How to Train An Adventure Cat

Have you ever wondered how Rosie does it? Do you want to train your very own adventure cat? We’ve compiled some of our best tips for handling your cat and being safe out on your daily adventures! Please like and comment about your own experiences/tips/tricks!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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19 Responses

  1. WisdomVendor1
    | Reply

    My cat slips a harness like that twice as quick as houdini out of a straight jacket.

  2. maillaarni
    | Reply

    You don't walk a cat. They walk you.

    | Reply

    I let my cat free. He always follows me around. He gets curious and wonder off around. But whenever i call him. He comes straight away. I dont know how i did it but he is what he is now. And he gurads my front yard. Damn it he acts like a dog.

  4. Loleytor Rubio
    | Reply

    Que linda gatita

  5. stonedgandalf
    | Reply

    re 1:30, I’m not too sure about that explanation. It could also be the cat attempting to reposition their harness to be more comfortable. Harnesses are inherently uncomfortable, and cats are comparatively sensitive creatures, so this seems far more likely.

  6. Gerardo
    | Reply

    Which cat breed is Rosie? There used to be a cat similar to her in my neighbourhood and I miss it 🙁

  7. 🔱Solstice the lost saiyan 🔱
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for this video, I’m trying to train my 8 year old cat, Bentley to be an adventure cat, any tips on what to do if they get spooked and try to run while on the harness because a car went by our house when I was taking him outside on the leash and he freaked out and I was worried about him

  8. Hiker Cat
    | Reply

    Keep up the grand work!

  9. Boo the Deaf Kitty and Friends
    | Reply

    Very nice! I love my walks and meeting people!

  10. Happy Day
    | Reply

    Yeah Rosie’s pretty special since she got raised by Lilo, who taught her so much beyond just being your average kitty! Also, she has an amazing attention span. There are cats I’ve known who just tear stuff apart, are hyper paranoid, hate people. They would not accept a leash. I’m figuring you’d have to start them out as kitten with the leash.

  11. Sofi Margean
    | Reply

    Doamne Dumnezeuleee…. ador pisicuța ta.. este o dulce si delicata.

  12. Sofi Margean
    | Reply

    Rosie este o dulce … o iubesc mult. Mă uit la toate filmulete care le postezi.

  13. Miriam Helm
    | Reply

    Love the hi 5 paw for a treat.

  14. Sofi Margean
    | Reply

    Si imi place ca stie sa mearga in ham. Ai stiut cu sa o dresezi.

  15. bungalow
    | Reply

    I watch Rosie and Lilo all the time, ever since my kitty died. I trained him to be an adventure cat and I highly recommend Mynwood cat jackets from the UK. I don't work for them. It's easy to get it on and off, and he adjusted easily. I even made a wool "coat" to go over the harness from a thrift store sweater! Go Rosie Go!

  16. Donna Gilberti
    | Reply

    You three girls are angels to these pets.

  17. Deepa Lall
    | Reply

    Cats are the only good thing in this crazy fucked up world.Thank you god for making cats.

  18. Maree kettle
    | Reply

    I love her little scarf do one of you knit them for her she looks good in it and is happy to wear it

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