How To Train a Cat

How To Basic

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About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. James Collins says:

    Pause at 0:24 it is a cloth or sheet with a brick in it or somthing

  2. Animaniacs Fan says:

    Warning! This is extremely violent! Do not watch this if you’re under 73.

  3. Rumble MLP Rules Est. 2001 says:

    Why did I laugh at this?

  4. BlotRorschach says:

    If you think he actually threw the cat at the TV, you're full blown retarded.

  5. Play at 0.25x it was a shirt with a rock np

  6. Ismaël Ahabri says:

    Don't hit the cat

  7. Oliwia Słowińska says:

    Dlaczego to zrobiłeś

  8. Luuk van Heugten says:

    We'll get em' next time!

  9. Tyler Atwood says:

    How dare you throw that cute cat that is animal abuse this im unsubscribeing

  10. shell company says:

    P E T A W A N T S T O K N O W Y O U R L O C A T I O N

  11. Ayeboii Wachadoin? says:

    I fucking hate some people

  12. Adrian The Boss Vlogs And The Blackbear. says:

    Animal Abuse

  13. DexterousCobra says:

    How to train a cat: Ya can't, all you can do is attempt to appeal to it and hope that it doesn't retaliate by scratching your eyes out

  14. LPS munchkin says:

    I disliked not to be rube but cause it’s just sad

  15. Walter White says:


  16. Geeky Norwegian says:

    Love this video so much.

  17. Miri Rodriguez says:

    He throw the cat on the tv

  18. Kass and Nay says:

    I love cats

  19. Beany Boo draws! says:

    Guys this is not Copied! The Original Video was Deleted! Do not hate!

  20. Yassin Amr says:


  21. T͓̽m͓̽ S̶I̶M̶ says:

    Hater you are fake and copy cat stop doing it you stupid

  22. Michael YT says:

    It turns out it's actually a shoe. I managed to pause at just the RIGHT moment! XD

  23. Caligulas Catnip says:

    0:24 Oof

  24. Neuhauser Stefan says:

    Just to ask. Do I have to throw it on a tv or does something else work as well? Like a window or a pc screen. Anyway this was a really helpful tutorial. Thanks

  25. The original got taken down

  26. Thomas Sewell says:

    That was just sad

  27. Bananas are Life says:

    Was that a real cat?

  28. Khanjali Surgoroku says:

    I swear it not real, i sweeeeeeeeeeeer!

  29. Don't try to b like HOWTOBASIC mother fucker

  30. Mohammed Farid says:

    0:23 is that a real cat

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