How to Train a Dog- dog training clicker

In this video you will learn the basic concepts on how to train your dog to fit perfectly into your particular life style. Please refer to my other videos fo…

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42 Responses

  1. maisa trafoka
    | Reply

    I really like doggy movies on Youtube. They consistently make me chuckle.
    BUT a great deal of everyday people are gradually over time KILLING their
    family dogs… The junk they use into pet food leads to varieties of cancer
    and makes family dogs pass away early. I came to understand the tough way
    when my doggie died at 6. To preserve your animal’s life make sure you take
    a look at Double Life Dog Diet (Google it.)

  2. cattleterrier
    | Reply

    I would like to thank you for for your videos. and my dogs too

  3. mydogkanskidrums
    | Reply

    @NotNadiaK Hope you don’t mind me butting in here. When you want to fade
    out the clicker, a behaviour should be consistently on cue (either hand or
    verbal cue). If it is and you don’t need to have any food lures in your
    hand at all, you can start fading out the need for a clicker, e.g. only
    click and treat for every 2 sits, then every 3, every 4 etc., then remove
    the clicker altogether and do the same with food. Then make it completely
    random as this keeps the dog guessing. Hope that helps

  4. livlaughsing
    | Reply

    Can you make a video on how to train a dog to leave a cat litterbox or a
    cat alone???????please

  5. ronney2211
    | Reply


  6. kikopup
    | Reply

    @schweetheartmonkee it is not healthy for dogs or humans, some dogs are
    intolerant to it. But tiny crumbles of cheese can work wonders. Also you
    could do something like smear a small amount of cream cheese in a baggie,
    and put the dogs kibble in there overnight, the next day the kibble will
    smell ‘cheesey” and most dogs will usually find it highly rewarding

  7. cosmomatic100
    | Reply

    @Hpfan75 I have a schnauzer and trained him not to do the behaviors I
    didn’t like,like pulling on leash,using the bathroom in the house and
    barking with positive reinforcement.

  8. Nadia Watts
    | Reply

    I love all of your videos! I just wondered if you had a video that
    demonstrates how to progress from click and treat to verbal cue and treat
    to verbal cue alone? Once the behaviour is consistent, how do you stop
    clicking and treating and just ask for the behaviour? My clicker trainer
    says I will “just know”, but that is a little vague for me!

  9. AuctioneerBroker
    | Reply

    @kikopup I think it is a common misperception that “shock collars” are a
    cruel way to train your dog. The current generation of remote collars have
    noise, light, vibration and mild adjustable shock. I think they can be used
    in conjunction with positive training as an “interupter” of problem
    behaviors. They should never be used as punishment but rather as a signal
    to “pay attention” much like the pull of the collar. I only use the vibrate

  10. Raven Blaze
    | Reply

    awesome use of psychology!

  11. kikopup
    | Reply

    @Caninefan999 I have a video called: “Fading a Lure (while teaching SPIN)”
    and another one on: “adding a verbal cue” . I dont have one on how to fade
    the click, or how to go onto a variable schedule yet! Aren’t I terrible?!
    Basically to stop clicking, when your dog is getting the behavior right
    about 80% ( some like 90%) I will sometimes click, or sometimes say yes and
    feed, or sometimes say good boy and feed, or sometimes just toss a treat.

  12. tyler christ
    | Reply

    sometimes my dog takes my glasses and tries to wear them and attempts to do
    office work please help i need my dog to know he is not an office man

  13. schweetheartmonkee
    | Reply

    @kikopup Is cheese okay for dogs? would it be too high in sodium? ?

  14. TheExplodingBit
    | Reply

    The main problem I’m having right now is keeping our pup off the bed and
    deterring biting. In the past, this was easy but with her it’s not. She
    does great when with me alone. She jumps off the bed and sometimes doesn’t
    even get on after looking at me. This is without intimidation. However,
    once someone else is on the bed she totally ignores the “interruptor” and I
    have a hard time even getting her attention. She also gets excited and
    mouths them, though she doesn’t mouth me anymore at all.

  15. kikopup
    | Reply

    @Hungry2Play your dog is telling you that he is not finding the things that
    you thought were reinforcement as reinforcing as you thought they were. Try
    using new treats (real meat or cheese) and teach him to work for a toy or
    the things that he loves (like sniffing, etc)

  16. sparowes
    | Reply

    Love your video channel! I have a question: One of my dogs barks at humans
    and dogs sometimes. I have a sound I use when I want her attention, and I
    always try to use it before she starts barking, but sometimes She’s faster
    than me and starts barking, then I make the sound and she stops and looks
    at me. But now she barks more often because she knows I’m going to make the
    sound and reward her for looking at me, What should I do?

  17. gotsomething2eat
    | Reply

    Hey Emily, I just got a 4 month old puppy about a week ago and so I was
    looking for training video and came across some of yours. I think your
    advice and teachings are very valuable and useful and have used some of it.
    However, my dog/puppy was really depressed the first couple of days I got
    her, is this normal? and does it affect her training/learning ability since
    I am not her original owner?

  18. sallierebecca1990
    | Reply

    Hey Your videos are great and you have inspired me to be so much more
    active with my dog and he loves it but I do have issues! I am terrible at
    coming up with cues and commands… I am stumped here… do you have any

  19. gotsomething2eat
    | Reply

    I am trying to teach her to walk with a loose leash, she gets very excited
    and tends to pull and tug ALOT. When I don’t let her get what she wants,
    she begins to whine. I then take a few steps back and wait for her to come
    to me, once the leash is loose I begin to walk forward while she jolts
    ahead of me. Again, I stop and then she ends up jerking herself from the
    leash and whining again. I do this repetitively. Any suggestions on what I
    should do?

