How To Train A Rat A Simple “Leave-It”

In this video, Latte and Shadow demonstrate how you can train your rat a simple “leave it”. Enjoy!

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– Monkeys Spinning Monkeys Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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7 Responses

  1. ActiveAnimals
    | Reply

    What is the first rat's color called?

  2. uitjebolsmurf
    | Reply

    Doesn't it send conflicting messages for them to NOT eat certain foods?
    I have taught my rat (in a way) to stay away from my spoon or plate when I am eating simply by blocking him with a hand, saying a firm 'hey!' or simply by not allowing him to snatch food from me (because I am supposed to be the alpha).
    A very good trust-exercise is teaching them to lick for instance fruityogurt or chocolatemilk from between your lips or to fetch a treat from between your lips. I drip the liquids like a waterbottle. I use a tiny bit of negative pressure like a waterbottle so that a small drop comes out when he licks. You have to first make sure (or train them) that they won't claw and that they are gentle with their paws when they lean on your face. It's a trick not many people trust their rats to do, but I had taught multiple rats to do it in the past. It's like the 'rodentistry', you have to trust your rats. My rats weren't allowed to rodentist me.
    My current rat is happy doing the tricks that I taught him. They don't sell those mini playballs here like in your videos, but my Snoopy isn't interested much in fetch-and-return exercises anyway and I am not going to force him. He likes positioning-exercises in different locations or on certain pieces of (cage-)furniture though. Ropebridges, etc. Even jumping from my shoulder to a cage platform.

    Keep up the good work on your channel and with spoiling your rats with toys 🙂

  3. Faniece Hackney
    | Reply

    I want rats so much. I stay up literally all night watching videos and doing research about them and can't wait until the next day to do more research, but my mom thinks they are so disgusting and bite. she doest know they come in different breeds and are the sweetest loyalists rodents ever. but its her call. I can't keep asking her or she will get mad.

  4. JourneyWithKai
    | Reply

    That is crazy impressive! Did you come up with how to teach this? Either way, I never would have guessed that it's possible to get a RAT to leave any treat alone!

  5. Cheese Puff
    | Reply

    61 views I'm early, well not that early but still

  6. Fuse Alliance
    | Reply

    What age is shadow

  7. N 8
    | Reply

    I've been really wanting some rats for a while now and have done a ton of research, but my parents are still not letting me get some because of the idea that it's a horrible sewer creature. 🙁

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