How to Train a Dog and a Cat to Stand UP!

So, the answer how I got my cat to stand up was — a DOG FOOD on a spoon!! An Amazing Cat Standing Up – the snowshoe Cat Max-Arthur!!!…

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About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. solomon goldsmith says:

    So I used a spoon and little to no surprised my cat did not even bother to
    smell it o,o

  2. Food always work!

  3. Brianna Scoggins says:

    Too adorable.

  4. GabilondoSoler says:

    i love how powerful Sharky looks, and yet so nice and harmless.

  5. What did you put on the spoon?

  6. it would be so fun to spend a day with all your animals. you take such good
    care of them and everyone of them is so cute and funny :)

  7. JGreenlikesbutter says:

    Her videos prove how wrong all those people are who are saying get rid of
    pit bulls and there bad dogs. Any dog can be just as bad. It’s not the dog
    it’s the owner.

  8. Honeythewonderdog says:


  9. AndreaaaNS says:

    omg they’re so cute it almost makes me wanna cry gosh..they are really
    beautiful you must be so happy to have them

  10. AnnyaMoon says:

    Helen has the happiest animals! It shows!

  11. nourights says:

    I love those animals. Good job as a mom!

  12. @texasgirly1979 Why did you clip his ears?

  13. TexasGirly1979 says:

    @XTHEGAMERGUYX Sharky is an American Pit Bull Terrier, he is 5 years old! ;)


    that dog is awesome what kind of dog is that

  15. Micahhavriliak says:

    This music sucks it’s ally out of tune.. Before you record your music
    please tune your guitars

  16. GabilondoSoler says:

    @XTHEGAMERGUYX I think is a blue Pitbull…

  17. Most kewl!

  18. thegreatmandy says:

    We taught our three cats that trick when they were small, and now all you
    have to do is make treat fingers if you want them to stand! : 3 but then
    they deserve something extra for a little hard work, lol.

  19. burtonryder1 says:

    @texasgirly1979 good looking pit!!..i love to see responsible pitbull
    owners like you, we deffently need more owners like you

  20. Amanda Hami says:

    not a pitbull person but i have to say that is a beautiful dog

  21. Theegamedude says:

    You are awesome!

  22. smilingpets says:

    Tasty dog food :D

  23. Love the animals and you’re a sweetheart. Can I come visit? : )

  24. PLATOON72 says:

    ahahahha poor cat >=D with that shirt is very funny

  25. DrinkMoxiee says:

    awwwww :)

  26. i think the doggie has a hard on..

  27. peevedgrl says:

    texasgirly you are a sweet soul, your vids bring a smile to my face :)
    thank you

  28. allycakess says:

    awwh so adorable ^_^

  29. Mathias Andersen says:

    that dog has got the largest boner on…

  30. Katrina Johnson says:

    Sharky and Max Arther are so cute!

  31. CharmedCosmicGem78 says:

    I love your videos. Your animals have the best life ever. When i die, i
    want to come back as one of your pets!

  32. auroragyps says:

    So cool seeing them share their food. They have very good manners.

  33. Aavantikka says:

    Helen, what is the meaning of roomba cat?

  34. sweetfly66 says:

    that guitar is out of tune …. but i still love pitbull sharky and cat max

  35. NavyMedicUSMC says:

    Pretty Texas girl who’s not from Texas. LOL Great trick. Very pretty girl.

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