How to Train a Puppy NOT to BITE

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. i threw my puppy out the window for this.

  2. Try PlayItPlaystation says:

    Fuck all this I just give my dog a hard smack and he stops immediately 

  3. I reckon there is definitely some rottweiler there judging by the brown
    ‘socks’ and maybe some black lab too.

  4. Keria_ Is_Bae says:

    I think he is a lambrador

  5. I bit my puppy… show him how it feels!

  6. Jacob MsENSKY says:

    Please reply :(,i pet a puppy yesterday,and today i tried to pet him again
    but he was looking at my hand and then he JUMPED And bited my finger,but it
    didnt hurt,do you know why?

  7. Cindy Nastasha says:

    Is it ok to have a male puppy and the puppy wears a pink leash?

  8. :I I hope this applies for border collies. My pup starts biting when he
    goes into herding mode

  9. Scott Morris says:

    He looks like an Aussie/pit bull mix

  10. Danny van druten says:

    not to be a smart ass but we dont teach our dogs to tug couse they can see
    that as a competition and can see weakness in owners newby dogowners can
    teach there dogs that they are stronger then there owners and be come
    really dominant
    p.s not that good at english

  11. I stopped my puppy from biting my shoe laces, by scaring it away from my

  12. Aemilia Conan says:

    At first, you need to know your canine’s behaviour plus handle your canine
    as the way they think if you want to put an end to the unexpected biting,
    chewing, digging from your dog.

  13. I guess I did it all wrong with our GSD, but she never bit again. When she
    bit me I put my thumb under her tongue and gently squeezed. She would bite
    a little harder and I would squeeze harder. Bite harder, squeeze harder
    until she would yelp and stop biting. A few more times and she didn’t bite
    again. I never squeezed hard enough to really hurt, but just hard enough
    to be uncomfortable and she quickly learned that when she didn’t bite she
    didn’t get her mouth squeezed. 

  14. It’s very troublesome whenever your canine keeps jumping up on people.

  15. Tom Phillips says:

    Please help! We are gettin a 6 week old lab this week how do we help potty
    train and calm down the nippin? Please email me at tom.phillips2015 at
    gmail dot com

  16. I thought it wasn’t a good idea to play tug of war with a puppy? 

  17. Humza Farooq says:

    Help!! when i try to put the treat in my hand he bites my hand with the
    treat! I was bleeding and got a little cut yesterday! I get bit 20 times a
    day! I tried disaplining him, But he just thinks im playing with me! HELP

  18. Lablerman or Labweiler. Defo looks like it has a Labrador within it but I
    guess you’ll need to wait until it’s adult to be sure. 

  19. eliza campos says:

    Hi I have a question I got a puppy Labrador she’s 7 weeks old. What age is
    best to start her training, and how many days do I train her to sit and
    then go to the next step to lay down ect…?

  20. Lol my aunts new puppy barked at the only one person we hate in all the
    apartments LoL Yay Finally a dog loves me

  21. Christopher Zuniga says:

    This was ALOT of help, thank you!!!

  22. Hes a Hunterway, I have one that looks just like him.

  23. coloredrose1988 says:

    will have a border collie and a german sheperd puppy soon, so will need
    this advice badly lmao

  24. Brennen Pittman says:

    He’s a mix lab and astralian sheperbed I have a dog just like it but brown

  25. My Shiba Inu puppy is extremely bitey ! She only calms down and allows me
    to work with her if I put a body harness on her.

  26. Jorge García says:

    Hes a liger!

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