How to Train a Dog to Pay Attention (

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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34 Responses

  1. BestNameICanThinkOf
    | Reply

    I’ll follow your advice for training my little beagle pup, although I’m
    worried she’ll quickly become obese from all those treats1 

  2. LumpyMusic
    | Reply

    Your rate of speaking at times exceeds 480 words per minute. Slow down
    (CLICK), pause (CLICK), breathe (CLICK). Good Girl.

  3. civic30045
    | Reply

    How can i earn my dogs trust shes in order for me to be able to walk her
    and to tea h her simple commands shes 5months old and never socialized by
    her previous owner shes not aggressive just really timid and afraid 

  4. Julissa Peña
    | Reply

    I have a similar puppy but mines is golden in color. I love that they are
    super smart. My 5 months old puppy bites my hand when giving her the
    treats.What can I do so she can stop nipping?

  5. jacob wippert
    | Reply

    she’s hot, i’m training my german shepard right now, the videos help…

  6. Camille M Lane
    | Reply

    You are able to train your dog when you take him or her out for a walk and
    see how your family as well as your friends surprise at how excellent your
    puppy is.

  7. Varekeh Corlon
    | Reply

    So really you just conditioning the dog to obey

  8. Crystal Ray
    | Reply

    Can someone caption this for me? I am deaf and starting training with my
    GSD as soon as he recovers from his surgeries (neuter and umbilical hernia
    repair). What cue word is used for eye contact?

  9. Julie T. Riley
    | Reply

    It’s completely uneasy when your dog keeps jumping on people.

  10. geronimo D
    | Reply

    I have 2pups both r around the same age of 8months,a g-shep/wolf and a lab
    I have been training them for quite some time now and I have found ur
    videos very helpful but I seem to have a bit of trouble with my lab as he
    is very excitable especially around New people so he doesn’t hear my
    commands right away as for my shep he is always by my side and listen quite
    well. Though I am the only person they see on a regular basis I continue to
    train them with obedient response but what I’m asking is there any tips u
    could give me to allow a better response?

    | Reply

    i think food rewarding is a bad way to train a dog

  12. pete jimenez
    | Reply

    I need to get some arms like those

  13. gustavo Machado
    | Reply

    the dog is with pedigree?

  14. Sönke Martens
    | Reply

    Nice Lessons and nice muscle !

  15. Rohan Antoney
    | Reply

    Damn do u lift??

  16. maggie owen
    | Reply

    can you please tell me how old is that puppy ?

  17. kapoor ggugg
    | Reply

    Great figure.

  18. Margarethe Faust
    | Reply

    so und das ganze ohne futter

  19. Alex Landry
    | Reply

    what type of treat are you feeding him? He is SOOOO cute!

  20. DocTeur jOkér
    | Reply

    Advice : it iS Better To Change ( Word ) to the name of the dog !

  21. Chris Arnold
    | Reply

    What are a good kind of treat to use? It looks like she is using a little
    treat almost like dog food.

  22. Marcelino Lopez
    | Reply

    am i the only one that see her body builder arms haha 

  23. Ctubee e
    | Reply

    What do you do if a dog doesn’t care for treats like mine? I find it very
    hard to train him.

  24. Kyle Ibrahim
    | Reply
  25. Justin Leong
    | Reply

    Spike :3

  26. 5280CB
    | Reply

    Worked for my Rottie!

  27. Misagh Amiri
    | Reply

    this was actually pretty educating , keep the good work up

  28. D3vice1
    | Reply

    what kind of time frame would this normally take ie over a couple of days??

  29. King Vitality
    | Reply

    So awesome :]

  30. Mandi Mechlinski
    | Reply

    The dog sort of looks skinny but I am adopting two puppies tomorrow so I am

    | Reply


  32. MaryE MCLea
    | Reply

    how old is he and what kind of dog 

  33. rito84
    | Reply

    She is wonderful!

  34. trubeayouty
    | Reply

    Our word is focus… we don’t say the dogs name

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