How to Train a Cat : Use a Spray Bottle as a Means of Discipline for Your Cat

Using spray bottles as a tool for negative reinforcement or discipline is discussed in this free video. Expert: Adrienne Mulligan Bio: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan graduated from veterinary school…

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43 Responses

  1. robbie paxton
    | Reply

    Don’t use the spray bottle as a discipline because your just making the cat
    scared of you and not the place or thing they are doing so don’t use the
    spray bottle

  2. Jay West
    | Reply

    What’s gonna happen when I wanna wash my cat and need to put the spray
    bottle on them?

  3. rjcripe
    | Reply

    @magicarpokemon Hahaha you train your cat by telling her that she is a GOOD
    cat after doing something wrong? Jesus Christ, don’t you know anything
    about animal conditioning and the foundation of cause and effect? Telling
    your cat that she is a good cat and treating her after she does something
    wrong will lead your cat into thinking that behavior is a positive one. You
    don’t have to spray her with water but you can’t be nice if you want to
    create any positive and lasting habits. Pet training 101.

  4. Bronte S
    | Reply

    Don’t you think it’s so much better if the obedience of your cat is based
    on trust, rather than avoidance of a punishment? Pffft, call yourself an

  5. Metqa
    | Reply

    So what do you do when the cat does the behavior and you aren’t there to
    punish it? Doesn’t the cat just learn not to do it when you are around?
    Good advice when you are at home and expecting the cat to act badly, or
    else walking around all day with a spray bottle.

  6. Ryan Taylor
    | Reply

    i hiss at my cat that works pretty well

  7. iwanfitzpatrick
    | Reply

    If your cat likes water or doesnt respond when you spray to it, put
    freezer-cold water or some ice in them. It works with every cat.

  8. libed91
    | Reply

    this is not the right way because water does not work for all cats If you
    are training your cat remember these FOUR things: -CATS CAN NOT BE

  9. etherealone
    | Reply

    my two black n whites do this too! its horrible! cant leave any meat scraps
    in the bin at all. I was told that giving them human food develops their
    taste for scraps. I am guilty of this…lol. they get treats all the time.
    I just put the garbage in teh closet and it solved teh

  10. Cutiepiedominique
    | Reply

    thats cruel yeh it might train the cat but its mean there are other wats to
    train a cat other than being mean by spraying them with water you use that
    treatment on wild animals not your household pets.

  11. Rusydie
    | Reply

    “..those long distance spraying things for pools..?” is anyone else getting
    this? hah..

  12. electrikate
    | Reply

    and if not aggressive, there are some cats out there who love
    spanking/patting on their behind.

  13. SquealySquigs
    | Reply

    actually, i want i do is, just sternly say NO, without yelling it or being
    nice while saying it. Then if that doesn’t work tap them on the nose, not
    too hard, but not too soft. It makes them flinch and will stop them a
    little bit.

  14. skelton39
    | Reply

    Yep I understand however there aren’t any places to hide that she wouldn’t
    see me. I have a very small apartment. In the end it was just to
    distressing for me to see her just sit there and “take it”. What I am doing
    now is I pick her up, hold her and talk to her gently and deposit her down
    on the floor or in another room. Some times she goes back, but just as many
    times, she will stay where i put her. In the end, its less stressful for me
    without the constant scolding and water attacks.

  15. eventerkatie84
    | Reply

    How do I stop my cats (i have 2) from being bin scabs!? They’re indoor
    cats, we feed them regularly, we have a lid on the bin, we’ve tried
    spraying them, smack on the bum, locking them in the laundry all night,
    yelling at them, and they still drag food scraps and rubbish out and chew
    it up. They have toys, scratching post, one of those giant cat play
    towers… my partner is ready to give up on them completely – HELP!

  16. Aurora Valenzuela
    | Reply

    on the time it skips 1:33

  17. tonma
    | Reply

    She doesn’t suppose to know YOU are the one spraying her. She must not know
    where the spray is coming from.

  18. Nevexi
    | Reply

    this i need to try 😛

  19. Toshiro Hitsugaya
    | Reply

    lol now i realise how old is this video,and ur comment xD

  20. Arthur Martinez
    | Reply

    My cat will kill me in my sleep if i spray him.

  21. Ch1na
    | Reply

    my cat doesnt really claw things… he just never shuts the eff up…
    seriously he’s always meowing.

