How to Train an EXCITED, PULLING, BARKING DOG to LISTEN AROUND Distractions Without Force

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44 Responses

  1. Petco
    | Reply

    Great tips! 

  2. IPPredators
    | Reply

    I would like to see a similar video with a shy puppy that gets nervous
    around all those distractions. If you teach to create distance when they
    act scared and pull awwy from the barking dog or distraction, wouldn’t that
    be rewarding the puppies fear? There’s a 4th reason why they pull and it’s
    “fear”. Great video! Keep up the amazing training tips.

  3. Margaret Shen
    | Reply

    ahh, I don’t even know what i would do without petflow.

  4. mizxou
    | Reply

    Love you zak (no homo)(not that there’s anything wrong with that)

  5. Minn Lin
    | Reply

    hi, i don’t know if you done a video on this but how do we correct food
    aggression towards other people, he will not growl or bite when me and my
    brother are near him or touch him while he is at his food but he will try
    to bite when my sister’s daughter get near.

  6. Chelsea Abbott
    | Reply

    My dog is an 11 month old German Shepherd, she is exactly like this on a

  7. ravenwtsn1989
    | Reply

    My little Zeus did great that day. Lol and he has been doing great ever
    since. Now if only I could get him from chewing up anything with stuffing
    in it. I swear he is going to turn into a stuffed animal one of this days.
    Lol thanks again Zak and Bree 

  8. Ena Markovic
    | Reply

    Hi Zak! I found this video really helpful as a positive training tool for
    my very excitable and curious Australian Red Cattle dog, Freyja. I wanted
    to request a bath time video. Freyja hates and dreads baths, and while I’ve
    gotten her into the bathroom and tub with positive reinforcement and not
    force, she freezes up as soon as the water comes on and keeps trying to
    jump out. We can get through a bath okay enough, with some mess, but how
    can I make this a less painful experience for her? I hate to think I’m
    putting her in a situation of discomfort every time we have to bathe her,
    and would love to see her actually be comfortable with the experience, and
    maybe even enjoy it. Thanks a lot, keep up the great work!

  9. Eleanor Millar
    | Reply

    I got a puppy 6 days ago and he will now walk perfectly on a lead, even
    ignoring the cat who he has been desperate to befriend since he came. 

  10. parisGreenDay
    | Reply

    My Golden retriever does ok on walks, but when she sees kids or another dog
    she pulls for the rest of the walk even when the people and dogs are gone. 

  11. Sara Jensen
    | Reply

    EtheonSnow, we had a rescue who never learned to play. She kept herself in
    good shape chasing bugs, but 5 years chained to a tree and never loved sort
    of ruined the toy concept for her. Our other dog would try to get her to
    play with him, we tried too, but she was one of the happiest dogs you could
    meet…with no toy interest at all.

  12. MyNeonBubbles
    | Reply

    My dog walks pretty nice, but he still stops and sniffs everything, even if
    we have passed the area a dozen times.

  13. MiisyK
    | Reply

    Hi Zak I have a question about my dog. He gets really aggressive and
    growls/barks at only certain people. I have no idea why because the people
    he growls at are very nice to him, but somehow he just goes crazy. With me,
    he never growls and is always a very sweet pup. I really want him to be
    friendly with everyone he meets, but I just can’t seem to find the root of
    the problem. 

  14. Samurai Akita
    | Reply

    Amazing video! And thank you Zak for proving that I am right. I’ve always
    trained my dogs and others exactly that way not to pull even though my
    Akita doesn’t enjoy tug o war much but other games or letting her do some
    tricks works just as well. It’s the best and fastest method and it also
    shows your dog that you are the most exciting thing on earth and the best
    partner it can rely on and have a lot of fun with. It’s not just stopping
    leash pulling but also creating a deep bond between owner and dog. 

  15. Joy Victory
    | Reply

    Hi Zak, great video! Both my dogs are good on the leash, even the puppy. I
    have to have a lot of patience with her because she is only 4 months old
    but she responds well to my voice. My older dog, Skye, came out of his
    mommy’s womb ready to walk on a leash. LOL! Never had to train him at all.
    I have been very lucky in this. 

  16. Astrid Knight
    | Reply

    My dog is just like zues. I’m going to try this and see what she does.

  17. Ben Johnson
    | Reply

    Are you able to teach a 5 year old dog to play fetch? Because I listen to
    all your steps but my dog won’t go at the ball

  18. Anoushka Weitekamp
    | Reply

    At the start of my walk my dog goes crazy because theres so much built up
    energy but at the end she walks pretty gud on the lead some days are better
    then others but shes only 8mnths old so she does pretty good. The only
    anoying thing is she always wants to go a met the dog and met their owner
    amd jumps up at them sometmes and if there across the road she will bark at
    them. +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution 

  19. amy mccann
    | Reply

    I have a seven month old girl border collie and is very like the dog on
    this video I’ll try this method and see if it works 

  20. EtheonSnow
    | Reply

    Hi Zak, My mom and I just got a 4yr old rescue dog in late June. We’ve
    been following a lot of your tips for leash training and one problem we’ve
    been having is that she doesn’t have any interest in toys. At this point,
    we use deli turkey for currency, but I feel like fetch or tug of war would
    be so great for bonding and currency for her. Is there a way to teach a
    dog with absolutely no interest in toys (whether it’s a ball, or a squeaky
    toy, or a rope) to enjoy them and eventually play fetch? Or is it
    something that is just a part of her personality and won’t change?

