How to Train a Dog – Obedience Training Secrets

How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend: Dog Obedience Training: – How to Train Your Dog Free Dog Training T…

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24 Responses

  1. Dog Obedience Training
    | Reply

    Learn how to train and take care of dogs with the Dog obedience program :

  2. daro2096
    | Reply

    In the BBC programme The Secrets of Dogs(I think it was called) they proved
    that dogs have over the few thousand years picked up on human behaviour and
    use it when with humans but don’t with other dogs. In fact dogs know us
    humans better than we know ourselves and each other. They have learnt to
    think like us. They have similar emotions to us. They know when we are sad
    and when we are happy.

  3. Lilly Wayne
    | Reply
  4. daro2096
    | Reply

    A dog should always be on a leech in public. I don’t care how well you got
    a dog trained, it only takes a split second for the dog to forget and run
    off getting killed on the road.

  5. Bernardo Cuizon
    | Reply

    Wow…this is a great Dog training 101 video….thanks for sharing.

  6. Sofija Popovska
    | Reply

    Hello all! Great Video, Thanks! There is this pretty good FREE document at
    “Brendt Mastery Dog Training Guru” (do a google search)? Hurry before the
    FREE manual is taken down!

  7. daro2096
    | Reply

    Re: 12.38

    I think this bit is rubbish.

  8. Dawn Asha
    | Reply

    OMG. you are so off the mark its not funny. FYI just a beginning note. Wolf
    packs are run by male and female parents NOT one wolf. Ugh. 

  9. Evelyn R. Knox
    | Reply

    It’s very troublesome whenever your canine keeps jumping up on people.

  10. Sushal Lal Bhuju
    | Reply

    Interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for obedience training for
    dogs try *Enlarbo Online Dog Wizard* (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard
    some awesome things about it and my work buddy got amazing results with

  11. BEAutifulMusicHeart
    | Reply

    This is kind of a load of rubbish! Dogs aren’t like wolfs, it’s been
    proven! Anyway dogs don’t see you as a dog because you aren’t one, they
    don’t generalise well, so why would they treat you like one! Of course they
    have natural behaviours like biting (play and teething) and going to the
    toilette but you just have to teach them when and how they are allowed to
    do them. I’m not saying some of this stuff isn’t okay but it’s just silly
    to treat a dog as a wolf because it’s not one. Would you treat a modern
    human like a evolutionary human? No because they don’t act the same and
    neither do dogs and wolfs.

  12. Cerys Morgan
    | Reply

    Awesome clip!
    I’ll give you some good ideas, tips, and strategies that will help you turn
    your dog into the best behaved, most happy, jogging, jumping,
    slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted

  13. Jules Lucock
    | Reply

    Great video, really informative. Thanks!

  14. Jack D. Ramirez
    | Reply

    Solve the 34 most common behavioral issues and more!!!

  15. Isabelle Banks
    | Reply

    To start, you need to know your dog’s behaviour plus handle your canine as
    the way they think if you desire to put an end to the unexpected biting,
    chewing, digging from your dog.

  16. brian mani
    | Reply

    +Mike *I’ll give you some great hints, tips, and advice to help you turn
    your dog into the best behaved, happiest, running, jumping,
    slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted.*

  17. Secrets to dog training - Dog Obedience Training : Kingdom Of Pets
    | Reply

    Watch the secrets to dog training videos

  18. Wayne Traff
    | Reply

    Oh hello! Have you heard about – Burdan Gifted Canine Expert (search on
    google)? I’ve heard some amazing things about it and my cousin had great
    results from it.

  19. barkingmadtraining
    | Reply

    I am of the opinion that using this method dog training is inhumane and

  20. benny rosado
    | Reply

    This guy is great!

  21. Caitlin Bevan
    | Reply

    You are able to train your dog when you take him or her out for a walk and
    see the way your family as well as your friends amaze at how fantastic your
    pet is.

  22. mahesh silva
    | Reply

    interesting video ,
    If anyone else is Searching the top secrets for training their dog
    try banfan turbo dog trainer (Have a quick look on google cant remember the
    place now)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend got
    excellent results with it.

  23. Dog Obedience Training
    | Reply

    great video

  24. Amy Reed
    | Reply

    I recently got a rescue dog who needed a little helping hand with her
    behaviour! I found and followed their online program,
    which has made all our lives so much easier!

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