How to Train a Pet Rat to Come When Called – Training your Pet Rat can be great fun for you and your rat. This video shows the basic first steps when gaining the trust of y…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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38 Responses

  1. caylenbrown7
    | Reply

    I just got my first fancy rat yesterday and I can’t wait to grow a bond with her,´╗┐ does anyone have any tips on how to help do that? I know it takes time but I don’t want to do anything wrong since this is my first rat ever thanks ­čÖé

  2. Charlie Band
    | Reply

    mine is in´╗┐ my sleeve xD

  3. Fudge_buckets
    | Reply

    Yeah, they are better then dogs, they’re there for me when i´╗┐ am down, and he makes me smile, mine cage is at the end of my bed.

  4. zsederquist
    | Reply

    yeah rats are one the best companions. They kinda whisper in your ears, they’re very loyal, funny, and they love to play. my rats cage is right on my desk right next to my bed, and then yesterday morning I woke up to my rat tearing up the pillow I was using. it was funny. I also give her a golf ball to chew on instead of her chewing on´╗┐ the bars of her cage

  5. Fudge_buckets
    | Reply

    Mine eats my notebooks, and popcorn. Lol. He is such a naughty rat, one time, i lost him under the couch, but i love him so´╗┐ much. He is just a baby. X3

  6. Fudge_buckets
    | Reply

    My rat is on my back right now, i am laying on my tummy and he is on my back,
    BTW, She is a beautiful rat, she looks like mine, what type of rat´╗┐ is she?

  7. dan lopez
    | Reply

    try in your backyard´╗┐

  8. Ava Loots
    | Reply

    hi does any one know were to get a pet rat in knysna or plett´╗┐

  9. Katharina Wells
    | Reply

    My rat is´╗┐ in my shirt lol

  10. Chyenne Covington
    | Reply

    My´╗┐ rat loves my shoulder lol

  11. Golden Rose
    | Reply

    What´╗┐ a cute rat. ­čÖé

  12. Reece Marchbank
    | Reply

    what website do u get the clicker´╗┐ at ?

  13. Gideon C
    | Reply

    me and my sis are jest starting a channel. we posted our first video yesterday and have a goul of 50 views in less than´╗┐ a month. our channels name is serahedgehog if you want. thanks!

  14. globalequestrian1
    | Reply

    thank you lol I´╗┐ can say that to my grandma!! ­čśÇ hahaha

  15. zsederquist
    | Reply

    My pet rat libs to steal my Doritos´╗┐

  16. Craig Fukker
    | Reply

    i dont´╗┐ really understand what to do…

  17. DMDcraft
    | Reply

    When´╗┐ I am telling my rats that they did it, I don’t use a clicker, but I click my tongue, then give them a treat.

  18. Kori Biggs
    | Reply

    My grandma was very afraid of snakes, and she said´╗┐ the tails reminded her of them… heh.

  19. m4nica
    | Reply

    you can use all kinds of signals (voice signals usually), as long as the animal recognises it as something good and connected to the´╗┐ treats…later on the animal won’t need the click or whatever u use anymore. it works with most animals..

  20. Feyrah
    | Reply


  21. Feyrah
    | Reply

    Das Internet ist echt klein´╗┐ xD

  22. datFips
    | Reply

    hahaha´╗┐ Fey :DD

  23. Secretwolf4328
    | Reply

    If you dont have a clicker,´╗┐ can you click your tounge or snap your fingers?

  24. bella heartly
    | Reply

    i´╗┐ love rats

  25. Tankpaw54
    | Reply

    not to mention back problems´╗┐ as the tail is part of the spine

  26. fr34kyg1rl1990
    | Reply

    same here´╗┐ ­čÖü

  27. differentstrokes6
    | Reply

    Your rats are cute but are rats safe ?´╗┐ i mean dont they spread disease. lot of street´╗┐ rats spread diseases.are these different kinds of rats which you make them as your pets.

  28. Sunmusiclife .whiskey
    | Reply

    you rat looks like mine that died recently ­čÖü i plan on getting another one for my rat that lived but i hope it won’t look´╗┐ like Rufus

  29. Cassidy Person
    | Reply

    I try to feed my rats treats when there out of the cage and´╗┐ they won’t take it , but in their cage they do. I’m confused

  30. MysterLool
    | Reply

    I love´╗┐ tails. The teeth are what freak me out though.

  31. EvilDemonNeko
    | Reply

    Your rat is so adorable! I’m´╗┐ hopfully getting one that looks just like your for my birthday ^w^

  32. phomar811
    | Reply

    I had 13 rats´╗┐ at one time!!!!!

  33. Cliuacuse92
    | Reply

    Can’t hear shit in this´╗┐ video

  34. Coolcatholiccat
    | Reply

    My dad hates rats tails´╗┐

  35. shoeboxbedroom
    | Reply

    I just had to do this with my boyfriend, haha ­čÖé He’s warmin´╗┐ up to em

  36. chloecapray
    | Reply

    lol, okay. ­čśÇ Have fun! they are great´╗┐ pets. ­čÖé

  37. MrRET223
    | Reply

    i know, i have been looking up all kinds of research online, and´╗┐ think that i would be able to handle having atleast 2 of them. ­čśÇ ps. next time try to put a smiley face at the end of your comment or something, so i know easily that your trying to be nice and help ­čśÇ

  38. chloecapray
    | Reply

    they do´╗┐ best in single sex groups–do your research!!

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