how to train you hamster NOT to bite best one

there little chinse hamsters

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24 Responses

  1. JOsH PlaYz
    | Reply

    That's not how you pick it up
    Just wait for the hamster
    To come at your hand

  2. Nomzie GT
    | Reply

    This guy is stupid man

  3. Jamila Abdalla
    | Reply

    But it is a chinese,chinese hamsters don't bite.

  4. winterpup •
    | Reply

    I know this is old, but you need to know this.

    1. You need to be more gentle, and learn more about caring for hamsters. ErinsAnimals has good tips.

    2. You do not trap your hamster like that. I hope you didn't squash them.

    3. You definatly need adult supervision. Let's just say I can give better care, even though my new hamsters aren't even TAME yet.

    Also, this is a crap advice. I'd rather my hamster bite me then do this to them. Hopefully, you've learnt this is incorrect, since this was published 2012.

  5. Aesthetic Mars
    | Reply

    Well yeha it won't bite when you TRAP it cause it would probably be dead already how you treat them 😐 and why at the start your letting him run of the TABLE

  6. Nelly's vlogs and gaming
    | Reply

    i put my hamster in the bathtub to get it in my hands , it was a bad experience i think he got scared and a bit wet he scared me , when i tried to get him in my hands so he can go back in his cage he didn't want to when i tried to pick him up he like squeaked but in other way i feel like a really bad hamster owner now is that okay to happen for the first time or that means his a no touch just watch type of hamster?

  7. Refraction Launchpad
    | Reply

    go fuck yourself bitch your advise is garbage u fuck nut

  8. ItsMe Shanen
    | Reply

    i feel bad for that hamster

  9. Rachel Fuston
    | Reply

    This is the WORST advise ever

  10. Esther T
    | Reply

    I have 3 hamster 1 Chinese and 2 winter white I think not sure if it's a Chinese i nid advise it's a standered

  11. MrHammy 452
    | Reply

    Thanks for the advice

  12. Paige Benoit
    | Reply

    KittyGOmoo you will be OK it mite hurt for a little bit but don't wake them when they are sleeping

  13. Alice
    | Reply

    My daughters hamsters too jumpy to try this method but thanks for sharing your advice.☺

  14. Cabal Valhalla
    | Reply

    I have a dwarf hamster

  15. Nicole
    | Reply

    I have a robo hamster and he is fast so i cant do that

  16. KittyGOmoo
    | Reply

    I have a hamster that is completely tamed and i thought it was dead and i picked it up not to hard and it bit my finger and now it is bleeding.I put some proxide on it and i dont know if im okay. Help please?!?!

  17. Melissa holden
    | Reply

    I have a robo dwarf she's like 10 months now but she still bites

  18. dead channel
    | Reply

    Why Chinese dawrf hamsters are the same? I have one and its excackly the same

  19. Gutte Club
    | Reply

    Male or female? I think it is a male right?

  20. Kristina Doble
    | Reply

    follow me on instergram at   kristina_doble

  21. autumn sisti
    | Reply

    Hes so cute 

  22. Chloe Hart
    | Reply

    This helped thanks

  23. landon Kennerley
    | Reply

    I don't mean to be rude but what you pick up your hamster you will want to slide your hands under them

  24. HyFy Games
    | Reply

    My current hamster is (reportedly) one yr old and was bought from a petco by a friend. She gave Cocoa (the hammy) to me about a week ago. Cocoa bit her all the time and won't stop biting me every time I pick her up. It's not just hands, it's also my wrist sometimes. I will try this tomorrow.

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