How To Train A Dog To Settle Down / Relax

This lays the foundation for a lot of different things in dog training. You can use this when guests come over and you need the dog to wait politely before t…

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27 Responses

  1. Timoteo Luna
    | Reply

    What kind of treats do you use?

  2. Usagi Chan
    | Reply

    Man that’s hard

  3. Louis Lewi
    | Reply

    Awesome turtle

  4. jjazzyh14
    | Reply

    I need that too I have two kittens and a German Shephard puppy and she keeps biting the kittens and I don’t know what to do

  5. Andy Aguilar
    | Reply

    The clicker helps in the dog training buy one and try I guarantee you it works

  6. mary gordon
    | Reply

    I am not understanding what the clicker is for…

  7. Katie Howell
    | Reply

    Your videos have been SO helpful! I can’t tell you what a difference it has made with me and the dog I am training!

  8. MultiDracusorul
    | Reply

    tanck you

  9. Arlene Flores Britt
    | Reply

    Love all of these tutorials. You and they are excellent!! How can I find you on Facebook?

  10. makeupmini88
    | Reply


  11. Leafdapple56
    | Reply

    How do you teach a puppy to stop mouthing? I have a foster dog, Lily, and the humane society she’s from says she’s around three-three and a half months old, so she’s still a tiny lab/terrier mix puppy. She likes nibbling on my 6 year old German Shepherd’s, Duke’s, tail and paws. She doesn’t bite, the behaviorist say it’s just puppy play. Duke doesn’t seem to be bothered by it because he’s used to puppies and the mouthing, but since Lily is a foster, I want her to stop mouthing

  12. snowpoodle6
    | Reply


  13. snowpoodle6
    | Reply


  14. trainpawsitive
    | Reply

    This is an important cue to teach your dog. I teach place at the first class or at my first private session, along with basic impulse control. “Place” is an important tool and can be used in many different locations. If you’re not sure of this technique, or your dog is not responding, most likely you’re not doing this correct. Please look into a professional certified trainer to help you. For me, using a “marker” (clicker or yes) depends on what I’m teaching and the response of the dog.

  15. wahineikea
    | Reply

    Thanks. what is the sound clicking used instead of praising and petting.

  16. Gabriella Chan
    | Reply

    she cant do it!Y?:(

  17. the smiter
    | Reply

    he really need to take his face away from the camera, it felt like we were having a really close face staring contest

  18. Denise Connie
    | Reply

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  19. Bevan Federko
    | Reply

    Because Caesar Milan work on fixing problem behaviours mostly, not basic training.

  20. Josh Lee
    | Reply

    If the clicker is so good, why doesn’t Caesar Milan use it.

  21. dariod2007
    | Reply


  22. behzad haghighi
    | Reply

    she is so cute

  23. Mindraker1
    | Reply

    There’s an app for it

  24. Mindraker1
    | Reply

    Yeah I’ve seen them in the pet store, they’re pretty inexpensive.

  25. Durag Cx
    | Reply

    I got a clicker app for free ! 🙂

  26. xxprettyboii
    | Reply

    I wish I could train my pomeranian , but he never listens

  27. AlphaT1797
    | Reply

    Or get a clicker app for free!

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