How to Train a Golden Retriever : How to Teach Your Golden Retriever their Name

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn how to teach Golden Retriever puppies their name in this free video. Expert: Melanie McLeroy Contact: Bio: Melanie McLeroy co-owns the award winning Taurus Training dog training facility in Austin, Texas. She is also certified in animal CPR and first aid. Filmmaker: EV studios

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. nevaseez
    | Reply

    Well, if the dog doesn’t obey your commands he might not live to be a very long companion

  2. snapplelemon
    | Reply

    its both.

    dogs live to aim and please their owners. they enjoy it.

  3. chrisingoodcompany
    | Reply

    ahahahah πŸ˜€

  4. chilledkirby
    | Reply

    Your a great trainer, although your voice is annoying as hell when you say “bodie” lol. =D

    | Reply

    it was like this for a while

  6. semprelegato
    | Reply

    amen lol

  7. victorflorin
    | Reply

    ok i like it , u got his atention but how do you get it if you do not have food with you on your walk or so ? and how do you explain the training in relation to the pack mentality, as that is how they relate to us isn’t it ? i find that rewording them with play is a better metod

  8. Serraristudios
    | Reply

    why is the mic of expertvillage always so bad?

  9. GanjaGods
    | Reply

    why do people always talk crap about expert village? its getting old

  10. Music8D
    | Reply

    ugh! the mic and everything in this video is just horrible! πŸ™ it makes me wanna cough and try to get the sound out. It sounds like as if it’s my voice or something and i have some mucus that I just wanna cough out. (I’m wearing headphones btw, so it sounds very …)

  11. kirstiek44
    | Reply

    i love dogs there more family and friends then a pet to me

  12. IschQolBKosta
    | Reply

    i have a 1 y/o and 3 months golden retriever when the girls says to call them bye their name i dit it and i noticed he is very intelligent so it was “foster”. He was sitting down beside my bed looking at i don’t know where and when he listened to his name he fastly stood up and looked at me. I fall in love more every day of these dogs.

  13. CHloE748
    | Reply

    watch my vid of my golden retriever puppy and my chiuhauha play! plz comit

  14. NavidZady
    | Reply

    I hate expertvillage…. oh my god, shut up!!!
    they’re always as obvious as possible and make it seem like they are actually accomplishing something by explaining common sense to the public…

  15. henryrosario94
    | Reply

    hat kind of food you give?

  16. JoshLey27
    | Reply

    whats the difference in trainning other dogs and training a golden retreiver?

  17. ColoradoDogTrainer
    | Reply

    teach him to pay attention to you, not the food! He is only interested in the food, a reward can equally be a pet or praise!

  18. POW22POW22
    | Reply

    omg is it just me.. or does the audio suck balls

    | Reply

    @JoshLey27 Golden Retrievers are much better

    | Reply

    @JoshLey27 Golden Retrievers are much better than other dogs in every way. lol

  21. JoshLey27
    | Reply

    @NANAKISONOFSETO oh i get it. xD thanks !! πŸ™‚

  22. TardisTeen
    | Reply

    Half Human Half Robot

  23. azza13mad
    | Reply

    shit audio

  24. XxOverlimitxX
    | Reply

    what did you record with? a calculator?

  25. love2liveit
    | Reply

    @chilledkirby “bodie. good. okay.” haha:P

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