  20. Hungry2Play
    | Reply

    @kikopup will do but how do I stop her from sniffing everything? Its kind
    of hard to walk her since she’s always pulling and sniffing everything then
    barks at dogs if she sees one. I’ve tried your loose leash walking tactics
    but I’m probably doing it wrong since its not working

  21. Luzi Gan
    | Reply

    @kikopup it’s a shame that they are still permitted here in New Zealand

  22. Mark Kalinowski
    | Reply

    I had to put my 14 yr old black lab down a month ago. Sad sad day. My
    family surprised me with a new black lab puppy from a rescue and now I have
    to re-learn training behaviors all over because my first lab was so awesome
    I hardly had to work at anything with her. Your videos are helping me
    along. I never used to clicker train but I’m learning myself now with your
    assistance. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for all your videos!!!!!

  23. jmorls
    | Reply

    Thank you for videos because of them I have been able to train my puppy. We
    got our puppy in January and I’m happy to say she is an amazing friend. I
    work with her daily and she has learned a lot. Her name is Baeya and we
    love her very much. If you ever have the chance to check our videos you
    will see what you have helped me to create an amazing bond between my Dog
    and I. Much appreciation Thanks again keep up the good work.

  24. kikopup
    | Reply

    @sweetlilella1983 🙂 thanks! When I started making videos on youtube there
    were no videos on real +R, and the books and dvds on +R methods were very
    expensive. Now I think information is flowing more freely so that not just
    the few and far between have access to this kind of information

  25. slapcompany
    | Reply

    Check out my channel to train to be a better manager. Let your employees
    live the values they live at home at work without seperation. Let them live

  26. ljbndjb
    | Reply

    Looking fwd to the stop attention seeking behaviours – Kaycee has started
    barking loudly @ agility class and i reinforced it without thinking by
    giving her attention to get her to be quiet. I keep give her a kong before
    she starts for now , but don’t want to have to rely on it. Once she starts
    barking, i cant just ignore her for the sake of the others. Its v.
    frustrating. Love these vids – so helpful

  27. uglyfunface8
    | Reply

    dont use a shock collar on your dog, its not nice. just saying 🙂

  28. kmbrown0671
    | Reply

    hi is it better to have a training session in the morning or any other

  29. ak5020
    | Reply

    nyc….kepp it up

  30. mit102390
    | Reply

    Shock collars ARE a cruel way to train your dog… The misconception is
    that they are not.

  31. gotsomething2eat
    | Reply

    Also, I am trying to teach her to walk with a loose leash, she gets very
    excited and tends to pull and tug ALOT. When I don’t let her get what she
    wants, she begins to whine. I then take a few steps back and wait for her
    to come to me, once the leash is loose I begin to walk forward while she
    jolts ahead of me. Again, I stop and then she ends up jerking herself from
    the leash and whining again. I do this repetitively. Any suggestions on
    what I should do?

  32. LevelSatisfaction
    | Reply

    Hey! I’m 14 years old and I was thinking about getting a dog and training
    it with your methods. but I don’t know what age I should get the dog at to
    train it. Does it matter what age the owner has to be to train it? Plus
    could you train a dog without a clicker?

  33. MsZoraZ
    | Reply

    When and how can I phase off the treats?

  34. psykoos
    | Reply

    Don’t tell your dog what not to do. Tell your dog what it should do instead!

  35. petloverUK
    | Reply

    Hello there, I would just like to say that your dog training videos are
    amazing. I have been researching dogs and what care they need for eight
    years and will be getting a Yorkshire Terrier puppy in summer this year.
    Your videos have helped me understand the vital communication between
    humans and dogs, which can become a beautiful friendship if you train your
    dog correctly. I look foward to seeng more dog training videos in the
    future. Thanks for everything Petlover

  36. Kathy Mocharnuk
    | Reply

    I love you put as the first point is seeing what you do want your dog to
    do, a picture of where you want to go!!! Also love your point about not
    letting a dog rehearse behaviors you dont like!!! Fantastic video!!! Kathy
    with Cricket/Breeze/Lizzie

  37. Hungry2Play
    | Reply

    My dog is hard headed ….

  38. newbear95
    | Reply

    I love this video. It is so detailed and easy to understand. 🙂

  39. cowgirl141414
    | Reply

    i have try the clicker but my husky pup will not do nothing and i have ask
    him many times to do it im trying to train him to sit and lay down but he
    doen’t listen

  40. Jamie Cline
    | Reply

    Your videos are so great! I love how your dogs are always offering so many
    behaviors so you just click when they do the thing I want. My Aussie pup
    knows lots of tricks, but she doesn’t really offer behaviors…she will
    just sit and wait for me to tell her what to do or lure her! We just have
    long staring contests when I wait for her to do something. Is there any way
    I can encourage her to offer behaviors? Thanks!

  41. kikopup
    | Reply

    @psykoos well said 🙂

  42. Mike Dewis
    | Reply

    People-if, like me, you have been watching these videos and devouring all
    this information you should donate something. Even if it’s only a small
    amount. I’ve learnt SO much from her, and am so grateful. Thanks.

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