How To Train A Dog To Stay

How To Train A Dog To Stay

By Michael Colucci

In this article I want to explain how to get your dog to stay. Most of the time, when you get up to leave out of a room, your dog will want to follow, especially if they’re energetic. Sometimes you will want them to stay in one place.

The first thing you want to do is get a supply of dog treats. Take your dog into a quiet room and have him sit down. Hold out the dog treat in your hand, letting the dog know that you have it. When the dog tries to take the treat, close your hand. Your dog should then pull his head back. When he does this, praise him and give him the treat.

Timing is very important for training your dog to stay. Repeat the process again. Keep doing it until the dog doesn’t go for the treat, and instead pulls back immediately.

After the dog is consistenly pulling back each time you hold out the treat, you want to begin the next stage of the process. Repeat the first step again, but wait two seconds after your dog pulls back before handing him the treat. Make sure you only praise your dog and give him a treat while he is remaining still.

If the dog gets up, walk a few steps away and repeat the process again. Keep doing this until the dog sits for at least five seconds. Make sure that you’re able to get the dog to stay while you’re next to him before trying to get him to stay while you’re walking away.

For the next step, begin telling the dog to stay as you show him the treat. Tell the dog something like “ok” or “good” after handing him the treat. If the dog does not site for at least 30 seconds, tell him something like “no” and don’t give him the treat.

If your dog continues to make mistakes, try for 15 seconds instead of thirty. If the dog continues to make mistakes this means you’re moving to0 fast. Go back to what the dog already understands and build up from this point.

As your dog begins to get better and stays for longer periods of time, take him from a quiet room to an area of more distraction. Do all the steps above over again. This way the dog will learn to follow your commands without being distracted.

Michael Colucci is a technical writer for Free Dog Training.

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