  22. SquealySquigs
    | Reply

    actually, what i do*

  23. Sukato Kjølen
    | Reply

    So you’re saying they’re pretty bad at being sociopaths, unlike dogs and
    humans, who are really good at pretending that their feelings and emotions
    add up to more than a simple biological desire to survive, procreate, and
    horde as much survival benefitting resources to themselves as possible.

  24. Toshiro Hitsugaya
    | Reply

    yeah if u act like a cat aswell it shuts em up xD

  25. dizzydzy
    | Reply

    This isn’t the way you should do this. If you do this then the cat will
    begin to stop trusting you and get scared. This WILL make it to where it
    will behave but do you want it to be happy to? The correct way to do this
    is to make a sharp hiss sound for, “No”. Use their language or they will
    get confused. If they do something really bad other than biting like going
    to the bathroom on the rug, you pick him/her up by the scruff of the neck
    (gently) and growl.

  26. Garet Walker
    | Reply

    The spay bottle works for my cats, but sometimes a gentle swat on their
    behind works. If you have a rolled up news paper, that works. It doesn’t
    hurt so much as it just gives a shock factor. If your cats are aggressive
    towards you, you can try the bottle, a swat, or roll them over on their
    backs and hold them down while yelling “NO!”

  27. morikahjo
    | Reply

    Right now, i’m clapping at her and saying sternly, “Get down!” I plan to
    use this for as long as it works, (my voice isn’t the sternest) My mother
    on the other hand just pops the cat when she does something wrong (her
    voice is very stern) If I were to get creative about it though, I’d
    probably shoot her with a nerf gun or something…or slingshot some paper
    at her if I get tired of talking.

  28. chylan98
    | Reply

    no it works well for my kitten it does

  29. TheFrikidiki
    | Reply

    my cat wants to physically hurt me. he’s very aggressive and attacks during
    my sleep. i tried the water spray today, lets see how it works

  30. wiebspad
    | Reply

    what happens if yoyu have a stubborn cat the won’t respond to water or loud
    noises and never really learns because none of these methods really affect

  31. CatzGym
    | Reply

    Sorry to say, spray bottle didn’t work for my cat. He started enjoying the
    nice cool shower from the spray as he continued whatever bullshit he was

  32. killingman22
    | Reply

    lol a cat climbing on a certain and all of a sudden he gets squirt and
    theres no one there like wtf just happend ? :)haha

  33. Christine Patko
    | Reply

    We had a small water gun for our cats.

  34. WildBillie
    | Reply

    you have very blue hair

  35. Parikshit .K.R
    | Reply

    gooood video

  36. Byakamura
    | Reply

    Spanking doesn’t work with cats. It makes them aggressive. Yall.

  37. Ryan Taylor
    | Reply

    eh wtf I never posted that comment I haven’t even had this account for 3
    years I don’t think… :/

  38. Toshiro Hitsugaya
    | Reply

    and the fact that you actually went into my channel and followed my
    comments up into over here,and replied,just means you Are 12 years old,And
    that you Are Homosexual,which is why you are butthurt,and which is why you
    replied. which means your life sux,cuz your a 12yo Homo :)))))

  39. willowc098
    | Reply

    lmao..i just hissed at mine..they got the message in their own language!

  40. magicarpokemon
    | Reply

    If my cat is doing something she is not suppose to do. I pick her up, pet
    her and tell her she is a good cat, and put her down on the couch, or
    someplace she likes. It is very effective as when she goes to do something
    wrong, and I know it, if I go to pick her up, she does not do it. I would
    like to train you with a spray bottle lady.

  41. TheGraz1234
    | Reply

    Why is “Labyrinth” by Shanika, written by Dylan and Krishni and Produced by
    MusicRev playing in the background

  42. Garet Walker
    | Reply

    I don’t see how its harmful in the least, let alone abusive. Its not
    hurting them at all. If that is abusive then spraying them with a water
    bottle us absolutely abusive. In the wild dominance is based upon another
    animals willingness to submit. In order to pick out a puppy you’re supposed
    to roll it on its back, if its submissive, that means it sees you as the
    alpha, if it deities and fights that means it may be an aggressive adult.
    The same thing with cats. Its just putting them in their place

  43. Liam Curran
    | Reply

    @majdijr You sick man, you don’t do that, i’ll shove an air rifle up your
    arse and unload a clip in you!!

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