was like, buy a bird for its chattiness and I was like, what? Chubbieness? You can’t blame me, I mean, look at that canary!

  12. wushu2020
    | Reply

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  13. TheLewisaberdour
    | Reply

    My budgie is a female and she can talk

  14. 9marjo9
    | Reply

    about rass parakiets can’t learn to thalk is not true, my mother heve been training them for years, and the can say a few words like (kiss hello ) de name etc.

  15. Tom Larry
    | Reply

    Just use sunflower seeds or a piece of saltine cracker

  16. Tom Larry
    | Reply


  17. chela2959
    | Reply

    I hope my male cocktale does not say any bad words 🙁

  18. chela2959
    | Reply

    I had no idea that female birds talk mines cant talk

  19. crazyjummpybanana
    | Reply

    i have no birds but i have 3 cats 2 are lazy 1 is hyper *no birds ever for them the hyper one is more likly to kill the bird*

  20. yash Gore
    | Reply

    what treats when she says a correct word….? pls help me i have african grey parrot…. thanks

  21. ShebaTheLoneWolfie
    | Reply

    Females can still talk but they have a very raspy voice and its hard to understand.I have my own little parakeet boy I got a few months ago and he’s learned to say hell.I was trying to teach him hello but he never uses the o.Lol.

  22. MartyMartin87
    | Reply

    1:15 :D

  23. Anastaja3312
    | Reply

    R u kidding.. I just got a female cockatiel… But i still love her.

  24. Tecklion
    | Reply

    You now nothing about birds

  25. Julia DeCaro
    | Reply

    This video was clearly made by someone who doesn’t know much about parrots.

  26. joserocke823jr20
    | Reply

    Fuck beeb

  27. hlub vang
    | Reply

    Yup girls r shy

  28. averypre303
    | Reply

    Is it true that only male parakeets talk? I want to get a parakeet and when I do I’m going to teach it to talk. So maybe I should get a male bird

  29. Megan Peters
    | Reply

    I’m planning on getting cockatiel and I’m for sure going to try teaching is words!

  30. Nadia Elizabeth
    | Reply

    I have 4 ( had 5 one passed away ) two are parkets named : sunny ( yellow ) and rainy ( blue ) : 2 cockatiels Squeakers ( squeaks a lot ) and Fin -adventure time fin- ( yellow hair ) and i love all my birds -may my other bird rest in peace- 😀

  31. zack miley
    | Reply

    is he indian (-_-‘)

  32. Adams Jocker
    | Reply

    why am i watching this, i am a bird…

  33. Isabella Cisneros
    | Reply

    I saw this at school and everyone laughed when the grandma heard the bird cuss lol

  34. crazygangsterariela
    | Reply


  35. RulerOfThePandas
    | Reply

    Why am i watching this , i don’t even have a bird :L

  36. gmyen
    | Reply

    Hahahahhahahah at 2:25

  37. gmyen
    | Reply


  38. thebluephoenixhpthg
    | Reply

    The bird in the vid split open his neck at 1:16.
    This is still informative though!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. skullcandynikkipad4
    | Reply

    I had one

  40. Лена Васильева
    | Reply

    I want to buy a talking bird :<

  41. Hamsterhelper365
    | Reply

    Lol thnx for this cuz my neighboor gave me a cockatile and he only says “Im Hungry”And Hi”
    So i wonder how to teach him so this is helpful 🙂

  42. kallyflyer1
    | Reply

    2:17 LOL

  43. steven m
    | Reply

    bullshit!! budgies surley can talk !! 🙂

  44. cherrybomb123abc
    | Reply

    One thing he said is incorrect female Budgie’s can learn to talk it just take’s longer.

  45. theriolugirl
    | Reply

    Some people have birds who yell ‘Fuck off!’ Birds learn if they want to.

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