How to Train a Siberian Husky

How to Train a Siberian Husky

By Peter Halpin

Siberian Huskies are notorious for having a mind of their own. If they think they’re being forced to do something they don’t want to, they’ll scream as if you’re trying to kill them. They will howl in protest if they don’t like even your most gentle commands and will shriek as if being tortured if you sternly rebuke them. They’re not the best pets to take out in public if you don’t like being embarrassed.

Learning how to train a Siberian Husky can be quite a challenge, due to their strong will and independent thinking. To train them properly, you will require a lot of persistence and patience.

Siberian Huskies are easily bored with repetitive tasks. They will be happy to obey you as long as there isn’t something more interesting to distract them. If you’re looking for your typical adoring “man’s best friend” do-anything-for-you type dog, you’ve got the wrong breed here! Despite this, they do bond easily and loyally to their human owners, but in their own way.

Siberian Huskies also have some bad habits. They like to wander off and steal food after digging a hole under the fence. The digging instinct is strong and that, together with a need for exercise and a natural curiosity, often leads them into mischief. You will need a strong, well sunk fence if you want to keep your Siberian Husky at home. They have a strong desire to run, so should never be left to run free without a leash, for their own safety. They can forget where home is and just run forever.

How to train a Siberian Husky is therefore a more subtle art. You cannot force them. You must manipulate them so they see you as their leader, their inspiration. The trick is teach them to perceive you as more important than them, without them knowing. The following is a sample of some everyday things you can do to achieve this.

To start with, teach the puppy his name. All instructions should begin with your dog’s name, followed by the command. We all pay attention when we hear our name called.

Eat first, then feed your dog. When you play with your Siberian Husky, make sure you end up with possession of the object. Go through doors and passageways before your dog. Rite of passage is important to dogs. Don’t allow your husky to sleep on the bed with you, at least not until you have trained him. You don’t want him to perceive that he is your equal. If your dog is blocking your path, don’t go around him – make him move out of your way instead.

You need to get your husky used to having your hands around his food bowl. Start by adding tasty treats while he is eating, then get to the point where you can remove the bowl while he is eating to add the treats.

You want to get your dog used to seeing you as dominant, but under conditions of trust. Gently put him down on his side or back and touch his ears, paws and so forth and give him a massage to make it enjoyable for him.

It is better to use a harness instead of a collar and chain for your husky. Animals attack at the throat and jugular, so if you are trying to train a Siberian Husky by tugging on his neck, he will be too preoccupied with a sense of alarm and danger, to obey you.

There are many more ways how to train a Siberian Husky, but the above are good starting points for becoming your dog’s friend. Remember that security and trust are important to a dog, so good training involves these two elements.

Training a Siberian Husky doesn’t have to be frustrating and embarrassing. For a complete guide, visit How to Train a Siberian Husky

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