How to Train a Parrot : How to Train Parrots to Stop Biting

You can stop parrots from biting two ways, by distracting the bird and figuring out why the bird wants to bite you and change up their environment. Learn mor…

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40 Responses

  1. fahad ajmi
    | Reply


  2. TheCCStef
    | Reply

    The cockatoo was probably adopted from a neglected home where it plucked
    its feathers. But stop calling the poor bird ugly it’s had a hard enough
    life. Just let it be.

  3. Veotine
    | Reply

    whats wrong with that cocatoo?

  4. Hadi Hussain Mughal
    | Reply

    But my Indian Ringneck Tajj Parrot bites me even when i try to take out its
    bowl..And it bites me[or any other person] for no reason.and is scared when
    i carry something [anything].Can u have a solution? And yes it licks every
    thing e.g a stick,ur finger,chain,paper,keys etc

  5. Jonathan Biestek
    | Reply

    Man that cockatoo is fucked up

  6. lisakittylarooful
    | Reply

    Why all the cursing? The bird has been through enough! If you own a parrot,
    please know that birds live in the wild, not in a cage. They have to adopt
    to a humane, not another bird for companionship. They are highly
    intelligent and sensitive, they develop this nervous habit because of a
    humane’s stress put upon them. If you have a parrot, please get with the

  7. hersheebaby18
    | Reply

    can anyone help me ive had my grey for 3 das now she is 7months old. when i
    get close to her cage she growls and i dont know what to do. do i let her
    be or do i try and take her out to work with her. plz someone help!!! a
    very sad and confused owner. πŸ™

    | Reply

    you look sad

  9. aZiel
    | Reply

    my parrot bites…only when he doesn’t like my wardrobe

  10. Nathan Bond
    | Reply


  11. luv bird
    | Reply

    the other bird looked like it had been plucked by a female but anyways good
    advice! hope my lovebirds follow this advice given to me

  12. P0kaym0n
    | Reply

    I got bit by a dog in a feild and it wasnt cornered at all

  13. roman rapido
    | Reply

    look the bird at the back

  14. Monique Vernooij
    | Reply

    Doesn’t mather how the bird looks like, if he has a good life now. It’s
    also an animal and deserves goog life. But my agapornis does bite evyone,
    not me. He flys, lands on the head or where-ever and bites. I had to feed
    the bird after 4 feeks old, my partner and me together. But when it was 5.5
    weeks, my boyfriend went to hospital for 2 weeks and i had to feed him. So,
    he hates my boyfriend and loves me. Mon

  15. omar ortega
    | Reply

    that bird in the background ewwwwwwww

  16. h00160999
    | Reply

    His color is amaizing: strong red tail black and light gray feather !!

  17. SmalltimR
    | Reply

    Possibly, though many birds end-up plucking due to loneliness or the stress
    of being captive. Keeping in mind that many parrots are flock birds that
    will likely never receive the type of interaction and bonding that they
    would normally get in their own environments.

  18. Michael User
    | Reply

    Beautiful Woman, I love your look. Can I be your intimate Parrot?

  19. whatisaluna
    | Reply

    Or the bird might have plucked its feathers.

  20. francisco Bi
    | Reply

    they won’t step up to hands while they are biting help me please

  21. bulger020
    | Reply

    Yeah, exaclty. When it reads the comments it just might wanna cry.

  22. francisco Bi
    | Reply

    mine was with me only two days and is really good when i touch his head but
    for a short of time then he is trying to bite me ?? also he can eat from my
    hand ???? please help me and thanks for the video :))

  23. Bruss12s
    | Reply

    Bradito has the right to say that, because the bird in the back has some
    problems…for the people who are not into birds they don’t know the causes

  24. ducky3307
    | Reply

    It’s called molting you idiot…all birds shed feathers periodically and
    grow new ones!

  25. ducky3307
    | Reply

    The bird is molting!

  26. ashli7753
    | Reply

    why is ur bird naked O-o

  27. juliekate kunich
    | Reply

    cooaeizdr gop

  28. william Green
    | Reply

    A neglected bird with too much time and no stimulation will over preen. It
    becomes a nervous habit and usually effects their breast feathers.

  29. bentyboii buckland
    | Reply

    it is probably very old and is shedding his feathers, it happens πŸ™‚

  30. MistrDutchie
    | Reply

    Thanks realy helped me !

  31. skatingandmusic4life
    | Reply


  32. lynn marley
    | Reply

    my conure sinks his beak on my ears or nips my neck only had him a month
    and hes 3 can I get him out of this

  33. Lhune77
    | Reply

    It might be best to clip the wings just for training purposes. It may seem
    sad, and in a way it is of course (you’re really limiting their mobility
    after all) but it makes them much more dependent on you and the wings will
    grow back. She won’t be able to fly away from you so she has to deal with
    whatever it is you’re doing. If she only does this when in her cage she
    simply wants to be left alone, in which case you should let her come out of
    the cage on her own accord and then start training.

  34. abood alqubaisi
    | Reply

    is the bite hurt lot ?

  35. benjamine Duran
    | Reply

    well i think cockatoo is ugly and african grey looking good looking good
    looking good

  36. Omar Gonzalez
    | Reply

    ur birds can fly but I dont think that cockatoo can fly LMAO!!!! thanks for
    the lesson though

  37. sondatron
    | Reply

    I donΒ΄t think, that my parrot is scared when he bites me on nose, hand,
    neck. He simply attacks me during flight sometimes … πŸ™

  38. RunatarIGI12
    | Reply

    Wear a glove and give him a ride “let it stand on ur hand” and then try to
    reach him with the other hand he eventually will get used if not then it’s
    his personality and he is not much social and u r unlucky

  39. Dogo REX
    | Reply

    why is the cockatoo with no hair ????

  40. crystal blue
    | Reply

    @MusicMoviegirl1 mabye it doesn’t like chips :/

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