How To Train A Rat To Jump Over A Hurdle (A Jump)

In this video, Latte demonstrates how you can train your rat to jump over a hurdle (jump) on cue. Enjoy!

Link to my video on shaping the hurdle jump:

– iMovie “Modern” theme

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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3 Responses

  1. Lilith 2018
    | Reply

    i'm in love with your rat,latte right?

  2. Hookers List
    | Reply

    i have a problem. i have 2 boy ratties, and i am unaware of their age because i got them from a rescue, they were abused. But, King, (1 of my boys) hates human contact. When i try to pick him up, his back ''claws'' dig into my hand, therefor i set him down and then he runs away. i slowly try to drag my pointer finger across his head or his back, softly, he still doesn't want anything to do with me. and i dont think its the cage or anything, they are both in a single critter nation. However, Tetris (my other boy) hes warmed up to me, he wont sleep on me, or anything like that. but he lets me hold him and pet him for quite a long time. BUTTTT, i want to form a better bond with them, and i cant teach them tricks or anything because they have NO INTEREST in tricks, whatsoever. i tried to teach tetris to put his paw on my finger, he poked it with his nose and i rewarded him with a nonflavored Cheerio, and he ate it. but then when i tried again, he didnt do anything and just waited for the treat. i tried for almost 2 weeks,still wont do a thing. ive had them both for almost 2 months.. idk what to do anymore :c

  3. Aider The Tater
    | Reply

    Great work! I think the reason why you put blackberry next to agility course is so people don't think you dyed Latte's fur.

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