How to Train a Parakeet to Not Fly Around the House : Bird Care & Training

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Training a parakeet to not fly around the house is something that is going to take some time. Train a parakeet to not fly around the house with help from an experienced pet specialist in this free video clip.

Expert: Barbara Heidenreich
Bio: Barbara Heidenreich is a professional animal trainer. She specializes in birds and small exotic mammals.
Filmmaker: Todd Bockman

Series Description: When it comes to keeping birds as pets, you’re always going to want to keep a few key things in mind. Get tips on taking care of and training various types of birds with help from an experienced pet specialist in this free video series.

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11 Responses

    | Reply

    I have a budgie that is crazy and crashes into walls but I think she is starting to trust me now. Should i try this with the top of the cage???😟

  2. Zinnia Mcfardin
    | Reply

    My birds just flew out of the cage 😔 I don't know how to bring them back? Do you think they will come back? I can see them on the trees outside 🌳🌳🍃🕊🕊

  3. Lord Champa
    | Reply

    Thanks, my Budgie likes to hang out on the fan, but he keeps on sneezing from all the dust

  4. SparkyLovesPokemon2 _RBLX
    | Reply

    It's been 6 hours and he is still there ;-; Howww! He is up my fan!

  5. Razan B
    | Reply

    thats great but my bird keeps flying into walls and stuff and i dont know if this will help

  6. Bogdan Shvetsov
    | Reply

    Great to see that… I made it too. Using woodprix handbooks 🙂

  7. Arcuri Sano
    | Reply

    I am pretty sure you can find good solutions on woodprix webpage 🙂

    | Reply

    thanks you so much they got used to me and I now leaving them cage I went to vet he trimed their wigs so they get used to get habit of walking

    | Reply

    I had a problem with my bird it's scared of me its a cocktail please help me

  10. Luybov Bocharov
    | Reply

    THANK YOU very very very very much

  11. Cristina Georgopoulos
    | Reply

    Hay so I am new to your channel and if your wondering what is my name well my name is Cristina and if your wondering why am I watching this video it's because I have a bird and he's a Sun Conure and his name is Don and can fly around the house but he want make any poop because along time ago he makes poop and we would put him back into the cage and he want chow on something but he can stand on somethings like the floor and this big thing that we have but he can fly

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