How to: train a hamster

Um.. speedy was being a little difficult today so i couldnt show you what he could do sorry. And i did make a vid on how to bathe a hamster but i deleted it …

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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18 Responses

  1. Lawrence Thomas
    | Reply

    My hamster hates me °.°

  2. Ned Wilson
    | Reply

    i liked id alot it was so cool

  3. Winterwhitereba
    | Reply

    Don’t force your hammie.

  4. inday75759
    | Reply

    You know if your hamster is not accepting the treat that means they don’t
    want it not that it’s there favorite so if they don’t want it then you
    shouldn’t force the treat in there mouths

  5. Andrea M
    | Reply

    Girl you are so cute! but you NEED a dog!!!

  6. GoGoGamble
    | Reply

    how do I train a hamster to fight?

  7. 6xXsophiaXx2
    | Reply

    Bathe? I thought it said train!

  8. Mostafa Aaa
    | Reply

    i like u so match i really want to make love with you

  9. gamemasterpro21
    | Reply

    My hamster trys to kill me

  10. mercedesdarkangel
    | Reply

    lol i need HELP EVERY time i walk into my room (i dnt even have to look at
    the hamster) and she will jump up and try to bite on her cage! shes a
    Sunfire DJ dwarf hamster that just had babies 2 weeks ago oh n btw idk when
    i am supposed to separate the baby hamsters from the mom i want them to be

  11. james hickey
    | Reply

    what are you doing forcing the hamster to do tricks if it doesn’t want if
    oviasly doesn’t want to

  12. Jordyn Carey
    | Reply

    why in the world would you try to train your hamster to fight?!!!!!That is
    mean and you shouldn’t get a hamster if you only want to fight it!!!!!

  13. Robin'sLife
    | Reply

    You were following him with the treats more than he was following you. Lol.

  14. GoGoGamble
    | Reply

    @hamsterman321 but what if that is my only purpose in owning a hamster?

  15. Bella Pop
    | Reply

    Nasty Pedobear everyone report

  16. Julia Montoya
    | Reply

    thanks you helped me a lot! P.S. i also have a dwarf hamster she is a
    russian dwarf hamster. her name is Kiki. plz check out my channel i will
    post vids about dogs, cats & of course hamsters!

  17. hamsterman321
    | Reply

    @GoGoGamble you dont

  18. magicmaniac666
    | Reply

    dwarf hamsters are cute

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