How To Train a Dog Going Through the “Teenage” Phase

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28 Responses

  1. Sarrum Gilgamesh
    | Reply

    My puppy Enkidu has hit his 4 month mark and refuses to listen on walks. He sits, lays down, and even rolls on his back while on walks. He has a lot of energy but refuses to burn it. He has also started the habit of pulling on cloths and hands while refusing to take interest in his toys. I will have a bone/toy in my hand and he just goes for my body and dodges the toy all together. I'd love to exercise him more but he doesn't really seem to be into play and our old method of walking just turns into me trying to get him to to just listen while he takes a rest.

  2. Zareena Hybrid
    | Reply

    She is ador

  3. canaryinacoalmine
    | Reply

    Very helpful advice, thank you!

  4. Kevin Lee
    | Reply

    No matter what your dog’s problem behavior is…

    Be it jumping, peeing inappropriately, aggression, pulling on the leash…or whatever…

    There is ONE SOLUTION that can help STOP this problem now

    The sad fact is…

    Most Dog trainers miss this solution entirely.

    They give you cookie cutting training programs.

    They use outdated and ‘mean’ dominance techniques.

    Or worse yet…

    They have no qualifications and are complete phonies.

    So what’s the answer to stopping your Dog’s behavior problems?

    In 4 simple words…

    Discovering your dog’s hidden intelligence.

    Let me explain…

    In my 10 years as a certified trainer…there’s ONE BIG LESSON I have learned.

    More intelligent dogs are better behaved.

    A More intelligent dog takes commands easier

    …and understands what you need from them.

    The good news is…

    No matter how clever you think your dog is.

    You can >>>unlock their hidden intelligence quickly and easily.

    Don’t waste a second longer coping with problem behaviors you don’t need to be dealing with.

    PS Check out the brain training for Dogs course now.

    It’s great for eliminating any bad behaviors by tapping into your dog’s hidden intelligence.

  5. Jerico Jackson
    | Reply

    Your always trying to sell something so annoying

  6. Taylor Reid
    | Reply

    Zak, I desperately need your advice. My now 14 week old Shiba Inu was attacted by an off leash Husky out of no where. The husky just walked up to my pup and picked him up by the neck/back and started shaking him like he was a chew toy. My puppy checked out to be fine with no injuries but he has developed some new behavioral issues. He will nip aggressively when you try to touch him as well as when you are already holding him. If he gets a hold of your arm or finger he will clamp down and try to shake it. When he bites his nose scrunches up and his eyes look angry. I am at a loss for training him that isn't the behavior that I like. I am trying to re-direct with a toy but it isn't working very well. What else can I be doing?

  7. Jennifer Chavez
    | Reply

    Thank you!!! My pup was doing great with bite inhibition and training and within the last week (he just turned 4 months) he has started having off moments and rebels against pretty much everything he has been taught!

  8. Monica Oliva
    | Reply

    I’m visiting family with my 8 month puppy who is in the process of training right now. I’ve had discussions with my family members about how to treat her when she’s barking, scratching, etc and have told them exercise and positive affirmation etc but they aren’t practiced in how I train. They’ll often give her what she wants while barking or yell at her to be quiet etc. and I’ve told them to ignore but I don’t think they get it and it’s starting to confuse my dog and impend the training. Any tips on what to do

  9. sandrenechow
    | Reply

    My little Yorkie is turning 5 months old soon and this video is so timely! I've been binge watching your videos before adopting him and they definitely helped me through the last few months. Love the positive training!

  10. Roshan Mathew
    | Reply

    Whenever i give my dog a treat like that he always makes a hole on my hand😂

  11. C.W. SAM
    | Reply

    Hi brother. I am Sam from Singapore. Where can I buy your book?

  12. Dom
    | Reply

    YOUR CHANNEL IS SO COMMERCIALIZED IT IS INSANE. Please stop caring about your income dude.

  13. Akanksha Tyagi
    | Reply

    My dog guards anything he has near him while he is seated he becomes extreme aggressive if i try to get the object what should i do

  14. justin G
    | Reply

    Can we make this guy a meme??

    | Reply

    I named my retriever "Zacky" after you. and he's now going through crazy rebellious phase. 😱😐

  16. Christian Seoane
    | Reply

    Constant camera change hurts… A few times is cool, 23,562 times in 5 min is a bit much (obv exaggerating)

  17. Nate Aaron
    | Reply

    Beautiful cattle dog!

  18. Sindhu Jayan
    | Reply

    How to train to die when shoot

  19. Jessica Perez
    | Reply

    I litterally adopted a dog at this stage and hate myself for it

  20. Windy
    | Reply

    I have a cattle dog named Molly!

    She's a MENACE!

  21. Pamelama Dingaling
    | Reply

    I’ve got a 12 week old Mini Aussie, he’s insanely well behaved for his age so far but I hope he doesn’t rebel too badly…

  22. Ella Mulligan
    | Reply

    What should I do if my dog doesn't like toys and doesn't like her treats to? I've tried training her and she acts like she doesn't care.

  23. Laura Ferrazzo
    | Reply

    Can you cover dog grooming??

  24. Amogh
    | Reply

    I am planning to buy a beagle soon but I have some doubts. I have heard that puppies rarely sleep at night and they have to pee or poop in the middle of the night. So should I set a alarm of maybe 2am if I go to sleep at 11pm? Please tell me what to do.

  25. Charlotte Hoover
    | Reply

    The period of the "teenage phase" is actually called adolescence. Adolescence takes place during the ages of 6-9 months old. Bourbon isn't even close yet. I don't agree with some of the things Zak said. During adolescence, LESS IS MORE. The less you train the better. They're going to get frustrated and see training as a nuisance if you push them to train. You have to keep them on their toes when you start training or train when they want to. You have to trick them into thinking that it was their idea first. They're going to push your buttons. You need to be EXTREMELY patient because they're testing you. They will pretend that they don't remember anything that they were taught previously. Dogs will also go through fear periods at this time as well. Fear periods are when your dog becomes afraid of something that they previously were not afraid of. This needs lots of attention and work so that they don't become afaid of that thing for their entire life.

  26. Desiree Markewich
    | Reply

    Such a pretty girl! I have a 15 month old cattle dog named Heen. His intelligence is shocking sometimes, an incredible breed! I feel training is even more important because of how smart they are. They are almost too smart sometimes haha!

    | Reply

    Plz come to Bartlett

  28. EthanDoes Riding
    | Reply

    How can I get you to train my bad puppy

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