  21. Slavica Grgić
    | Reply

    +Kaja Grgić 

  22. Clark Irizarry
    | Reply

    Awesome video, when I got my german shepherd when he was 3 years old, he
    use too pull us as we walk him, but now he walks without the lash and he
    can run freely and still keep us eye distance. I will get video of us and I
    will upload so you can see it.

  23. David Elliott
    | Reply

    I really need some help guys. My 18 week old puppy peanut (chihuahua/jack
    Russell) growls and barks at anyone who comes over to the house. He even
    growls at my kids sometimes. How do I teach him that I don’t want him
    growling at anyone especially my kids. Barking to alert me that someone has
    driven up is ok with me but I want him to eventually stop once I tell him
    everything is ok. Once he is in the barking mode it is almost impossible to
    get him to stop. He ignores toys etc. even if I take him outside or in a
    different room he still continues to bark no matter how hard I try to bring
    his attention away from it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  24. Prankster649
    | Reply

    My dog walks pretty poorly she needs some improvement! 

  25. Nathanael Martinez
    | Reply

    Choke chain ftw.

  26. gautam birdi
    | Reply

    I have labrador she fore me she pulls me

  27. TheWigglebutt
    | Reply

    Great work! The best tutorials are ones like these where you see THE REAL
    DEAL. Real dogs, not pre trained dogs.. showing mistakes rather than
    cutting them out and only showing the good only makes it harder for people
    to learn. Great job Zak..

  28. Warhawk
    | Reply

    You should talk a little bit about what kind/type of dog food is best for
    your dog. Maybe mention things you should stay away from..ect. There are
    tons of brands up here in Canada and I want to know what’s going to be the
    best for my Boston terrier puppy and adult when he grows older.

  29. Nagga Musket
    | Reply

    How do i teach My dog not to chew on My shoes 

  30. Padmini Ram
    | Reply

    This is an awesome video!

  31. Tim Eggleston
    | Reply

    Thanks to your previous leash walking videos, I now have a 7 month old
    catahoula x pit that walks pretty well. Pulling is not her problem, so
    much as stopping. We live in the country, and the squirrels, birds, and
    deer droppings are our main obstacles. I love the concept of ‘being more
    interesting than the distractions,’ and plan to incorporate this into our
    future walks. That was such a good ‘ah ha!’ moment for me.

  32. Nino Enrico Banzon
    | Reply

    Thanks for the videos, I will try them with my lab.

  33. Loz Rogerson
    | Reply

    I have a ten month old shepherd and they are so full of energy, i take him
    to a positive training dog class once a week and it is so good! We use the
    clicker alot! I love your videos zac!!! 

  34. Emily Christian-Michaels
    | Reply

    Great Video! Just recently started following your videos and I’ve loved
    them all. I really like how energetic you are and how much you emphasize
    exercise. I’ve learned while working with my two pit bulls if I am
    energetic and excited with them while training they are much more

  35. Michael Newberry
    | Reply

    That was fantastic. Have a german shepherd that looks just like Zeus and
    that is as excited as he is. Great stuff. 

  36. Bryce Liberty
    | Reply

    My dog chip is amazing I have had him for five days now and he is already
    potty trained and he also knows how to sit on command and walks perfect.I’m
    only having trouble with crate training.

  37. Alyxandra Meyer
    | Reply

    Loved the video Zak! I love using toys for LLW!!! I think you may want to
    reassess your tug style though. That side to side jerking isn’t great for a
    dog’s neck and usually doesn’t help to build drive. Instead try pulling up
    and let your arm go limp when the dog pulls back. Letting the dog win in
    this way builds confidence in the game and builds drive. I hope you don’t
    mind the advice, I think you’re awesome!! I’m just a bit tug obbessed!

  38. Kathryn Aguilar
    | Reply

    Thanks for this video Zak. This is exactly what my lab do when I walk him
    on leash. 

  39. shmow123
    | Reply

    I noticed that most of your videos are about young dogs. What about older
    dogs 3 and up? Can I get some tips for them?

  40. sivonni
    | Reply

    I have two black lab puppies. Bob gets really jealous of any attention I
    pay to his brother and will bite or bark and growl if I pet Larry, much
    less try to work with him. I have to feed them separately or Bob will eat
    half of Larry’s food too. It’s not every time and Bob picks up on the
    training much faster than Larry, who’s easily distracted. They’ve always
    fought and bit each other but lately he bites until Larry’s yelping and
    still doesn’t let go. They’re 8 weeks old. Any suggestions on training for

  41. Planet Urine
    | Reply

    Very Informative! A video every dog owner should watch!

  42. Catherine Fenton
    | Reply

    I’m looking to get a dog but there are ALOT of cats in our naborhood but
    there are a lot of fields rivers and a beach.I am only 12 but I would like
    big dog that I could handle.Should I get one from the pet rescue shelter or
    would that be risky?!?!.

  43. Emily Taylor
    | Reply

    I got 2 boxers(brother and sister) and they don’t listen to what I say then
    I tried these videos and they work thank you ZAK

  44. K Labedz
    | Reply

    Hi Zak, This video was posted at exactly the perfect time. My question is
    a bit complicated, so bear with me. I have 2 dogs. Zubi pays attention to
    me and Honey is really excited about everything else in the world. When I
    use Tug as the way to get Honey to pay attention to me, Zubi is ready to
    play and gets to the Tug. Honey is still distracted by everything else
    while I’m trying to wrangle the toy free. How do I target Honey and get
    Zubi to leave it alone? Thanks! ~K

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