How to Train a Puppy to Sit and Stay – How To Train Your Dog – More great tips for raising a happy and healthy puppy! How to Train a Puppy to Sit and Stay – How To Train Your Dog Professional Dog T…

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27 Responses

  1. Sasuke Tiliza
    | Reply

    very useful vdo. thanks a lot

  2. Fernando Martinez
    | Reply

    i Just got a chihuahua and her old owner used to hit and know she is trumatized what can i do to help her ?? Please reply

  3. hellokitty winston
    | Reply

    omg y dog is 2 an I need help with the sammmeee thinnnggg

  4. Vaggelis Alatsakis
    | Reply

    take her/him for a walk after meal for about 10-15 minutes.if he/she continues to potty inside ,only shout at her.

  5. cindy chang
    | Reply

    is it truew dog can hear us saiy blkah blah balh??

  6. jasmiebcb
    | Reply

    How can I get my two year old yorkie to potty outside .she already knows how to use with the training pads plz help ASAP

  7. jasmiebcb
    | Reply

    I love this videos they really help .i have a two year old yorkie and it works:)

  8. Temparrshotz
    | Reply

    Good video. a good source I use to learn about how to train and puppy training in general is (thepuppytraininghq dot com)

  9. tj50111
    | Reply

    Sit did not work

  10. Sofía Azorin Moreno
    | Reply

    I am not like.

  11. mangoman477
    | Reply


  12. dhiren madhav
    | Reply


  13. thomas israel
    | Reply


  14. Babycutex123
    | Reply

    Its a Labrador!

  15. Jas Cas
    | Reply

    Got any tips on training a Siberian Husky? 🙂

  16. KAIthreece Quizon
    | Reply

    What is the breed of your dog? It’s so cut

  17. AnimalLover24881
    | Reply

    Thank you for the info!

  18. Adriano Moreira
    | Reply

    Very good

  19. 12Jinxy
    | Reply

    nice vid love it

  20. fiogkos ntrosxo vasilios
    | Reply

    Love this <3

  21. Sikander Munoz
    | Reply

    Can you pls tell me what breed or mix breed is the yellow puppy in your video. Thank you!

  22. mamfret moore
    | Reply

    adorable and playful male and female english and french bulldog puppies for free adoption.they associate with kids and other pets .current in all shots and dewormed.give them to any one who can give them the care they deserve.text us via 917) 725-6508 if you are in need

  23. Justin Head
    | Reply

    very good advice and i will use future information

  24. blowinkushclouds1992
    | Reply

    The effective way I trained my stubborn husky was being calm and have him pieces of ham for treats

  25. frothy5
    | Reply

    Many thanks for all your help. I recently tried this excellent dog training program which can be downloaded for free! It is supposed to be expensive although, it is being given away for free for a limited time! Has everything so highly recommend it…

    Check it out here = alturl (dot) com/ftvyt

  26. Caos62
    | Reply

    You can teach your dog in any language, but u might need to teach him what every commands means… my little pug sits when i tell him “Sientate” (spanish). If i wanted him to use SIT i would have to teach him what to do when i tell him “SIT”. In Fact, u can teach him that when u said “RUN” he what u want is for him to Sit..

  27. NigredoBlack
    | Reply

    Neither the lie down or stay work for my puppy. Completely ineffective. With the lie down command.. he either just stares at the treat as I lower it.. or stands and tries to chase it down. And with the stay command.. he ALWAYS gets right up and follows me… :/

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